Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for July 2015

Our shining stars for July include a dental team in St Helens who provided emergency medical assistance to an office worker, five school health care assistants who provided excellent support to school nursing teams in Wigan and a children’s Community Nurse described as the ‘heart of the service’ through her helpfulness, kindness, professionalism and innovative approaches with staff and patients…

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

The full list of staff nominated by their colleagues as Stars of the Month for July 2015 include:

Adult Services

Stars of the Months for July - Adults

Angela Melling – Staff Nurse and Karlie Houlihan, Health Care Assistant at Newton Hospital

A patient’s wife had fallen in the car park and had injuries to her face, along with being extremely anxious and upset. Both members of staff had finished duty in the evening and were going home when they were alerted to the lady. They encouraged the lady to go to A&E as she clearly needed treatment but she was not able to drive herself so both nurses took her to A&E and waited with her until her friend arrived. This act of kindness shows what caring, compassionate and kind nurses they are.

Michelle Jones – Staff Nurse District Nursing in Wigan

The professionalism and skill Michelle has displayed over this period of time has made one of our students realise just how much of a fantastic nurse she is and how much her patients benefit from having her. Michelle always puts her patients first and this reflects in how she is respected by the patients and their family members. Not only do patients respect her but fellow colleagues do too and this is evident from how they interact with her and how they go to her for advice, of which she is happy to share her expertise.

Sandra Rutter – Team Leader District Nursing Team in Wigan

This nomination is not just for Sandra but her entire team of nurses for Frog Lane & Standish Teams. They have just worked very hard under pressure and undergone an extremely difficult change process in the way that they work when seeing their patients. We have implemented the use of a complete electronic patient record in SystmOne with these staff and they coped admirably and lead in a very positive and encouraging way by Sandra who remained calm and positive during a very difficult time over several weeks. They were amazing.

Georgina Rostron – Community Staff Nurse District Nursing Team in Wigan

We have recently started to use the mobile working application. This has resulted in a lot of hard work and learning needs for all the team. Despite being extremely busy with her nursing visits and other client related tasks within the office, Georgina has helped team members to become more competent with the system when help has been needed as she seemed to understand the system quickly. She is professional at all times regarding all aspects of her role.

Sharon Lamph – Staff Nurse Intermediate Care in Warrington

Sharon is always giving more than 100% to her nursing care and her patients.  She is a firm believer in team work and of team bonding and often makes suggestions to encourage team work and team spirit. She encourages her colleagues to achieve this to increase the quality of care provided to her patients. She deserves to be rewarded for all her efforts provided in her roll towards her patients to make her aware of her positive attitude towards her colleagues and place of work, where it is often very busy and a positive attitude is required to keep on going.

Specialised Services

Stars of the Months for July - DentalDental Team – St Helens Dental Clinic

Team members: Diane Worsley, Linda Dunlop, Linda Platt, Pauline Hewitt and Joyce McComb

Two members of staff from the DSS office across the road ran into the dental clinic requesting emergency medical assistance for a member of their staff who had collapsed in an office. Diane Worsley and Linda Dunlop ran across with defibrillator, Linda Platt followed with oxygen cylinder. Pauline Hewitt and Joyce McComb also attended to assist if CPR required.  On arrival the patient was breathing and had a strong heartbeat. Full flow oxygen administered with Diane Worsley maintaining patient’s airway. After two minutes a first response paramedic arrived. Diane and Linda stayed to assist the first response paramedic – application of ECG monitoring leads etc. 15 minutes after losing consciousness, patient regained consciousness. Linda and Diane assisted paramedic in sitting patient up then transferring her to a chair, at which point another ambulance with three more paramedics arrived so our staff were then able to handover and leave the patient in their care.

Stars of the Months for July - Offender HealthThorncross Health Care Team, Prison Services in Warrington

Team Members: Deborah Evans – Assistant Healthcare manager, Janette Norddahl – Team leader, Jackie Capper, Cath Singleton and Lianne Harrop  – primary care staff nurses, Vikki Williams and Jo Leicester – administrators.

The team has dealt with three serious incidents requiring resuscitation and emergency action. Two cardiac incidents and one excessive blood loss. The team pulled together including admin. All patients survived.


Stars of the Month July 2015 - Childrens

Julie Hoodless – Speech and Language Therapy Team Lead and Lynn John Integrated Early Years Team Leader in Wigan

Julie and Lynn have been invaluable in the mobilisation and implementation of Speech and Language Therapy Service to St. Helens. They have gone the extra mile to support the service which is new to Bridgewater in the St. Helens area. I would like to thank them for all their hard work in this project.

Janet Arnold – Children’s Community Nurse in Halton

Janet successfully completed specialist the module in palliative care through Edge Hill university and Claire House Children’s Hospice June 2015. Also this week a lovely plaudit received from a family regarding support given by Jan. Parent described her as ‘outstanding’ for the input with her son.

Nadine Beardsmore, Rachel Garcia, Lindsey Cooper, Hazel Radcliffe, Debbie Ball, Susan Brown – School Healthcare Assistants in Wigan

These five school health care assistants have provided excellent support to the five school nursing teams across the ALW localities by covering vacant posts and ensuring that each school nursing team has received support. They have managed the school nursing admin duties regarding the 46000+ child health records that have enabled the qualified nurses to undertake their roles effectively.

Sue Davies – Administrator  Family Nurse Partnership in Wigan

Sue does a job share as an Administrator within a busy team of nurses. Over the past month Sue has had to cover the role on her own due to annual leave and sick leave, with the extra work and shortage of hours Sue has worked really hard to keep the office running smoothly and efficiently. Well done Sue.

Gemma White and Emily Batchelor – Student Health Visitors in Wigan

Gemma and Emily have been involved in setting up a new antenatal session aimed at attachment and bonding, safe sleep, feeding and many more public health messages enabling them to promote positive outcomes for babies. They have been innovative and professional in delivering the sessions. They have received excellent feedback from the families that have attended so very well done and keep up the good work!

Lisa Sallis – Assistant Practitioner in Halton

This week Lisa received a plaudit from a local service that is also working with a child known to the Children’s Community Nurse Team. The Visual Impairment Team sent an email compliment regarding Lisa. They thanked her for the help she has given which has allowed the family to get a short break from caring ; also thanks for the knowledge gained from working with Lisa that has helped with the work the Visual Impaired Team needed to carry out with the child.

Sandra Williams – Nursery Nurse, Health Visiting in St Helens

Sandra has been very forthcoming in arranging monthly lunchtime activities to raise staff morale and teambuilding. These have included an extremely fun session where Sandra (who is a belly dancer in her spare time) brought belly dancing belts and music into work and ran a lunchtime introduction to belly dancing class. She has also arranged a picnic in the park for June.

Employee of the Month: Suzy Taylor, Health Visitor in Halton

Suzy Taylor is a practice teacher and a student felt truly blessed to have her supporting them through my training. This week in particular Suzy has gone above and beyond her role and acquired funding for a washing machine for a young mum who has chronic psoriasis and funding from the cystic fibrosis society so a mum can spend more time in Alder Hey with her four week old baby knowing that her other children are safe in the after school club.

Michelle Price – Children’s Community Nurse in Halton

Michelle has successfully completed her Specialist Practitioner Qualification in Children’s Community Nursing. The degree was obtained with John Moore’s University and will be a real asset in supporting the patients and staff.

Andrea Fishwick – Children’s Community Nurse Team Assistant in Halton

She is the heart of the service and is consistent in her helpfulness, kindness, professionalism and innovative approaches with staff and patients. Andrea is reliable and hardworking. Every team needs an ‘Andrea’!  Patients and families often request Andrea as the person to deliver their support. Within the team Andrea is always one of the first colleagues to offer help to the rest of the team. This Star award for Andrea is in recognition of her dedication and the huge help she is to ensuring the smooth delivery of our Service.

Ann Radice – Health Visitor in St Helens

A compliment was received from parents of a child on Ann’s caseload who had been misdiagnosed with a complex medical condition resulting in surgery. The parents complimented how extremely supportive Ann had been throughout their difficult time and continues to provide on-going support to them.

Carol Ashcroft – Health Visitor in Wigan

Carol supported a colleague after a spell on long term sickness with a life changing event, who also has a long term health condition. Her kindness and ability to pick up on ‘down moments’ has meant so much and made returning back an easier transition.

Corporate Services

Amanda Burton – Commercial Marketing Manager

Amanda has been a great support to children’s services over the past number of months. She has provided invaluable advice to the service manager in a number of issues relating to communication with partner agencies and service users and has gone out of her way to make sure a new service was well promoted. She has advised on areas outside of her remit where she has professional knowledge to offer and has been a great advocate. Her highly focused customer approach has ensured we have dealt with a number of issues in a professional manner which may not have happened without her support.

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