Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for September 2014

Bridgewater’s shining examples this month include staff who came to the aid of a colleague when she fell and hit her head, an admin officer who went above and beyond to support a patient and staff who have supported their services to achieve positive results and meet essential targets.

Stars of the Month for August 2014

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

The full list of staff nominated by their colleagues as Stars of Month include:

Stars of the Month for August 2014 2Children’s Services

  • Avril Smith, Infant Feeding, health visiting in Warrington.  Avril has been nominated for her exceptional leadership skills and developing fantastic working relationships with a range of partners. Avril also led the recent successful UNICEF level 3 re accreditation and has developed a pilot antenatal programme which has resulted in increased breast feeding in the most deprived wards in Warrington. Avril is an absolute asset to our team.
  • Claire Roper & Dawn Ryan – Health Visitors, Platt Bridge Health Centre, Wigan. Claire and Dawn had been co-working with a family when an email was received from a Safeguarding Supervisor informing me that Sarah Owen – Domestic Abuse Business Manager for Wigan. Claire had made a referral to MARAC for a high risk victim of domestic abuse. Claire has gone over and above to protect the victim and her children and has completed all referrals, including referral to children’s social care and a DV-RIM to a high standard.
  • Georgina Broadhurst, Health Visitor at Newton Clinic.  Gina has been a mentor since September 2013. During that time she has shown passion for the health visiting role and this has been inspiring. Gina always gives her best to ensure the needs of children and families are met. She is a fantastic practice mentor and has ensured students are well equipped and confident to work as a health visitor. Gina goes above and beyond what is expected and is a great role model for student health visitors.
  • Gail Leadbetter, Administrator, Rainhill Clinic and Vickie Halfpenny,Senior Administrator , Karen Knowles, Administrator, Bowery Medical Centre, St Helens. The admin team supporting school nurses at the Bowery Medical Centre and Rainhill clinic are so efficient. They are pleasant, hardworking and nothing is any trouble to them. They have reorganised the filing system so it makes it so much easier to find health records. They go the extra mile to support the school nurse team and we really appreciate them for that.
  • Michelle Robinson – Health Visitor, Atherton Clinic, Wigan.  Michelle is innovative, professional and determined to make a difference. She is caring, compassionate and a great team player. Michelle was involved in setting up a new antenatal session with the health visiting team at Atherton clinic and despite being newly qualified she has embraced the challenge with lots of great ideas.
  • Nicola Marsden, Family Nurse, Orrell Clinic, Wigan.  Nicky has faced a challenging time recently as she is providing emotional support to a family whose child has a life limiting condition. This family appreciate Nicky’s support which encompasses the needs of the children and the wider family.
  • Paula Price, Health Visitor, Warrington. Paula has been my practice teacher for the past year. She is a dedicated professional!!! She has taken the last year to show me what health visiting is all about but it is the time she has taken outside of her working hours!!  I have been a qualified nurse for 20 years and I have never met a professional so dedicated to strive to do the best she possibly can for the benefit of others.
  • Shirley Leyland, Community Nursery Nurse, Leigh, Wigan.  Shirley is an incredibly hard working member of the team. She goes above and beyond her normal duties to deliver an outstanding service. She has worked very hard to introduce the Ages and Stages Programme and has delivered this training to all levels of staff across the borough. Both staff and clients value her friendly and professional approach. She is a pleasure to work with and a credit to our caring profession!
  • Pemberton Health Visiting Team, Health Visitors, Community Nursery Nurses and Admin Support – Amanda Moss, Health Visitor and Jill Rennox, Nursery Nurse.  The team have had long term sickness for several months causing increased pressures to provide the core Health Visiting Service requirements. Despite this they have supported one another and delivered a quality service to the children and families within their care. In addition they have improved the uptake of 12 months and 2 and half year developments to above the target requirements. Well done everyone for working so hard!
  • Carla Butler, Health Visitor, Hindley Clinic, Wigan.  Carla spent a lot of time supporting a lady to breastfeed her baby when she was struggling to do so and successfully helped the lady to exclusively breastfeed for a long time. As a result of Carla’s previous support she felt very confident to breastfeed again and was doing so without any problems. She said that Carla was a lovely person, she was knowledgeable and gave the lady invaluable support.
  • Caroline Kurt, Health Visiting Team Leader, St Helens.  Caroline has showed exceptional leadership over recent months – both through her role as project lead for the very successful team competency initiative but also in her health visiting St Helens / 0-19 Wigan team leader roles. Caroline shows initiative, professionalism, flexibility, passion and enthusiasm in all she does.
  • Denice McGuirk, Health Visitor, Haydock, Wigan.  A Consultant Paediatrician wanted to praise Denice on how detailed her report demonstrated her in depth knowledge of a family and the child’s health needs. Also positive feedback from a (local authority) safeguarding children manager that Denice always presents professionally with relevant health reports at safeguarding meetings.
  • Jenny Rowles, Nursery Nurse, Child Development Centre, Warrington.  Jenny shows commitment, passion and enthusiasm in her role she has been doing extra work recently due to staff sickness but is still willing to take on any work that is asked of her and carries her work out in a professional and caring way. The children and young people she is involved with think she is great!!
  • Sally Ahearne, Health Visitor, Atherton Clinic, Wigan.  Sally is passionate about health visiting and is always looking at new ways of improving the outcomes for families. She has been instrumental in setting up a new antenatal group session in Wigan to support families around attachment and bonding, safe sleep, infant feeding and much more. Sally is always professional and approachable and a is a credit to the profession.
  • Tracey Brearey, Admin Clerk, Public Health Nursing, Spencer House, Warrington. Tracey has undertaken a piece of work regarding health visiting and school nurse data collection on behalf of the teams and team leaders. She has made the data sheets easier to use and collect the data which has reduced the workload and processing for the team leaders in Warrington. This has been extremely beneficial and improved efficiency within the team. Her attitude is always, without exception helpful, proactive and accommodating and we are extremely grateful for all her help and support for this.
  • Warrington School Nursing Teams, Spencer House, Penketh Clinic and Grappenhall Clinics. The school nursing teams have undertaken the national child measurement programme to weight and measure children in reception and year 6. Last year’s participation was 96.5% in Reception; this year 97.8% Last year, participation was 96.1% in Year 6; this year 96.4%. This is an excellent response and participation within 69 primary schools in Warrington. The staff worked hard with schools to ensure such a wonderful response rate which also highlights the partnership with schools to have a high response rate.
  • Leigh Health Visiting Team, Grasmere Street.  From day one of our placement we have been made to feel part of the team. We have been provided with excellent guidance and opportunities for our learning and progression. All members of the team have been vital in helping us achieve our outcomes to complete our training. It is a pleasure to go to work with such a supportive team, nothing is too much trouble for them and we both feel like one of the team.
  • West Team Nursery Nurses, Health Visiting, Penketh Clinic, Warrington.  There has been a vacancy in the team for some months and the nursery nurses have coped really well and have covered the work whilst recruitment is on-going. They have worked so hard to cover the clinics etc. The team wanted them to know how much their hard work is appreciated.

Adult Services

  • Celine Tracey and Jane Brown,Diabetes Educator and Desmond Co Ordinator, Diabetic Nursing Team, Wigan.  As part of the diabetes team Celine and Jane worked extremely hard on top of their existing duties to facilitate the promotion of the Desmond programme, which is diabetes education and self-management for on-going and newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes.
  • Donna Burgess, Community Staff Nurse, Four Acre Health Centre, St Helens.  Donna is an experienced community staff nurse who has stepped up in her role to cover the absence of her team leader who is on long term sick. She is co-ordinating the District Nursing Team on a day to day basis way above what is expected of her in her role. She is overseen by senior colleagues in the base with no monetary gain. She is an excellent role model to the team and a shining example of an experienced senior staff nurse in the community.
  • Gemma Winstanley, Acting Band 6 Sister  and Joanne Sherlock, Community Staff Nurse, Four Acre Health Centre, St Helens.  Gemma has received two nomination for this month awards:A member of Gemma’s team approached her with the idea of printing patient’s personal information on adhesive labels to stick on District Nursing records. Gemma took the idea forward following a discussion with her manager and arranged for the labels to be printed for the patients on her caseload. This has now rolled out in Four Acre and is also being rolled out across St Helens and shared at the Community Managers meeting with a view to share across Bridgewater. This Innovative idea will be cost effective to the Organisation saving valuable time by increasing efficiency and productivity within the District Nursing teams. It will also improve Record keeping.Whilst out with her family, Gemma witnessed a young child choking. Using basic life support skills recently updated she reacted quickly by putting the child over her arm and performed 2 back blows to the child dislodging a grape from the child’s throat.
  • Janet Arnold, Jane Whitehead, Joanne Blakemore, Community Nurses, OOH District Nursing, St Helens. Staff attended an end of life patient who suffered a haemorrhage at home which resulted in his death. The staff stayed with the patient and family throughout refusing to take a break or drink. Family have written to forward their thanks for such dedication and professionalism throughout a very traumatic and distressing experience.
  • Jennifer Bolton, Evelyn Breheny, Edna Dainty, Linda Disley, Deborah Sulek, Admin Assistants, Boston House, Wigan.  They have shown an outstanding amount of flexibility and willingness to meet the needs of the clinicians they support. This has been demonstrated particularly during a period of reduced staffing levels within the team, plus the additional demands of the busy summer holiday period. The flexibility of the team as a whole has been outstanding, with the needs of the service and thus the needs of the patients they serve being a priority for each and every one of them.
  • Marie Smith, Janice Clegg, Celine Tracey and Jane Brown – Diabetes Specialist Nurse – Wigan Community Diabetes Service – Boston House.  The team have established a DESMOND service which is transforming the lives of patients with type 2 diabetes. Their patients are deeply grateful and feel they deserve recognition and praise for their skill and dedication.
  • Sarah Bowen, Operational Manager, Open Mind Mental Health, Halton.  Sarah runs the operational aspect of the Open Mind service along with managing the admin team. Sarah is passionate about the admin team and protects their wellbeing as well as being fair and very supportive to the team. Sarah has lead changes in our service and has worked above and beyond to ensure our clients are not affected by the change whilst encouraging and supporting staff.
  • Sarah Mulvey, Respiratory Physiotherapist, Respiratory Service, Boston House, Wigan. Sarah regularly goes the extra mile with patient centred care, but recently has demonstrated this even further. Whilst attending to a patient they developed chest pain. After ensuring appropriate medical attention Sarah went on to bring the patient their belongings and ensure their relatives were informed and that their car was safely parked, thus reducing anxiety and giving reassurance. The small amount of time this took meant a great deal to the patient and some weeks after the event they contacted Sarah to acknowledge her help and thank her for her support. I believe this is a shining example of care and reflects extremely well on Sarah as an individual and our organisation as a whole.
  • Anita Skipsey and Mandy Byrne, Ward Administrators, Newton in patient ward.  Anita and Mandy work extremely hard behind the scenes to keep the ward functioning nothing is too much trouble and they are both extremely professional.
  • Lorraine Downey, Claire Regan, Karen Burke,Team Leaders, Halton Community Nursing Service.  Whilst covering for a Clinical Manager  I found the above members of staff extremely helpful. They all worked over and above to provide me with information and support. This assistance was beneficial to me and ensured continuity of service delivery, maintaining quality of care to patients within the Halton locality.
  • Linda Rutledge, Medical Receptionist, Widnes Walk in Centre.  Linda, has demonstrate dedication to the role – working closing with the Paediatric ANP to provide clinical pathways to ensure best practice for the children of Widnes. Linda has been innovative and creative, demonstrating a high level of IT skills, going beyond her role in ensuring the pathways have been presented to a high standard maintaining a professional manner throughout.
  • Kerry Canning, Community Staff Nurse, The Beeches Cowley Hill, St Helens.  Kerry arrived at a patient’s house and was unable to gain access. She observed the patient through a window as being unwell in a chair. Kerry’s reaction was climbing through an open window to attend to the patient. The patient was successfully resuscitated and is now recovering well in hospital.
  • Julie Taylor, Receptionist, Walk-in-Centre Leigh.  On 5th July 2014 there was a baby having a seizure in waiting room at walk in centre. Julie got help immediately and phoned for an ambulance.   On another occasion an adult was having a seizure outside the entrance doors of the walk in centre- Julie assisted the nurses and again promptly and correctly phoned 999, she acted over and above her job description and acted in a professional and correct manner on both occasions.
  • Lisa Prescott, Community Phlebotomist – Four Acre Health Centre – St HelensLisa has been a huge inspiration to her colleagues. Lisa has been through extremely hard, difficult and challenging times personally, health wise, mentally and professionally. Lisa tended to get knocked down frequently both at home and at work but she is still here and one of the best Phlebotomists. Despite the problems faced, Lisa is a good work colleague, a great Phlebotomist and is ALWAYS there to help and support others staff and patients whenever they need it. She has shown great strength of character and is a HUGE inspiration. Lisa definitely deserves recognition for her courage, strength, determination, openness and her willingness to always be there for others.
  • Jaquie Colquitt, Housekeeper – in-patient ward Newton.  Jaquie is passionate about nutrition and hydration for fluids, in her own time she has developed information sheets for patients on the ward to support their hydration and actively champions’ nutrition and hydration supporting well-being of the patients at Newton.
  • Stephen Halsall, Healthcare Assistant, Newton in-patients.  Stephen has been a key member of the newly developed falls group at Newton, coming in work early to undertake audits and actively championing new ways of working.
  • Bethany Allen, Clerical Officer, Dermatology, The Wolves, Warrington.  Bethany has recently left her apprenticeship placement at Spencer House, where she supported the Health Visiting team, school health advisors and the other agencies that use Spencer House. Bethany has shown great maturity in her approach to her apprenticeship and her attitude has been hard working and dedicated. Bethany has always been willing to offer a little extra help, with a big smile and her manner with clients and colleagues alike is admirable. She has moved on to a position at the Wolves, and our loss is their gain.

Corporate Services

  • Jack Taylor, Education Administrator, Warrington.  A number of team leaders have attended a number of sessions in the training rooms at Spencer House and have commented on how extremely helpful, courteous Jack is and goes out of his way to ensure that everything is working in the room. Jack is very efficient and professional.
  • Adam Britton, Web Manager, Bevan House.  All children’s services had to significantly amend and update their webpages as part of new legislation for children with special educational needs. Adam has worked tirelessly with the Manager and team leaders to update all the webpages ensuring they are compliant with the new legislation.
  • Shireen Bullen, Clinic Clerk, Lower Ince Health Centre, Wigan. Shireen has provided excellent support to a temporary receptionist allowing her to learn effectively and improve her performance. Shireen’s files and records are kept very clearly, and instructions are easy to follow. Her example in dealing with patients, even those difficult to handle, has made the learning curve easier and faster. It has been a privileged to work with such a caring and committed person.

Specialised Services

  • Drew Perkins, Health Improvement Specialist, St Helens.  Drew delivered an excellent Mental Health and Wellbeing training session for the staff in the Health and Wellbeing service in Wigan.
  • Emily Brown, Business and Administration Cadet, Health Improvement, Wigan.  During her placement at Kingscroft Court, Emily has consistently achieved very high standards, carrying out tasks efficiently and effectively. Emily has worked with and supported all teams based at Kingscroft Court and always receives positive feedback and a great deal of praise for her commitment, knowledge and professionalism, we will all miss her when her time with us ends.

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