Gill’s marathon run for WellChild, the national charity for sick children

Gill-MarathonGill Jones is Bridgewater’s Senior Childrens Community Nurse at Hope Special Educational Needs School in Marus Bridge.

Gill began working for Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust in April 2004 and was community-based until October 2010 when she set base at Hope School. Gill’s role is to support children with complex health needs and deliver nursing care and support throughout their school day.

Gill said: “I love my job and especially working with children with special educational needs and their families.  I feel it is a privilege to work with the families I support and over the years I have met some wonderful and caring people, professionals and families.”

Gill decided she wanted to do something for families and children who have complex health needs on a personal level, as well as professional, and decided she would raise some money for a charity that represented complex health needs.

After a few weeks of considering a few possibilities, she decided she would run a Marathon!

“As someone who had only ever run round the block before (4.34km), this was going to be a massive test of my abilities and the ultimate challenge for most people, let alone a fair weather occasional ‘run around the block’ girl like me!”

Gill looked through the charities that offered places in the London Marathon:

Gill Marathon

“If I was going to do one marathon in my life, London has to be the one.  The charity that stood out most was WellChild, a national charity that supports children with complex health needs to be cared for in their own home, which is exactly what myself and the rest of the Children’s Complex Needs Team do”. WellChild provides nursing care and support to families and funds sensory projects, conferences for parents and professionals, and funds research.

Gill is getting support from ‘Team Speedy’ as part of WellChild, and she is following the Virgin London Marathon training plan.  She has already completed a half marathon and has signed up for another in March. Gill has gone from keeping “a bit active” to working out between four to six times a week, and has also joined a netball team at ‘Back to Netball’ at Robin Park in Wigan.

Training has been very hard and “feels like a second job”, but if Gill can reach her target of £1600 for WellChild then every aching muscle will be worth it.  It is her connection with her role as a complex needs nurse that is spurring Gill on.

Everyone at Bridgewater wishes Gill all the very best for the marathon on 26 April.

If you would like to sponsor Gill, you can do so here.

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