Community Ear, Nose & Throat Service to launch in Runcorn & Widnes

Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust as one of the accredited Community Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) service providers in Halton will launch their new ENT service in Widnes from 25 June with the service starting in Runcorn from late summer.

The easy to access service will offer both morning and evening appointments up to 8pm for patients at a range of convenient local health centres and clinics in the borough.

The service will strive to diagnose patients at their first appointment and patients will be able to access a range of treatments such as biopsies, polypectomy, diagnostic audiology, flexible laryngoscopy and endoscopy.

Patients who visit the service, which has been commissioned by Halton Clinical Commissioning Group, will also benefit from always seeing the same doctor at every appointment.

Dr Chopra, a GP with wide experience in the field of Community ENT practice, will be managing the service for Bridgewater in Widnes and Runcorn. He said:

“Bridgewater is delighted to be launching a new Ear, Nose and Throat Service in Halton. The trust has already run a successful Ear, Nose and Throat service in nearby St Helens for the past 10 years which has high patient satisfaction rates*. We aim to use our skills and experience from managing this successful service to deliver a high quality and convenient Ear, Nose and Throat service for the people of Widnes and Runcorn.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the new Ear, Nose and Throat Service being provided in Halton by Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust please speak to your local GP about a referral.

If you are a local GP or Practice Nurse you can find out more about the new service at an education event being held at 6.15pm on Wednesday 2 July at Everglades Hotel in Widnes. You can find out more information and how to book your place by contacting Claire Fagan on 0151 290 4631 or

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