Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for April 2016

Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

Star of the month for St Helens, Wigan, Bolton, Oldham and Dental April 2016

Janet Rawlings – Team Leader  0-19 Wigan

Since becoming locality team leader Janet has increased morale in area three. She has implemented a staff newsletter to keep all staff informed and updated in what’s relevant to the health visiting service.

Janet is an encouraging, nurturing and motivational team leader who cares for her staff and will try her hardest to resolve any issues in a timely manner.

Susan Forshaw – Support Worker  Health Visiting – Wigan

Susan worked really hard to engage clients when the health visitor service was completing a project to determine clients’ opinions of “a health visitor is…..”

Susan ensured that clients attending baby clinics were fully informed and included in the exercise and as a result achieved a huge amount of responses, ensuring the exercise was a success and making sure as many of our clients as possible had opportunity to participate.

Katherine Warriner – Health Visitor – Wigan

Katy has recently completed and presented a serious and complex safeguarding report.  She has been highly praised by the Safeguarding Team for her hard work, determination and professionalism.

Tina Talbot, Rachel O’Neil, & Eileen Lomax – Treatment Room Nurse & District Nurses – St Helens

The staff worked collaboratively to aid a man who was in a desperate state. The treatment room nurse followed procedures when the man didn’t turn up for his clinic appointment.  She contacted the patient who said he was in agony and couldn’t get to clinic.

She then contacted the district nurses to visit him at home.

A staff nurse attended and then alerted the team leader who did a joint visit and alerted safeguarding and the rapid response team who placed the man in a nursing home due to his poor state.

This is a fabulous example of how our services follow procedures and work collaboratively together. If this is hadn’t happened this could have been a very different outcome for this gentleman

Carol Leverett – Health Visitor – Wigan

Michelle Nicholls Named Nurse for Children in Care contacted the department regarding health visitor Carol Leverett to thank her for the recent health assessments she completed.

Carol completed really good assessments with lots of detail and evidence and this has led to very thorough health plans.

Sharon Swift – Health Visitor – Platt Bridge – Wigan

Sharon has been seconded to the Platt Bridge place based project and has made great progress in shaping the identity of the team.

Sharon’s role has been to ensure that health visitors can share their unique skills and knowledge as the team finds the best ways of working to meet the community needs.

Sharon has taken on this project with great enthusiasm and a flexible approach to her role and is a fantastic representative of the health visiting service.

Jillian Whittle – Health Visitor – Wigan

Jill joined our team with short notice and has demonstrated an ability to adapt to change when joining an already established team.

Jill has become a valued team member and obviously goes an ‘extra mile’ for the clients and families she works with.

Jill shows commitment to the service by working effectively and efficiently, she maintains professionalism at all times.

Jane Kinsella – Health Visiting Team Leader – Wigan

Jane has proactively supported and engaged in the development and implementation of a DFE funded “ready steady play pilot” in locality 2 Wigan.

This is a four week programme for parents / carers of vulnerable two year olds who had not taken up an early year’s nursery place despite meeting the criteria. These children were previously identified as potentially vulnerable children.

The Wigan pilot has received some significant national interest and recognition but more importantly has made a significant difference to the lives, health and wellbeing of the very young children who attendee.

Sarah Renahan – Health Visitor – Wigan

Sarah has recently successfully completed her practice teacher qualification and will now work towards achieving sign-off status.

Sarah is currently supporting a student health visitor in practice and demonstrates professional values at all times. Her dedication to continually improve health visiting.

Lesley Roberts – Health Visitor – Wigan

The service has received three Talk to Us forms this month naming Lesley especially for her professionalism and care towards her clients.

We are really proud of Lesley in that she is making such a difference in client’s lives and she is a great ambassador for the health visiting service.

Samantha Talbot – Health Visitor – Wigan

Congratulations to Sam on achieving a pass for her community practice teacher course. Sam has worked really hard and is doing a fantastic job in her new CPT role.

She is always enthusiastic and hardworking and she is a great ambassador for the health visiting profession as she passes the baton on to the next generation.

Hindley Health Visitor Team – Wigan

A big congratulation to the Hindley health visiting team for achieving fantastic results in this month’s KPI’s.

Despite struggling with staff shortages they have all worked so hard to ensure that clients have received the continuation of the fantastic service that they are used to.

All KPI’s were achieved in every category and I know this means that every member of the team has gone the extra mile and made sure our clients come first.

Thank you so much for all your hard work it is very much appreciated.

Halton & Warrington

Nicola Connor – Health Visiting Team Leader – Warrington

Nicola only took up her team leader role in January of this year.

Nicola recently managed an incredibly difficult and sensitive situation with professionalism, sensitivity, care and compassion.

Paula Wright – Clinical Systems and Performance Lead Health Visiting – Warrington

Recent data from Public Health England shows that a high percentage of children in the Bridgewater areas do not achieve a good level of development at the end of reception with the England average being 66.3%. In Halton only 54.7% of children were able to achieve this.

With this in mind Paula led a piece of work (with the involvement of parents and early years workers) and in partnership with Chester University commissioned the development of a smartphone/pc app for parents to use with their children to prepare them for school.

Chester University and Footsqueek (a bespoke digital web design team) with Paula Wright set about designing an “app”.

The app which will be launched over the next few weeks, featured at the recent CPHVA conference and on the 14th March was nominated and won a Journal of Health Visiting award.


Richard Priest – IT Support

Richard supported the Innovation and Improvement team during the recent move from Cowley Hill to Chandler House. The move required the team to move from the St Helens platform to the Wigan platform in addition to setting up IT and telephony kit in the new base.

Richard advised as to what would be required on the day of the move and was present at the new base first thing the following morning to set up IT kit and telephony.

He ensured the team had access to email and advised how staff could access email history on archived St Helens systems and ensured the shared drive was transferred and active within 24 hours.

By his attention, to the needs of the team, he ensured business continuity and made the IT aspect of the move stress free.

Paula Waite – HR Support Officer

Paula worked so hard in the HR filing room for two weeks solely boxing up 500 boxes for the 3,163 personal files that we hold for all staff.

This was because the personal files are being scanned by a private company. Paula liaised with the scanning company to ensure that the boxes were dropped off at Cowley Hill and then she arranged for them to be collected as she was packing them.

Paula also spent a lot of time archiving “leaver” files. Paula did this huge task in an efficient and timely manner.

Joanne Austin – HR Workforce Advisor

Joanne went above and beyond to sort out a problem relating to a staff member’s pay and contract.

Joanne persevered and found a solution for which the staff member was very grateful.

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