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Manual Therapy

This involves using skilled and specific hands-on techniques to mobilise joints and soft tissue.  The aim is to decrease pain, increase range of motion and improve movement and function.

Exercise classes

You may be referred into an exercise class by your physiotherapist.

We currently offer the following classes:

  • Modified Pilates  
  • Spine Fit
  • Post-operation knee class
  • Anterior knee pain class
  • Knee osteoarthritis class.

Home exercise plans

These are individually tailored to help you get the most out of your physiotherapy and rehabilitation.  They often include strengthening, stretching and mobilising exercises. Home exercises allow you to develop strategies to independently manage your problem and keep you well.

Self-management advice

This may include posture advice for at work and home.  It will also include advice on general exercise, do’s and don’ts, what to to in the event of a flare-up and any other information the physiotherapist thinks you may find useful to keep you fit and well.

Orthopaedic Surgery Assessment

If your GP feels you may benefit from seeing an orthopaedic surgeon you will be referred into our service for an Orthopaedic Surgery Assessment.

Our very experienced Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Specialists and General Practitioners with a Special Interest in Orthopaedics (GPsI) will make sure you are seen by the most appropriate healthcare professional for your problem.

Some patients may be presenting too early for surgery and would benefit from some advice and reassurance or they may need a course of physiotherapy. This can be arranged at the time of your appointment.

If you are referred on to see an orthopaedic surgeon we can order certain tests such as X-rays and MRI scans if this is needed prior to your hospital appointment.

You can choose which hospital you would like to be seen in and where possible book your appointment to see the surgeon before you leave us.

Lifestyles Referral

The Lifestyles Team are based at Orford Jubilee park and offer the following services

  • Weight Management
  • Exercise Referral Scheme – including Reach for Health Exercise Programme and Stay on Your Feet Exercise and Education Programme for Later Life (65 years plus)
  • Stop smoking

Your physiotherapist can discuss referral to this team with you at your appointment.


Fine needles are inserted at specific sites in the body for therapeutic purposes. We sometimes offer a limited course of acupuncture usually to supplement other physiotherapy treatment.


Biomechanical podiatrists provide assessment, advice and treatment on a range of foot, leg and hip related problems.  They are experts in assessing the influence of foot posture and function on lower limb and back problems.  They can provide advice regarding appropriate footwear and issue insoles and orthotics when needed.

Your physiotherapist can refer you into biomechanical podiatry if it is needed as part of your treatment.

Warrington Rehabilitation and Falls Team

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