Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for April 2015

This month’s shining stars include a Senior Children’s Community Nurse who was there for a young man and his family when it mattered most, a Health Visitor who truly supported a mother suffering severe anxiety over a previous birth and an innovative Children’s Continence Team recognised for their excellent management of their young patients.

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

Stars of the Month April 2015

The full list of staff nominated by their colleagues as Stars of Month include:

Children’s Services

Children’s Continence Team in St Helens: Sheena Kennedy, Shelly Mayor, Leanne Holland, Abigail Broadbelt, Elaine Hughes, Leanne Gavin

The Paediatric Continence Team, led by Sheena Kennedy has been recognised by Dr Nayak, Consultant at Liverpool University Hospital for their excellent management of children with constipation.

This team are extremely innovative in their approach to children and young people with continence problems.

hey take a proactive approach in order to prevent and minimise the physical and psychological problems associated with continence.

The team also work very hard to advocate for their patients, demonstrating the 6 C’s in all aspects of their work. This team is a shining example of a cohesive team who demonstrate a shared passion for their work.

Heather Toft, a Health Visitor in St Helens

Heather had made contact with a parent in ante natal period with a mum who unfortunately had a still birth late in previous pregnancy and was fearful and anxious.

The mother reported that Heather relieved her anxiety, took her seriously and never allowed her to feel embarrassed or silly regarding her nerves and what was to come at the birth.

This reassurance and confidence and empowerment were continued in the post natal period, and mum was also provided with encouragement and support from Heather to enable her to continue breastfeeding.

Mum reported that Heather is approachable and easy to speak to. She reports “she is a lovely, lovely lady and a credit to have on your team”.

Julie Clayton, a Senior Children’s Community Nurse in Wigan

Julie has demonstrated dedication and compassion in the care of a young person and the amazing support for his family.

All her colleagues and friends at Claire house are extremely proud of her and wish for her to receive acknowledgement for her passion and commitment to her role.

Employee of the Month:Sharon Brown, Infant Feeding Co-Ordinator in Wigan

Sharon has successfully led the organisation in the achievement of UNICEF baby friendly Stage 3 Re-accreditation in Wigan Borough.

The team passed the standards scoring 100% which is fantastic and means they can retain theior baby friendly status.

But even better news we also passed the new standards again with a majority score of 100% and we are officially the first health visiting service in the country to pass the new standards.

This incredible achievement is without doubt due to the leadership, passion, commitment, sheer hard work of Sharon. Well done and thank you Sharon!

Karen Thompson, a Health Visiting Service Secretary in Widnes

Karen is just fantastic! Following the development of one Bridgewater health visiting service in January 2014 the clinical manager role became quite overwhelming.

Karen joined as secretary in summer 2014 and the service has said that they wouldn’t have managed without her.

Karen is efficient, organised, flexible, proactive, professional, helpful, thoughtful, thorough, kind, hardworking and overall a marvelous support.

Lynne Morris, a School Nurse Secretary in Widnes

Always orders immediately and follows up orders to make sure we get them on time. Knows most things and she is very helpful.

Wendy Dilton, a Community Nursery Nurse in Warrington

A compliment was received from a parent for Wendy Dilton stating that her advice was just brilliant and used it on her second child.  Wendy was so positive about the package of care. It really changed how the parent parented.

Louise Aspinall, a Community Nursery Nurse in St Helens

Louise has been nominated by her team for her professionalism and determination to meet service targets despite staff sick leave. She has ensured a 100% completion of the team 12 month assessments through commitment and determination.

Adult Services

Stars April Adults

Alison Logan, a Podiatrist in Warrington

Alison  always goes above and beyond for patients and has currently been covering clinics at a higher level to help out with sickness with no problems.

She is always keen to help and advise the team and supervise the lower banded staff offering support where required.

Staff in the District Nursing Team at Health Care Resource Centre in Widnes

A young disabled diabetic patient with elderly parents, with frequent emergency admissions has been able to have these admissions reduced, remained stable and had her quality of life increased because of the additional visits. This followed input and monitoring by all members of the team, including the input from the Community Matron and the General Practitioner.

This extra care and attention demonstrates the dedication of staff and determination to support a vulnerable person within the community.

Pemberton District Nursing Team in Wigan: Christine Raynor, Natasha Hall, Paula Morris, Evonne Prior, Karen Evans, Katie Hart, Fiona Heaton, Lorraine Jones, Angela Hodkinson, Lisa Unsworth, Gill Fields, Carole McMyler and Sue Corke

Pemberton District Nurse Team have constantly over the past months remained professional and supportive to each other ensuring patient care has never been compromised despite having some staffing issues.

Each and every one of them have pulled together, helped each other, remained cheerful, worked extra hours and days off and most importantly ensured each and every patient needs have been met along with their families who have been supported.

Helen Astby, a Community Staff Nurse for District Nursing in Runcorn

A lovely letter from patients on our caseload was received asking if he could present his wife’s nursing fob watch to Helen as she was a credit to the nursing profession. Helen, who started with the trust in September 14, has taken to the role of the community nurse well, this letter goes to show how well she is thought of by her patients.

Suzanne Rogers, a Health Care Assistant in St Helens

Suzanne has shown true passion towards patient care in her recent research work towards the continence program in the hospital.

Specialised Services

Mary Johnson, a Community Nurse in Wigan

Mary attended an Initial Assessment with an 81 year old patient with learning disabilities. On arrival the patient was presenting as unwell, and complaining of dizziness and nausea.

Mary proceeded to liaise with the General Practitioner and request a home visit. The GP was not able to attend.

Mary was unwilling to leave through concerns about the patient’s immediate health and the high risk of falling. She contacted emergency services and an ambulance was dispatched.

The patient was subsequently taken to A&E (RAEI) and diagnosed with a heart block. The patient is currently an inpatient waiting for further investigation and treatment.

Janet Lamb, a Systmone Clinic Admin in Wigan

Every request we have made to change a clinic no matter how big or small Janet is always at hand  to fix everything for the podiatry team!!!! Who said they would be lost without her.

Janette Norddahl and Cath Singleton, HMP Healthcare in Warrington

On Friday 13th March Janette and Cath were called to the gym in HMP Thorn Cross where a young man had a sudden collapse.

Immediate first aid including CPR and use of a defibrillator saved his life and he is now recovering in hospital. This unexpected incident was expertly handled both professionally and emotionally in a community setting.

Corporate Services

Michelle Greenough, a Clerical Officer and Receptionist in St Helens

Michelle is the Receptionist in St Helens and she is always friendly, happy and will always go out of her way to help you.

Since being on Reception there is a fast improvement in how the Reception looks and functions and the post room is more methodical. You can rely on Michelle to complete a task quickly, efficiently and always with a smile.

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