Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the month for November 2017

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

Halton and Warrington

Debbie Edwards, Immunisation Lead, Warrington

Debbie and her team (and I must stress it is Debbie and all of her team) have worked tirelessly to offer and provide a flu vaccination to Bridgewater’s staff in Oldham and Bolton.

In doing so they have showed their commitment to ensuring that staff are protected against the current strain.

This staff protection has a “domino effect” and also helps to further protect Bridgewater clients and their families through a reduced risk of contracting flu from a staff member.

Furthermore through the team’s vaccinations staff’s own families/friends are also benefiting from a reduction in the risk of developing flu.

Flu is a deadly disease and any work to reduce the spread over the winter months is champion work in my opinion.

Well done Debbie and the team for your amazing work and contribution to the health and well-being of staff and our clients/families.

Denise Major, Breast Feeding Support Worker, Warrington

Denise joined bosom buddy volunteer service and  has become a valuable member of the team and been innovated in her practice and encouraged excellent relationships with our partners.

Denise has set up databases and works very efficiently at all times putting the needs of the patients and volunteers first.

Hayley Davies, Acting Band 6 Sister, District Nursing Team, Warrington

Hayley has been in post as an acting band 6 for just over 2 months.

The workload has been very busy, and Hayley has adapted well in the role and has demonstrated that she can work well under pressure and maintains professionalism at all times.

Maria Dawrant, Clerical Officer, Service Delivery, Child Development Centre, Widnes

Maria has showed efficiency and has gone above and beyond in respect to supporting colleagues within the department.

She has maintained a professional approach and has ensured that patients care has been delivered accordingly within the department.

Sarah Bird, Health Visitor, Warrington

Sarah worked incredibly hard to ensure that Children on her caseload were safeguarded. She showed professionalism and remained committed to child focused practice at all times.

In addition, it was her tenacity and excellent communication skills that enabled other professionals to take their own safeguarding measures.

Sarah also demonstrated excellent report writing skills and worked effectively as a member of the multi-agency team.

Sharon Wells, Community IV Nurse, Warrington

Since becoming team leader Sharon had proved to be of immense support. She is dedicated and professional willing to go the extra mile allowing patient to be discharged home early.

Patients speak very highly of her.

 Second nomination for Sharon Wells

Sharon steps up for the team constantly and is always willing to help both staff and patients. In stressful times Sharon is the person that helps to motivate and encourage the team to do well.

Patients all speak very highly of her as do the rest of the staff within our team and others we often work alongside.

She stays professional at all times.

St Pauls District Nurses, Runcorn

Halton District nurses have had some very difficult changes and despite this they have continued to deliver the very best care to the local community.

They have provided skilled, compassionate care on a daily basis and would like to commend them on their professionalism and motivation.

Victoria Jones, Acting District Nurse Team Leader, Warrington

 Vicky has recently taken on the role of acting Band 6 Team Leader within the Central Warrington District Nursing Team.

She has approached her new role with enthusiasm and has dealt with a lot of demanding situations within her first few weeks.

She has coped amazingly well. Vicky has shown that she has the qualities to be an excellent team leader and she deserves recognition for all her hard work.

Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

Adele Partington, Treatment Room Nurse, District Nursing, Wigan

Whilst in treatment room reviewing a patient he began to state just how much he appreciated Adele.

He sang her praises and explained that she is always polite and professional and he feels she goes above and beyond for her patients.

He stated he feels she should get recognition for all she does for him and for the other patients she sees.

He explains she always gives patients the time they need to discuss issues and carries out all procedures to a high standard.

Daniel Gavigan, Business Support Officer, Oldham

Daniel has not only supported his colleagues in the Chadderton District, but also the Failsworth and Hollinwood District this is alongside supporting the School Nursing Team.

Daniel has demonstrated that he is flexible in his approach to working across Oldham and supporting colleagues, not only in an administrative capacity, but as a SystmOne super user.

Dental Staff, Dental Nurses, Dental Services, Trafford

The dental nurses at Trafford have consistently worked hard, have shown dedication, professional and  determination.

They have been starting work early, staying late, cancelling leave and covering several extra roles to put patients first without any recognition.

The team have demonstrated great spirit and shared great support for each other whilst still being focused on delivering high quality, caring, safe and efficient dental care for sometimes very challenging patients.

Gillian Sharples, Administrator, District Nursing Team, Wigan

Gill is a dedicated professional, ultra -organised, super-efficient, and follows all processes thoroughly and is always a pleasure to work with.

Gill takes time to understand the full cycle of a process & adapts her own working processes accordingly this ensures transition services go smoothly.

If ever there was someone who everyone should aspire to share a work ethic, it’s Gill.

Jane O’Brien, Advanced Practitioner, WIC/MIU, St Helens

As part of her MSc in Advanced Practice Jane developed a croup pathway that has enabled staff within the WIC to treat children presenting with mild croup with a steroid medication.

Introduction of this pathway has meant that over 25 children in the past 10 weeks have been treated for mild croup at the Walk In Centre rather than having to attend Whiston Emergency Department.

The impact of this pathway has been fantastic for patients and their families/carers.

Judith Williams, Receptionist, West Sector Dental, The Baths Health & Wellbeing Centre

Judith works in a very busy surgery clinic. She has kept the service together on the reception desk whilst we awaited recruitment of a second receptionist.

Judith has remained positive, bright and cheerful throughout.

Judith presents a lovely smile and engages in a friendly manner as she welcomes patients into the service.

Judith’s telephone manner is excellent. Even when busy she never makes patients feel rushed or side lined.

Leoni Holland, Community Staff Nurse, District Nursing, Wigan

 Leoni ensures all staff within the team are compliant with their hand hygiene providing Chandler House district nursing team with a 100% compliance.

Leoni works extremely hard day to day and is the champion for hand hygiene and takes her role extremely seriously ensuring that everyone is up to date and all the data is inputted efficiently.

This in turn shows her commitment to Bridgewater and her patients and for that we are extremely proud and grateful to have her in the Chandler House district nursing team.

Michelle Clegg and Susan Rose, Senior Oral Health Advisor and Support Worker, Oldham

Michelle and Susan have recently facilitated a successful Oral Health Summit to promote good practice which is happening in Oldham to promote the oral health of children’s teeth.

They have worked hard to promote and distribute packs for the Big Brush event. They are conscientious and passionate, hardworking and efficient about improving oral health in Oldham.

Nichola Shepherdson, Family Engagement Worker, Oldham

Nichola goes all out to help me within my role as a volunteer.

She is there to support me if I need help and guides me in the right direction. I am only supposed to volunteer for 1 day a week but because Nichola is so supportive and professional and make me feel like I am part of the team I come and do more days.

Nicola Monaghan, Clinical Manager, Child and Family Service, Bolton

Since taking up her new post as Clinical Manager in Bolton Nicky has demonstrated professional leadership in embedding the new model and structure for the integrated 5-19 service.

She has worked with all staff members locally leading the necessary change so creating a more efficient client centred approach to delivering care in this national time of transformation.

Paula Fairhurst, Occupational Therapist, Wigan

 Paula recently really ‘stepped up’ and did an excellent job during the absence of more senior staff within the team. Taking on extra duties, ensuring the smooth running of the team, supporting staff and ensuring patient care was not compromised.
Rebecca Nash, Dental Officer, Trafford

Rebecca has been working extra hard covering SDO duties, while mentoring 4 members off staff for IHS, alongside always giving over and above to patients whilst working over 3 clinics.

She is committed, very organised, dedicated, extremely caring and professional at all times. She is well respected by all members of staff and patients but remains very humble.

Dave Atherton, Corporate IT, Warrington

We have been having a lot of Network issues at our base and Dave has been very persistent in getting the problem fixed rather than having quick fixes feels like he part of the team sometimes as he here so much.

Emma Yates, Michael Clarke and Darren Ashurst, Information & Performance Team, Haydock

Three members of Bridgewater staff have been praised for actions which led to a colleague receiving a swift diagnosis for a brain tumour.

Bob Medway who works as Strategic Reporting and Development Manager in Bridgewater’s Information and Performance team wanted to ensure that colleagues Emma Yates, Michael Clarke and Darren Ashurst were recognised for their actions.

On 4 July my colleagues Emma and Michael noticed my speech wasn’t quite as normal. They approached our manager Darren and asked him to come into the office, ask me some questions and assess if they were correct.

Darren told me that at times my speech was incoherent and said I should go to A&E immediately. At the time I felt I was totally coherent and kept insisting that he wasn’t listening to me properly. Despite this Darren, Emma and Michael were insistent that I must go to A&E.

They were clearly aware that my symptoms could indicate the possibility of a stroke, so Darren drove me to A&E and waited with me until my wife arrived.

On that day I underwent a whirlwind of scans and tests in hospital and the next day I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. Within two weeks I was having surgery and doctors performed a craniotomy, whilst I was awake, to remove the tumour.

I wanted to express my gratitude to these people and others within the department who helped me by taking me to hospital and doing practical things like delivering my car to home.

I shudder to think of the consequences that could have resulted, particularly if I had attempted to drive home, without their quick thinking, intervention and insistence.

I count myself as very lucky to have been diagnosed so quickly and consider myself incredibly fortunate to work with such professional and compassionate colleagues like Darren, Emma and Michael.

Joshua Eckersley, IT Team, Warrington

Josh stayed late to support the installation of the Lexmark printers, until 7pm. This supported the District Nursing team and reduced anxiety due to the changes.

Lesley Danson, IT Trainer, Warrington

Lesley has been nominated by the Wigan Staff Engagement Champions.

A member of staff in Bolton required Systm One training but the member of staff did not drive and training was only available in Wigan and Warrington. The member of staff required the training to carry out her day to day work and provide Safeguarding and LAC information.

Lesley visited the Bolton LAC Team and provided one to one training, which the member of staff and the team were very grateful for.

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