Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the month for January 2018

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

Halton and Warrington

Bath Street District Nurses ,Warrington

The team are shining examples of excellent mentorship and support for students in practice.

They continually receive excellent evaluations from students and are recognized as a practice placement area of the highest quality by our partnership Higher Education Institutes.

However they have recently gone above and beyond to provide a practice placement experience with extra support for additional individual needs for a number of students.

Their openness, forward thinking and non-discriminatory attitude has enabled these students to learn and develop skills in practice, which will hopefully enable them to move forward in their training and become competent confident healthcare professionals in the future.

Helen Shingler, Occupational Therapist, Neurological Service, Warrington

Many of the patients or relatives have commented that Helen has been fantastic in her role.

They have made comment to her efficiency in referrals to other services and her efficiency in obtaining the appropriate equipment for their needs.

It is always evident when we have had a referral to our service that the relevant equipment to enhance the patient’s functional ability is always in place.

It is evident from the relative’s positive comments that Helen provides a professional and patient centred service.

Joanne Cowie, District Nursing Sister, Warrington

Over the last 12 months Joanne has worked extremely hard and has worked through pressured and challenging times.

Joanne is nominated for her on-going commitment to the District Nursing Service and service users.

Kelly Horan, Community Nurse, Warrington

Kelly is well deserving of being a star of the month, as she encourages others and supports their development, helping newer members of the team understand elements of District nursing.

Kelly remains professional at all times and conducts herself as the same.

She is always willing to help and assist others be they staff and or patients.
Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

Dawn Walker, Dental Nurse, Community Dental, Oldham

Dawn was very professional during a medical emergency at our base and kept everyone calm.

Dawn is a great leader in our team and is always there to go to if we need any help with anything!

Emily Aylett, Staff Nurse, School Nursing, Oldham

Emily is a staff nurse working with the school nursing team in Royton who applied for the key 103 Christmas mission.

It was through her that we got hundreds of brand new toys for some of most deprived families in Oldham for Christmas.

It really is a very wonderful thing that she has done. No one asked Emily to do this – she chooses to do this herself.

Hannah Cornthwaite, Lindsey Tunney & Jennifer Molyneux, Physiotherapists, Leigh

The three staff members listed were tasked with taking shared clinical lead of the physiotherapy department at Leigh health centre by stepping into the managerial role while Katie Lockey (normal Clinical Lead) was absent on Maternity leave.

All three staff members had to learn a vast amount of managerial procedures that were new to them whilst maintaining a heavy clinic load of complex patients themselves in order to maintain the normal functioning of the department.

Patient queries were dealt with swiftly and effectively and staff difficulties were managed with an extremely high level of professionalism and efficiency.

These staff members had to attend meetings with professional bodies and higher level management requiring a lot of work additional to their own normal duties.

Despite this they were still able to support the entire team in dealing with the day to day issues in running the department.

Hayley Carr, Rightstart Assistant Practitioner, 0-19 Service, Oldham

Hayley has worked diligently and shown great empathy and perseverance, when working with a challenging family.

Hayley has taken both environmental and psychological factors into account, when holistically engaging in her assessments.

Janet Ashmead, Community Health Development Worker, Community Therapy and Falls, Wigan

Janet went beyond her job role in ensuring a gentleman who she was seeing was safe, supported and had access to external services, providing patient centred care.

She also communicated frequently with him to ensure he felt supported due to recent personal events in his life which left him feeling vulnerable.

Contacted external and internal services to ensure all his social and health care needs were met.
Laura Crawford, Paediatric Physiotherapist, Wigan

Laura has an amazing attitude to work and life with a ‘solutions not problems attitude’. Laura has been providing signs and items around the office such as emergency milk cartons, free magazines to take and read on your break, a basket of emergency lady supplies in the toilets, washing up everyone’s cups.

She has also taken up collecting charitable goods such as scarves and gloves for the homeless.

Her attitude is having a real positive impact on everyone wellbeing and working environment as she promoted world kindness day and has been providing staff with wellbeing Wednesday sessions.

Leanne Dunn, Health Visitor, Wigan

Leanne has received a letter from a mother that Leanne has been supporting.

Her son had suffered from eczema from a very early age, but as yet they had not been able to get it under control.

The mother acknowledged that she then met Leanne at a well-baby clinic when her child was 4 months old was suffering from infected eczema.

It was Leanne’s prescribing ability and urgent referral that made her feel that new son’s condition was being taken seriously.

Her son is now much better and the mother feels indebted to her for her care.

Lorraine Kellet , Dental Nurse, Chester

We have a very big epidemiology contract and Lorraine is organising the booking of practices, organising our fieldwork teams and collating all the data across 7 local council areas.

She is working exceptionally hard and does this with a smile on her face and without complaining.

Without Lorraine’s organisational skills we really would be stuck and we cannot thank her enough for all that she is doing.

Melanie Speakman, Senior Physiotherapist, Wigan

Mel remembers everything about every patient, and every single patient is given 100% of her skills and attention.

She is the kindest and most approachable person and if you surveyed any of her patients they would tell you that she has improved their well-being considerably.

As a colleague she is the most thoughtful and considerate person.

Rachael Cooper, Sister, District Nursing, Wigan

Rachael has taken charge of the team regardless of being new in post working late hours and supporting staff to ensure that patient care was not jeopardised.

This has highlighted how hard working and committed to the Bridgewater district nursing team, she is an asset to the Hindley district nursing team.

 Patient Services Team, Bevan House, Wigan

Whilst working with the Bridgewater communications team the professional way that their neighbours, Patient Services team, go about their work.

The professional way in which this service deal with the complaints, queries and, questions from, often anxious, patients and families. They take the time to listen, reassure and provide the information that people need in every case.

There has been many times where they have been speaking to obviously distressed callers and quite often people who are probably lonely. They are always courteous and caring, lending a sympathetic ear and excellent advice and support.

They are real unsung heroes in the trust, liaising with our clinical teams to make their lives easier as well to find out information to help patients with queries and prevent complaints.

The team are nominated for their ongoing hard work and professional standards. It’s not an easy job but they really are a great asset to the trust.

Vicci Hudson, ICS Administrator, Wigan

Vicci has worked to maintain the Wigan Duty test bed for ICS during s staffing shortages to ensure patients are safely cared for in the community to prevent attendance at hospital.





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