‘No Secrets’ Self-harm Peer Support Group Launches in Halton

No Secrets, a voluntary run self-harm peer support group, is launching on Friday 12th September, for the over 16s in Halton.

The launch is timed to coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day on 10th September, in an attempt to help raise awareness of self-harm and self–injury locally.

With support from Bridgewater’s Halton Health Improvement Team, the Halton No Secrets group will be meeting every Friday on the 2nd floor above the Walk-In Centre on Caldwell Road in Widnes, from 6pm – 8pm.

If people would like more information about the group please contact Tina at No Secrets on 07403 476415 or tsimon@no-secrets.org.uk

It is no secret that self-harm is a hugely misunderstood subject.

Many people associate the term self-injury or self-harm with teenagers and attention seeking behaviour, as younger people are more likely to discuss the subject with teachers and/or friends.

However, the truth is that many people keep their self-harm private and anybody of any gender, age, educational background or ethnicity can be affected.

It is also widely thought that all self-harm is a suicide attempt but many people who self-harm do not intend to kill themselves; they self-harm as a coping mechanism to stay in control of their emotions.

Cllr Marie Wright (Halton Borough Council’s portfolio holder for Health and Wellbeing) said:

“No Secrets is a much needed local service, run by people who have experienced self-harm themselves and therefore understand self-harm. We know that with the right support and help from groups, such as No Secrets, people who self-harm can make life long beneficial changes”.

Tina Simon from No Secrets in St Helens and Halton explained:

“Self-injury is not attempted suicide. Each individual has their own reasons for hurting themselves. They may feel they deserve the pain. They may want to experience the relief. They may also have some suicidal feelings. Self-harm is not attention seeking behaviour. Someone recently said to me that, “if it was attention I wanted, I would take off my clothes and walk down the street!” It is about a lack of self-esteem and even self-hatred. Self-harm is not a sign of madness, it is a sign of distress.

Self-injury may feel like the only way that some people can cope with their life – in a similar way to an eating disorder.”

Tina went on to say “With help from No Secrets, those affected can learn to manage their behaviour and find other ways of coping.

Learning to understand why they feel the need to hurt themself is just as important as preventing it, which is why it can really help to talk to someone about how they feel and meet others who have experienced self-injury or self-harm.”

If people would like more information about the Halton No Secrets group please contact Tina at No Secrets on 07403 476415 or tsimon@no-secrets.org.uk.

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