About Warrington School Health

The School Health Team consists of a range of professionals including School Nurses, Community Nurses, Nursery Nurses and a Clerical Officers.

About Warrington School Health

Each primary and secondary school has a named School Nurse who is supported by their team to promote health and emotional wellbeing in schools and in the community by:

  • Being available to address, in confidence, any concerns about a child or young person’s health.
  • Providing health advice to help children and young people to make positive health choices.
  • Assessing children starting primary school after their care is transferred from the Health Visitor.
  • Assessing the health of year 7 pupils before they transfer to high school.
  • Offering young people an opportunity to discuss health issues confidentially at school based or community based drop ins.
  • Supporting young people who have particular medical needs and providing training for education staff to help manage these needs.
  • Developing care plans to support pupils with medical needs including allergy.
  • Delivering classroom-based health education.
  • Delivering immunisation programmes in primary and secondary schools and in the community.
  • Working with and referring to other professionals.
  • Working with other agencies to safeguard and protect young people.
  • Delivering the National Child Measurement programme (NCMP).

Concerns or feedback?

If you have any concerns or feedback, please contact:

Susan Burton, 0-19 Clinical Manager, at susan.burton2@bridgewater.nhs.uk.

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Meet the team

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