Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the month for May 2018

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

Halton and Warrington

Andrea Hobbs, Clinical Systems Product Specialist, Informatics, Spencer House, Warrington

Andrea went above and beyond to ensure that all the configuration, templates, processes and user set up in the system for Warrington District Nursing services were complete in time to achieve the Go Lives.

Without Andrea’s hard work and continued support we would not have been able to Go Live.

Joan Lythgoe, Data Migration Officer, Informatics, Warrington

Joan went above and beyond to ensure that the data migration work for Warrington District Nursing service was complete in time to achieve the Go Lives.

Lee Jennings, Lead Data Migration Co-Ordinator, Informatics, Spencer House, Warrington

Lee went above and beyond to ensure that all the data migration work for Warrington District Nursing services was completed in time to achieve the Go Lives.

Without him we would not have been able to Go Live. Thank you Lee for all your hard work and dedication.

Lisa Williams, 0-19 Clinical Public Health Nurse Specialist, Immunisations, Spencer House, Warrington

Lisa facilitated and supported the delivery of the Hep A outbreak in Bolton.

Lisa Lelland, Childhood Immunisation Team, Immunisation Team, Halton

Lisa has worked above and beyond to get a plan together, number crunching, researching all the schools in the area and coming up with our yearly plan for 2018/2019.

Her colleagues have required lots of support starting our new roles and we have been so grateful for her support and encouragement throughout these early weeks and months in post.

Tulika Sugandha, IM&T, Spencer House, Warrington

Tulika has recently project managed the implementation of Electronic Patient Records onto SystmOne (including Mobile App) for the Warrington Integrated Nursing Teams.

During the project lifecycle Tulika was faced with many challenges and issues but throughout the process remained positive and shared her positivity with other staff members.

Tulika has engaged with all the staff, stakeholders and work stream leads to revise the timescales, Tulika was very efficient in her management of this situation.

In addition nearer to the go live, it became clear that the data migration resource could not be made available in time for the go live and as such Tulika quickly formulated a plan with the data migration leads to ensure the go live date could still be met.

She pulled out all the stops as she did not want the service to feel let down if the go live did have to go back

Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

Amanda Maddison, Right Start Team Leader, Health Visiting and Parenting, Spring Meadows Children’s Centre, Oldham

Amanda led and coordinated a high profile visit to her team based Springmeadow Children’s Centre on 18 May 2018.

Jon Rouse chief officer form greater Manchester health and social care partnership attended Oldham right start to see first-hand the work of the team and the difference they were making to health outcomes for children and young people.

Accompanied by Colin scales CEO, Marion Carroll NED and Merlin Joseph Director Children’s Service Oldham borough council to name a few Amanda was incredible showcasing the professionalism, passion and dedication of the entire team.

Amanda was a fabulous ambassador for both the trust and the service

Ann Stopford, Health Visitor, Children and Young People, Wigan

Ann is a huge support to all her colleagues and has supported each one of us within the team at some time for issues in work or at home.

Ann is approachable and will take the time to help and support her team in anyway she can.

We all love her sense of humour and her bubbly personality.

Annette McAvoy, Community Staff Nurse, Health Visiting, Wigan

Annette has been part of the Health Visiting team at Pemberton Clinic for some time.

However since the recent integration of the Health Visitors at Pemberton and Chandler House into the Locality 2 Health Visiting Team, the team at Chandler House have been more aware of the value and contribution of Annette to the service.

Annette is hard working, professional and efficient in her role.

She engages well with local schools and nursery settings, with parents, including some of the more vulnerable families, and attends Multidisciplinary Team Meeting on behalf of the Health Visiting Team.

Debbie Ormisher, Clinic Administrator, Support Services, Wigan

A regular patient attended clinic and Debbie noticed he was looking unwell.

Debbie went to talk to the patient and he was struggling to speak and was looking unwell so she got him some water and insisted he needed to go to hospital, she sorted the taxi and insisted they went to hospital .

We have had phone calls from the patient’s partner thanking her and the rest of the team for their help as things could have been a lot worse if they continued their journey shopping.

She went the extra mile.

Helen Palin, Specialist Nurse for Safeguarding Children, Wigan

Our team have recently had a couple of children on the caseload with complex and sensitive safeguarding issues.

Helen has always found time to sit with her colleagues and has always offered thoughtful, sensitive and professional advice.

Helen has offered support and guidance and her help has been invaluable.

We are all able to approach Helen and are never made to feel like we are asking too much or too often or are a hindrance.

IT Trainers, Informatics, Wigan

The IT training team went above and beyond to ensure that the Warrington District Nursing teams were fully supported during their Go Live period.

Supporting teams not only in their bases but also in treatment rooms and Out of Hours.

Julie Hayes, East Oldham Children Centres District Lead, Right Start and School Nursing, Spring Meadows Children’s Centre, Oldham

Julie has been a huge support to staff through a very difficult time. We are currently going through a big transition and re-structure and although Julie’s role is not in the re-structure she has provided us all with continued support and professionalism.

She has encouraged the team within their new roles moving forward and has always been a true ambassador for the work we do.

Julie has always supported her colleagues and the volunteers.

Nicola Pott, Respiratory Physiotherapist, Respiratory Service, Wigan

The Service received the following email from a patient’s daughter:-

“My mother XXX is currently suffering from chronic anxiety and has struggled with this debilitating condition for almost two years.

Along with the anxiety she developed horrendous hyperventilation, for which she has been treated by professionals, but to no avail.

Nicola is currently working extremely hard with my mum, and I must commend her on her expertise, patience, and commitment for the therapy she is providing.

After almost two years my mum is beginning to take control of the hyperventilation, which has been absolutely crippling for her.

Nicola is the only therapist who has been able to achieve this, through her knowledge, expertise, compassion and understanding.

Nicola has given my mum hope, which I believe is half the battle when on the road to recovery.

Mum still has a long way to go to manage her anxiety and struggles every day, however, Nicola has most certainly been the inspiration for her gradual progress.

Thank you for providing such genuine and professional care for mum.”

Wendy Morris, Community IV Nurse, IV Service, Rainhill Clinic, St Helens

Quick thinking and courageous off duty Community IV Nurse Wendy Morris responded quickly to a neighbour’s emergency situation when she attended to her baby who had experienced a febrile convulsion.

Always professional and calm in an emergency Wendy quickly noted the baby was cyanosed and not making any respiratory effort.

Having recently attended a Basic Life Support training update, she gave the baby 5 rescue breaths and successfully maintained their airway until the Paramedic’s arrived.

Both baby and mother were safely transported to Whiston hospital, were they are reported to be doing well!

Health and Justice

Krzysztof Dyba, Health Care Assistant, Offender Health, HMP Wymott

 Krzysztof has worked with so much enthusiasm and dedication to ensure the disabled and patients who need social care are looked after to the best standards.

We have received so many verbal compliments in relation to the work Krzysztof does and how much of a difference he makes to these patients daily. Lrzysztof’s dedication, hard work and leadership should be recognised.

Trust Wide

Safeguarding Team, Named Nurses for Safeguarding,

The Named Nurses for Safeguarding and their teams have demonstrated efficiency and patient centred care, working above and beyond to ensure that Bridgewater are kept safeguarding as a priority.

The teams were available to support, training and provide safeguarding supervision for staff across all boroughs.

One of the Named Nurse for children, with previous safeguarding adult experience, facilitated bespoke level 3 adult safeguarding training sessions.

The Quality Matron as a safeguarding Champion, did a sterling job in supporting the Adults at risk agenda during this time.

Being able to work alongside partner agencies, Health Trusts, Local Authorities, Police, ten Safeguarding Boards remained a focus within the teams portraying professionalism at all times .

The Named Nurses supported the Associate Director a huge thank you to all of the Named Nurses for Safeguarding and Looked after Children and their teams.