Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for January 2015

Bridgewater’s bright lights in January included an Assistant Practitioner who performed emergency CPR to help save a man’s life, a Health Visitor who was described as ‘exceptional and extremely supportive’ by a client and a Hearing Screening Unit Co-Ordinator has recently been picked by Public Health England as a national assessor for new-born hearing screening programmes in the UK.

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

The full list of staff nominated by their colleagues as Stars of Month include:

Children’s Services

Stars of the Month

Jane Donnelly, a Hearing Screening Unit Co-Ordinator working across Halton & St Helens

Jane is hardworking, very professional and very much focused on team work, patient centred approach and achieved at the highest possible level. She has recently been picked by Public Health England as a national assessor for new-born hearing screening programmes in the UK.

Susan Lennox, a Health Visitor in Halton

Sue is one of two health visiting staff in Halton that facilitates ‘Time for Me’, which is a creative group for mothers with Postnatal Depression and/or Anxiety. Some of the aims of the group are to address issues of self-esteem/self-confidence, loneliness and isolation. Feedback from clients is that these aims/needs are well and truly met. Her openness, honesty, professionalism and efficiency has been noted by clients and members of health visiting and Children Centres teams.

Anita Brown, PA for Paediatric Audiology in St Helens

Anita is an excellent staff member. She is hardworking, dedicated, consciousness and wouldn’t spare an effort to always go the extra mile for staff or for patients. She works extremely hard and to best of her ability to deliver an excellent piece of work during restructuring paediatric audiology that would’ve been much harder without her. She embodies all the high value of the NHS and the organisation.

Annette Clarke, a Senior Paediatric Continence Advisor for the Bladder & Bowel Service in Warrington

Dr Natalia Bell, Speciality Doctor in Community in Warrington

Both Dr Bell and Anne are nominated for their presentation at the Warrington GP Symposium, where they received positive feedback.

Cath Stewart, a Health Visitor in St Helens

Due to staff shortages Cath demonstrated flexibility by volunteering to cover a base that was in difficulties due to sickness thus continuing to provide a health visiting service to that local population. Cath has demonstrated excellent record keeping skills following a recent ‘Record keeping audit’ and Ofsted inspection

Leanne Hunter, a Health Visitor in Wigan

The Services has been informed by one of Leanne’s clients that she thought the care she had received from Leanne as her health visitor was exceptional. The client had been through a difficult time regarding her mental health and subsequent parenting capacity. This was the client’s first experience of the HV service. She reports Leanne to be professional, caring and sensitive. Every contact including phone calls was extremely supportive and the advice she was given was amazing.

Gill Reilly, a Community Nursery Nurse in Wigan

Gill has been running the local breast feeding support group for numerous years. The Ashton group is very well attended and very popular within Bridgewater. The group helps support and advice breast feeding mums, who inform us that this support helps increases the length of time for which they breast feed. Gill always demonstrates a professional committed research based approach and we in our team are very proud of her.

Karen Anwyll, a Support Worker in Widnes

Karen’s interest in Maternal Mental Health has resulted in her developing additional skills in this field through extra and appropriate training. Her openness, honesty, professionalism and efficiency has ensured the group continues from year to year in spite of various adversities.  She is an asset to Maternal Mental Health in general and Time for Me in particular.

Bev Lowe, a Communications Support Officer in Wigan

Bev has shown outstanding commitment and support for the Listening into Action events; ensuring these sessions ran as efficiently as possible.

Stuart Harrison, IT Services in Wigan

Stuart has been key in supporting the implementation of the new BEST system across all 3 wheelchair services. Stuart has been responsive to the teams requests and queries to minimise the impact on service delivery to patients. His IT skills, flexibility and innovative approach to problem solving have been acknowledged and praised by the external software company. The wheelchair services would like to say thank you for being approachable and helpful.

Mark Charman, Agnes Tuchorska and Rachel Forber, the Project Management Team in Wigan

The Project Management Team supported the Trust during the application and assessment to become a Foundation Trust. They worked very long hours, maintained a professional approach at all time and ensured that every document and response was of a high quality.

Ruth Besford, an Equality & Human Rights Project Officer in St Helens

Ruth has been responsible for producing a really good document for staff at induction and also ensuring the E&D message went out from the Trust on Christmas Day on Twitter. Ruth has gone above and beyond what has been expected of her job role, and is innovative in how she gets an equality message through to staff and patients.

Adult Services

Stars of the Month

Adele Richards, a Treatment Room Nurse in Halton

There has been a severe shortage of staff in the treatment room service, during this period Adele has continued to deliver high quality care to patients and has been innovative with appointment bookings and very efficient in delivering care to patients in order to meet local population needs.

Joan Unwin, an Assistant Practitioner in St Helens

Joan attended to a patient on the 10th December as a routine District Nursing visit. When Joan entered the property she found the patient on the floor screaming in pain. Joan’s quick response of ensuring the patient was safe/comfortable and warm reassured the patient until the Paramedics arrived. The patient suffered fractures to her hip, leg, both arms and neck. Joan’s actions/caring approach whilst staying with the patient ensured complete patient safety until help arrived.

The Community Therapy Team, including Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Community Health Development Officers in Leigh

The whole team work closely with each other and voluntary and third sector teams outside of the trust to provide a holistic patient centred treatment programme for their patients on a daily basis despite being understaffed for a number of years. They always go that extra mile to ensure that the patient has a positive experience of the trust and work tirelessly without any appreciation.

Alyson Mullah, a Support Worker in Wigan

Alyson, during her normal duty, acted above and beyond to provide excellent care to patient who had no support in place, she acted exceptionally professionally and using her experience ensured the patient received the urgent care they required. She provided support for the patient and ensured the patient had the appropriate service in place to continue the support she required.

Employee of the Month: Cheryl Chadwick, an Assistant Practitioner in Halton

On the 6/12/14 Cheryl was visiting friends when she was aware someone had taken ill in the next door house. Cheryl attended and the gentleman in question has suffered from cardiac arrest, Cheryl performed CPR until the ambulance service arrived and took over. The gentleman was transferred to hospital and is currently on CCU. Well done Cheryl for putting your CPR training to use.

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