Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for September and October 2015

Bridgewater’s shining examples for September and October include a Dental Nurse who saved a man’s life at Southport Air Show, an Occupational Therapist who used her excellent clinical skills to ensure better outcomes for a child in her care and a District Nursing Team Leader who was described as ‘considerate, supportive, sympathetic and kind’ by a member of team…

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

The full list of staff nominated by their colleagues as Stars of the Month for September and October 2015 include:

Children’s Services

Children's stars of the Month October 2015

Kathryn Royden, a Paediatric Physiotherapist in the Wigan Borough

Kathryn led on a patient experience project to gain feedback from children who had attended summer therapy intervention groups. Kathryn used an innovative, child-centred way of gaining feedback and collecting the information from the children. Kathryn produced an action plan for the team to implement some of the changes needed in order to make improvements within the service.

Emma Lawrence, an Occupational Therapist in the Wigan Borough

Emma’s professionalism and excellent clinical skills have ensured better outcomes for a child which has been recognised by a family.

Emma Lawrence and Laura Burke, Occupational Therapists in the Wigan Borough

Emma and Laura volunteered to do additional assessments at Warrington Paediatric OT service to help with the waiting list to prevent 18 week breaches. They did this one day a week throughout August whilst still maintaining their current caseload in Wigan. They were efficient, professional and complimented by a parent on advice given.

Lyndsey Sweeny, a CAMHS Practitioner in the Wigan Borough

Lyndsey has received consistent feedback from children and young people around the impact of the therapy that she has delivered. Lyndsey can scientifically demonstrate YP Progress in all of the cases that she works with. Lyndsey is a team player and has shared good practice and outcomes within the team.

Rhys Edwards, a Clerical Assistant in Warrington

Rhys has had a role of modern apprentice within the organisation. He appears organised and unflappable. He has taken his role in his stride and offers a fabulous service to the staff and users of Spencer House. He always maintains a smile on his face and a very helpful attitude. The children’s directorate would not have achieved reporting targets for Q1 without his great efforts! Thank you so much Rhys.

Moss Bank Health Visiting Team, Health Visitors and Community Nursery Nurses in St Helens

Team Members: Sue Brooke, Kathrine Hill, Ruth Singh, Carol McGlen and Sylvia Dootson – Health Visitors and Louise Aspinall, Julie Rigby Community Nursery Nurses.

The above team led a health focussed event for the families in their local area. It was themed ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’. Staff went to enormous effort to plan, organise and promote the event inviting local authority and other health partners to participate with advice and support for the local families. A total of 44 families attended the event receiving vital health information together with raffles, competitions, singing and an afternoon of fun. £53.00 was also raised for NSPCC.

Helen Young, a School Nurse Team Leader in Warrington

Helen Young took up post in the new year- to provide leadership to Warrington school nursing service. The service works incredibly hard to be the most effective that it can be. At the Q1 contract meeting with the Local Authority Commissioners, the service was commended for extended the offer to Warrington schools and improving on all KPIs. The commissioner said that the Q1 report from the service was “fantastic “, and commented on the professional production of young peoples and school entry questionnaires developed by the service. To Helen and all the School Nursing well done on a great quarter and continued improvement against the contract.

Amanda Brown – Clinical Manager – CAMHS – Wigan

Amanda has worked tirelessly to ensure the improvement of performance reporting to facilitate assurance to our commissioners. As a result the data is much more robust and has improved significantly. Well done Amanda

Health Visiting Teams, Boston House and Shevington Clinic in the Wigan Borough

Team Members: Shevington Clinic – Jane Johnson – Health Visitor, Alison Cain – Health Visitor, Michelle Cowburn – Health Visitor, Catherine O’Conner- Health Visitor, Audrey O’Neil – Health Visitor, Tracey Davies- Community Nursery Nurse, Dianne Sullivan – Administrator, Patricia Fairhurst- Support Worker

Boston House: Jeff Ahmed-Health Visitor , Ann Shallicker- Community Nursery Nurse, Andrea Sollory-Health Visitor, Kelly Holland- Community Nursery Nurse, Janet Simm- Health Visitor, Susan  Forshaw—Support Worker, Mark Edwards- Health Visitor, Andrea Martin- Administrator, Joanne Millington-Health Visitor and Gemma White- Student Health Visitor

Both Teams have been very positive and embraced the introduction of Electronic Patient Records

Adele Moss, an Administrator in the Children’s Integrated Neighbourhood Team in the Wigan Borough

Since taking up her post, Adele has provided invaluable support and is always enthusiastic and has innovative ideas to support the development of the Children’s Integrated Neighbourhood Team Asthma Project. Adele is new to working in the NHS and has fitted into the team perfect and always demonstrates a very professional ethos in her work, is extremely hard working, efficient and committed. Adele is asset to the team and deserves to be the Star of the Month.

Jayde Melling, a Clerical Support Worker in the Children’s Community Nursing Team in the Wigan Borough

Jayde is relatively new into post and has quickly become a valued and well respected member of the Children Community Nursing Team. Jayde is always supportive of her colleagues no matter how busy she is. Jayde has developed innovative systems and processes within the service which have improved and supported our service delivery. Alongside her role commitments’ she has a very creative mind and utilises this to continually try to support service improvement. She is a pleasure to work with.

Paula McMullen, a School Nurse in the Wigan Borough

Paula has acted as a professional advocate for a child; she has demonstrated tenacity and courage and has challenged other professionals regarding their judgements in order to protect a child. Paula’s hard work has been recognised by another health professional who commented that as Paula was not prepared to disregard her concerns and kept ‘digging’ Paula may well have saved this child’s life. The child is now in a safer place.

Sharon Chisnall, a Health Visitor in Halton

Email received from a Social Worker: Just to make you aware that Sharon Chisnall was excellent at the recent court hearing. She has throughout her involvement worked extremely hard under difficult circumstances and her dedication to these children was clearly evident. For someone who has never given evidence before, Sharon was excellent, she was clear and concise in her evidence giving, she did not allow herself to be intimidated by parents representatives and was able to provide a clear picture of neglect that the children have suffered and will continue to suffer from.

Sharon’s evidence was discussed afterwards by the Counsel; they were all highly impressed and were shocked when I informed that this was her first time of giving evidence. Well done Sharon you did the health service proud.

Gillian Greenhalgh, a Therapy Assistant in the Wigan Borough

Gillian has ensured the safety, security and wellbeing of therapy staff and patients within the department by identifying a potential risk to safety when working in the treatment areas, highlighting it to the team and manager, finding a solution and seeing this through and implementing the change. She continually works hard and makes improvements and valid suggestions like this on a regular basis without even thinking about it and I feel that she deserves to be recognised for it.

Joan Edwards, a Looked After Children Administrator in St Helens

Joan assisted the Moss Bank Children’s Centre Health Visiting team with their recent health promotion event, the Teddy Bear’s Picnic. Joan was working with the team on a temporary basis and went above and beyond her role to assist the team with helping prepare for the day. Joan showed great efficiency and professionalism and even stayed beyond her contracted hours to ensure there was someone on the desk to greet attendees.

Jayne Heyes, a Health Visitor in the Wigan Borough

The Platt Bridge health visiting team have recently adopted electronic patient records. Jayne has embraced this changeover with enthusiasm and quickly developed a high level of expertise. Jayne has generously given unlimited support to team members making this transition and her attitude and skills has resulted in a smooth and enjoyable period of change. She is a wonderful asset to our service and we are lucky to have her.

Jill Whittle, a Student Health Visitor in the Wigan Borough

Jill has shown great innovation in reaching our antenatal clients. She has networked with other agencies to work collaboratively to deliver a health visitor antenatal workshop. Jill has completed this with minimal supervision and has shown great insight into the health needs of our local population. She has applied a dynamic approach to her way of working and has structured a fun interactive session that will deliver information on the role of health visitors and health information for antenatal clients.

Lise John, a Health Visitor in Warrington

Lise has supported a client through domestic abuse, the client has subsequently become homeless, jobless, has suffered mental health illness and is caring for her 2 children.
Lise has ensured that appropriate referrals were made to support the family and also referred the family to the local MP to get them support and he has been made aware of an excellent care team around the family under the direction of the health visitor Lise.

Adult Services

Margaret Smith, a Community Support Worker and Vikki Campbell, an Assistant Practitioner in the Wigan Borough

Vikki Campbell and Margaret Smith have been working with a lady with a Learning Disability who has historical Mental Health conditions and significant health needs. She has routinely refused a blood pressure for many years. Through person centred and individualised sessions working with the patient they were able to gain her trust, maintain a therapeutic relationship and successfully record her blood pressure. This work will ensure that further blood pressure recording can be made in the future and that she can be supported with this basic monitor of her health. This means she is not excluded from health services due to having a Learning Disability and unable to understand what was expected and the reasons for having her blood pressure recorded.

Adult's stars of the Month October 2015Karen Burke, a Team Leader for District Nursing in Halton

She has been considerate, supportive, sympathetic and kind following a member of her staff retruning to work after a serious car accident.She is efficient and runs her team with respect and feeling. It is nice to know that as we all put our patients first all of the time that we are important to. She continues to support the person and is described as the best manager they have ever had and she deserves this award not only for this month but every month.

June Hill, a Health Care Assistant at Newton Communitu Hospital in St Helens

June is always very thoughtful with patients; she brings in little things to make their stay more pleasant, such as a soft blanket for a dementia patient who gained comfort from holding blankets to her face. She is also very supportive of staff members, checking up on them when they off ill. She helps new starters to find their feet and all staff feel that she really goes the extra mile in caring.

Nicola Fairclough, a Learning Disability Community Nurse in the Wigan Borough

Nicola has provided on-going support and advice to the Hospital Liaison Team Support Worker around a gentleman whose discharge from hospital could easily have been delayed due to the complexity of his needs, but who has gone home, in a timely manner and with an increased package of care.

Gail O’Carroll, am Assistant District Nurse Team Leader in Halton

Gail is an asset to the District Nursing team and strives to improve the service, taking on board new initiatives and implementing them within the service. Gail is proactive in her approach and very efficient with her patient care. Gail and the whole team of 16 District Nurses have recently received numerous compliments showing that a quality patient centred service is delivered for Bridgewater Community Healthcare from Halton District Nurses.

Sheila Brown, Mandy Parry, Zena D’Douza Janet Ashmead in the Community Therapy and Falls Service in the Wigan Borough

The team have worked tirelessly to improve their systems in order to improve the efficiency of their processes from a patient’s referral to discharge and are now proficient in reporting their outcomes.

Eileen Dann, a Health Care Assistant at Newton Inpatient Department in St Helens

Eileen was given a competency care certificate workbook to complete when she commenced employment. She has completed this with enthusiasm and dedication mostly in her own time. Eileen is a shining example to all staff as although she is an experienced HCA, she has shown that you never stop learning in our profession. Eileen is the first person to complete this new workbook and I think she is a role model for all health care assistants who want to enhance their professional development.

Rebecca Hall, a Community Staff Nurse in Warrington

Rebecca has worked in the Warrington District Nursing service for just over 12 months, she has demonstrated that she is very enthusiastic and is always keen to further learn and develop. She has recently become a mentorship link nurse for the Central neighbourhood. Rebecca has developed a student information booklet which is very informative and gives information on the placement area, the role of the DN and the structure of the services including details/numbers of other Services that DN liaise with on a day to day basis.

Alyson Evans and Eve Parrington, Community Staff Nurses in Warrington

Congratulations on successfully completing the Nurse Prescribing course.

Adele Partington, a Staff Nurse in the Wigan Borough

Adele has been working with a student nurse on her first placement. The knowledge from working with Adele and her getting the student involved right from the start with consent from the patients has been invaluable. Overall, the student spent 8 working days with Adele and in just that short space of time came away with so much knowledge. All of her patients always praised her and she got on so well with everyone, it was nice to see the strong relationships she has made with her patients and that is because she is such an open, honest and pleasant person. She is a fantastic nurse and she has inspired me so much, I have enjoyed working with her and hope she gets noticed and praised for the work she does.

Gaynor Carr, a Clinic Supervisor in Warrington

Gaynor is always very helpful to patients going above and beyond to make sure their needs come first. She has worked mostly on her own in the past few weeks due to staff shortages but is always smiling. She has a wide range of knowledge and is only too happy to help and encourage her work colleagues.

Specialised Services

Maureen Clinch, a Community Support Worker in Wigan

Maureen has provided first class support to a gentleman with learning disabilities whom has highly complex and diverse needs for approximately 9 Months. At times this gentleman present risk to himself and others in the community, which has led to involvement of external agencies, for example Criminal Justice Agencies. Over this time she supported the gentleman in a professional, non-judgemental approach, respectful and dignified manner, in honest and open way. Evidently in person centred and humanistic first class approach. I and the Additional Support Team are so proud of Maureen for her approach to this client and others within the Service.

Carly Coull, a Dental Nurse in Halton

Carly attended Southport Air Show with her family on Sat 19 Sept 2015. During the day, she witnessed a gentleman collapse and recognised a cardiac arrest. She then took charge of the situation, administered multiple rounds of CPR and then used a defib supplied by a St John’s Ambulance Crew to shock the casualty whilst waiting for the emergency services to arrive. Feedback from the consultant now treating the patient is that Carly’s intervention without doubt saved the life of the gentleman concerned. As a department, we are all very proud of Carly’s actions.


Aubrey Morrison, an IT Support in Warrington

Aubrey has been really helpful and patient in resolving a number of recurrent IT issues that I have had recently. He is always extremely thorough and perseveres until it is resolved. He has a calm, efficient and pleasant manner on the telephone and face to face.
Often, back office functions are not celebrated and I think that this nomination is really well deserved.

Janet Lamb, a Systmone Admin Team in the Wigan Borough

All of the team from the Orthopaedic Assessment service at health service at Wolves would like to nominate Janet Lamb for the star of the month award. Since changing from PAS to SystmOne Janet has been a huge help and support to our service. We have been using SystmOne for many years now but she continues to be as supportive as ever and for this we are hugely appreciative. She is full of knowledge and wisdom regarding all aspects of the system and is often helping us to make changes to help things run better. Thank You Janet

Christine Orchison, a Receptionist in the Wigan Borough

From a patient: I arrived at the walk in centre on Monday evening after a fall hurting my foot. Christine knew I needed an x-ray so she spoke to the doctor who saw me within fives minutes and sent me straight over to x-ray. Christine rang through to x-ray as I went down to see the doctor and Chris in x-ray said he would wait for me as they closed at 8pm. Christine showed compassion, care and was very professional. A true star. Also the team on a whole from the receptionist to the doctor to the x-ray department were very patient centred. A wonderful understanding team. Well done.

Hollie Postlethwaite, a Paediatric Liaison Administrator in the Wigan Borough

Hollie has been an absolute star ensuring that the Safeguarding Children and Children in Care Nursing Team has kept sailing through recent times of staff sickness, annual leave and cover for vacancies.  Despite being a relatively new member of the team, Hollie has stepped up and kept the service running without complaint and with total dedication and professionalism. A great big “thank you” goes to Hollie from all the team.

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