New campaign urges Halton residents to become Dementia Friends

Halton Borough Council and local partner organisations are supporting the new Dementia Friends campaign to help people develop an understanding of dementia and turn it into action to help people in their community living with the disease.

Dementia is arguably the biggest health crisis facing the UK1: there are currently 665,065 people in England who have dementia  and an estimated twenty-one million people in England have a close friend  or  family  member  with  dementia  because  they  live with  or  care  for  someone  who  has dementia. In Halton alone, there were 1290 people diagnosed with dementia last year.

The campaign, launched by Public Health England and Alzheimer’s Society, is encouraging people in Halton to become a Dementia Friend by watching an interactive video online to increase their understanding of the disease and implementing their experience on a daily basis.

Eileen O’Meara, Director of Public Health for Halton commented:

“One in three of us over the age of 654 will develop dementia an incredibly high statistic. But peoplewith dementia can live well, and it is the responsibility of the rest of the community to help them do so.

“It is only by personally understanding the issues that people living with dementia face, can we fully appreciate the challenges they have to overcome on a day-to-day basis. By participating in the short information session to become a Dementia Friend, you are playing crucial role in helping us take one step closer to creating a dementia-friendly society.”

The campaign aims to create a network of one million Dementia Friends across England by 2015. As part of the campaign, adverts are appearing on TV and online.

Become a Dementia Friend

In Halton, look out for the ‘Can you give me a little help’ information boards and posters for more details of the campaign and how you could become a dementia friend.

For further information on the campaign and how to become a Dementia Friend, please visit

National Dementia Awareness Week

Dementia Awareness Week is a national campaign organised by the Alzheimer’s Society. in 2014 it’s taking place between the 18 and 24 May.

For more information about how you can get involved visit the Alzheimer’s Society website:

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