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Our Speech and Language Therapists work across Warrington in:

  • Clinics
  • Schools (Mainstream and Special)
  • Child Development Centre

The Clinic Team

We have clinics in different locations around Warrington which you can choose between when we invite you to your first appointment.

The Schools Team

Our speech therapists work closely with school staff and provide advice and activities to be carried out in school.  This means speech and language therapy is part of everyday life in school.

Child Development Centre (CDC)

The Child Development Centre (CDC) is an assessment centre for children who may have problems with aspects of their development. The CDC team provides a specialist co-ordinated approach to the assessment and management of pre-school children, where there are concerns about their development.

Our aim is to support your child and family at the CDC and in the community.

Who can be referred to Speech and Language Therapy?

Children from 0-16 years (0-19 years if attending special schools) who demonstrate difficulties in the following areas:

  • Understanding of language
  • Spoken language
  • Speech sounds
  • Stammering
  • Voice problems
  • Attention and listening difficulties
  • Social communication difficulties
  • Babies with feeding and swallowing difficulties
  • Hearing impairment

Any difficulty with communication can impact on social interaction and academic development.

What do we do?

We will assess your child to find out their communication strengths and areas of need.  Advice, strategies and treatment will be offered.  We include Parents and other professionals as much as possible in this process.

We aim to help your child achieve their communication potential.

We offer training to Parents, Education Staff and other Health Care Professionals.

In order to offer integrated, high quality services for children, all of our Children’s Services work closely with preschools, nurseries and schools.    We share information about the outcomes of assessments and the strategies recommended in order that preschools, nurseries and schools implement the same strategies on a daily basis. We also inform preschools, nurseries and schools when a parent does not opt in / attend an appointment.  This will greatly help your child, but it you do not wish information to be shared you may withdraw your consent at any time.  

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