Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the month for February 2018

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

Halton and Warrington

Andrea Brandon, Receptionist Administrator, Spencer House, Warrington

Andrea has only been working on the first floor reception at Spencer House for a short period, but has already made a big difference.

She has created an effective process for booking meeting rooms and checking availability, which was much needed.

The reception area is now a welcoming environment with fresh flowers and a ‘fact of the day’ for us to consider when signing in.

Laura McVey, Administrator, Halton & St Helens Wheelchair Service

Laura has excelled with her work performance she was the only admin team member we had to support our service, for a significant period of time.

Laura relished the opportunity to keep the admin side running as smoothly as possible and appeared to thrive on the varied pressures and demands placed on her.

Various members of the clinical team commented on Laura’s outstanding performance and support given.

Linda Ruane, Community Staff Nurse, Widnes

Linda is an experienced mentor who recently extended her role to become a sign off mentor.

Linda has recently mentored a student nurse and although this did come with some challenges on top of a busy work schedule Linda was a committed, dedicated and passionate educator throughout the placement.

She provided exemplary support, advice and guidance and was a great role model.

Sabrina McCaffrey, Senior Nurse Practitioner, Widnes Urgent Care Centre

Sabrina has stepped up to co-ordinate the service at short notice maintaining a professionalism ensured service safe effective delivery for the patients and maintained effective running of the service to a high standard.

Sarah Valentine, Senior Nurse Practitioner, Widnes Urgent Care Centre

Sarah has acted up in a senior role to maintain the day to day running of the urgent care centre.

Sarah has maintained her professional integrity to ensure safe effective well led service delivery to patients.

She has done this on a regular basis at the moment without question.

Jackie Wright, Health Visitor, Child and Family, Spencer House, Warrington

Jackie has been a mentor for two students on spoke placements, the comments from the students were that Jackie really wanted them to learn on their placements, she ensured that they received a variety of placements within their time spent in the team e.g. midwifery, school nursing , children centre’s and she was highly recommended as a mentor

Claire Vernon, Continence Advisor, Bladder & Bowel Service HCRC, Widnes

A phone call from a patient  couldn’t thank Claire enough for giving him his dignity back after suffering with continence problems for a long time.

He stated that one visit from her made him happier, allowed him to go out for the first time in 15 months and made his life worthwhile again.

Claire has demonstrated care, compassion and knowledge along with providing education to the patient to help improve his own health and wellbeing.

Edward Jenks (Eddie), Warehouse Coordinator, Community Equipment Service, The Wharf, Warrington

District Nursing contacted Eddie at the weekend whilst he was at home.

The nurses wanted Eddie to deliver a suction machine to a patient as the patient’s machine was faulty.

The equipment stores does not offer an out of hours service for basic equipment.

The DNs at Bath Street do have a satellite store where small items are kept for emergencies, but it seems that there was no machine available.

Out of the goodness of his heart, and because he is a key holder for the warehouse, he drove to the equipment stores and took a machine to the patient’s home.

Had Eddie not taken this action the patient would have had to go to hospital. He went above and beyond.

Equipment has never been provided from the stores at the weekend.

Cathy Jones, Beverley Ward, Helen Beard, Zana O’Reilly, Paediatric Nurses, Community Paediatric Nursing Team, Woolston Clinic

The team have visited us to maintain my 10 year old son’s Hickman Line for 2 years (over the course of 2 lots of chemotherapy treatment, starting in May 2015).

They are always friendly & client centred, aiming to work quickly so that they do not impact on our family time.

Appointments have also been flexible and client centred so my son has not been kept away from school, family or social engagements unnecessarily.

They have been professional and demonstrated an openness to using new techniques or adopting new patterns of working).

Every nurse who has visited our home from this team has been cheerful and met my son at his level, they have shown an interest in his hobbies to build rapport and have dealt compassionately with him and me when we have struggled.

They have always been encouraging and I genuinely feel that they have gone above and beyond to ensure that the weekly visits that have been necessary whilst my son has been on treatment.
Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

Carole Jameson, Receptionist, Leigh Health Centre

Having observed Carole in a number of difficult and trying situations.

Her professionalism and effective manner of how she dealt with these situations.

She works above and beyond what is expected and patients are met with a polite helpful lady.

Lynsey Johnson, Health Visitor, Moorside Health Visiting Team, Oldham

Lynsey has attended the board and presented a case study for a family to promote the Right start team interventions and the challenges and uniqueness of Oldham.

Lynsey portrayed her knowledge in health visiting and passion for Oldham.

Lynsey Johnson, Health Visitor, Moorside Health Visiting Team, Oldham (second nomination)

Lynsey attended trust board to present an Oldham patient story.

Lynsey presented the patient story in a very professional manner demonstrating a real passion and enthusiasm for both health visiting practice but also for improving outcomes for vulnerable families.

The case study presented showed how Lynsey had worked with a particularly vulnerable single mother in a non-judgemental way, building a trusting relationship in order to encourage and support mum to fully engage with services.

Nichola Shepherdson, Family Engagement Worker, Spring Meadow Children’s Centre, Oldham

Nicky attended trust board to present an Oldham patient story.

The case study presented referred to a single mum Nicky had been working with where Nicky had supported mum and daughter through delivery of the home learning programme which had resulted in a real improvement in the little girls overall general growth and development, language development but also mums confidence in her parenting ability.

Nicky presented the case study confidently and professionally showing a real passion for working with vulnerable families.

Nicky is a fabulous asset to the service!

Paula Hamilton, Community Nurse, District Nursing, Leigh Infirmary

Paula was visiting a man with severe depression who was having suicidal thoughts, and all medications had to be locked away, he was also spending all day in bed.

Paula has gained a fantastic relationship with this patient spending a lot of time with him.

The patient is now getting out of bed and going shopping and also engaging with other people.

Sally Hamer, Health Visitor, Werneth Health Centre,  Oldham

Sally supported a family with a new-born infant who wasn’t gaining weight appropriately. She was concerned that the mother was moving to Newcastle and with no family or friends there would be isolated.

Sally made a number of calls in order to identify the receiving health visiting team to tell them of her concerns. Sally found that the local health visiting team in Newcastle also used SystmOne and was able to get the new Health Visiting team, quick access to the child’s previous notes.

The HV team in Newcastle prioritised this child (they told Sally they would have just left this new child on their normal waiting list) to find that he was deteriorating and got a hospital admission where he was diagnosed with viral meningitis – this case could have followed a very different path if the new HV hadn’t made contact with the family so quickly. Mums lack of family / friend support and limited English may have meant mum she wouldn’t have realised the seriousness and need to gain help quickly

Valerie Reed, Administrator and Receptionist, Oldham Right Start, Alexandra Children’s Centre

Val has been commended by the midwifery team leader who use the centre to deliver antenatal and post natal care to families in Oldham.

They have commented on how professional Val is at all times, she pre-empts any issues and has fantastic communication with the team to ensure a smooth running clinic.

Ceri Blackmore, Tier 2 Co-ordinator – 5-19 YEARS

 Ceri has led and co-ordinated the development of a Newsletter for the 5-19 Years Children and Young Peoples Integrated Health and Wellbeing Service.

Joanne Mills, School Health Advisor, School Nursing, Failsworth Health Centre, Oldham

In a recent vaccination outbreak session in a local nursery Joanne displayed a very professional attitude, embracing the opportunity to support children and families outside her routine caseload.

Throughout the day she was always positive, professional, supportive of other staff and extremely helpful.

She is an excellent role model.

 Jackie Kelly and Lindsey Leatherbarrow, Community Staff Nurses, 5-19 Service, Great Leaver, Bolton

 Jackie and Lyndsey have developed a letter for schools. This is being used across the service so that schools know who their Named School Nurse/Community Staff Nurse is.

Ann Farrington, Community Staff Nurse, District Nursing, Wigan

Ann agreed without hesitation to let myself shadow her as part of an article I was preparing on the Wigan District Nurse Treatment Rooms.

Not only was she amazingly cooperative and professional (despite this being out of the remit of the day job), I was just really impressed by her rapport with the patients and the care and compassion she showed when doing her job.

Carine Thomasson, ICS Admin Coordinator, ICS Wigan Adults, Life Centre Wigan

Carine has managed the admin hub for the community response team providing and efficient and effective service.

She has gone above and beyond during a difficult time for the response team but has helped to ensure all patients are seen in a timely manner

Offender Health

Healthcare Team at HMP Wymot, Offender Health

The team at HMP Wymott have undergone a tough 12 months with Bridgewater taking over and working towards creating a better healthcare for the prisoners.

All of the team have been on board at working towards creating this environment. The team as a whole have all contributed and gone above and beyond to ensure that the service has improved which has led to positive feedback from the patient’s in what can be a very intimidating setting.

Tazeem Akhtar, Healthcare Assistant, HMP&YOI Hindley

A letter from a very grateful patient who has complex health needs.

Having recognised the high standard of healthcare that he has received from the healthcare team at Hindley, but he would like Taz, to be publicly recognised for ‘going above and beyond’ in very quickly arranging appropriate dressings for him and producing a plan of care with him to ensure this need is addressed in the future.

Taz is a dedicated and motivated member of the team, and it is not surprising that her patients are grateful for her high level of care and support.


Joanne Austin, Workforce Information, Bevan House, Wigan

The Health Visiting Clinical Manager and Team Leaders would like to nominate Jo for Star of the Month in order to recognise her constant, professional and amazingly helpful support she provides to our team.

Recently she has gone above and beyond our expectations to support members of staff in a caring and empathetic way.

She is patient and long suffering in relation to the number of questions emailed to her on a regular basis which she always answers promptly and efficiently providing clarity to staff.