Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the month for December 2018

Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the month for December 2018

Halton and Warrington

Chloe Sutton, Trainee Nursing Associate, Community Nursing, Halton

Chloe recently represented Bridgewater at the Health Education England North West Trainee Nursing Associate Communities of Practice event.

Chloe delivered a presentation regarding the role of Trainee Nursing Associates in delivering patient care and the ‘journey she had been on’ whilst on the programme’.

Colette Bloomfield, Public Health Assistant, 0-19 Integrated Service School Aged Immunisation Team, Warrington

Collette has gone above and beyond to support Warrington School Aged Immunisation team deliver the 2018 Childhood Nasal Flu Campaign. Collette has volunteered to complete the most mundane tasks without prompting.

We would like to thank her for dedication and assistance throughout the programme.

David Atherton, IT Support Officer, IT Helpdesk, Warrington

David has been visiting the school to help us sort out our many issues with our IT equipment over the past few months. He is always professional and helpful.

He appreciates that IT issues can be challenging and stressful for our staff and in acknowledging and understanding the different levels of IT proficiency of the staff he is able to adapt his approach so that his advice is easy to follow and be understood by all.

He has been able to suggest and help us implement changes to our IT set up in school which has improved access, facilitated and maximised the use of the network/printers etc. which all adds up to assisting us in completing our clinical work. His support is very much appreciated by all the staff.

Lorna Fairlamb, Community Staff Nurse, District Nursing, Warrington

Lorna was recently involved in complex stressful situation whilst caring for patient at home. She went above and beyond to ensure the  patient was referred to and cared for by the right services to ensure safety and holistic care.

Lorna showed exemplary care, excellent documentation and needs to be celebrated.

Shannah Moran, School Health Nurse, 0-19 Service, Warrington

Shannah produced and analysed children’s health chronologies in order to produce a comprehensive report of health’s safeguarding concerns on the impact on children’s health to escalate to multi-agency professionals and re-focus the core group to the risks and impact on the children and prevent further drift.

Through this she was able to be an effective advocate for the children and shared concerns and information appropriately and evidence based.

This has been successful and multi-agency working should now be more child focused and seamless to enhance the health and well-being of the children and their overall life chances and outcomes.

Tracey Breary, Childhood Immunisation Assistant School Immunisations Team, Warrington

 Tracey has gone out of her way to help and order things for the Bolton Immunisation team even though she works in Warrington.

We had a number of issues with deliveries not being sent out and other things which needed to be chased up and Tracey has kindly done this and kept us informed at all times.

Warrington CHIS Team, Clerical Officers, Children’s 0-19, Warrington

The team demonstrate continued hard work and dedication especially in relation to the school age flu immunisation programme.

They ensured that the data was inputted within a five working day timescale to enable the information to be passed on to each GP Practice.

They have achieved this once again this year.
Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

Carla Wynn, Substance Misuse Worker, 5-19 Service, Bolton

Carla made a successful application to ‘Mission Christmas’ for Christmas gifts for disadvantaged young people many who are very vulnerable.

Carla then co-ordinated these gifts to be collected from a warehouse in Central Manchester and brought to The Base in Bolton so that they could be wrapped and given to families whom otherwise would not have had a present at Christmas.

This was a considerable task and one in which Carla took upon herself for our families

Emily Aylett, Student Health Visitor, Right Start and School Nursing, Oldham

Emily has successfully led an application to the mission Christmas project to secure a large supply of toys for distribution to the most vulnerable families in Oldham.

This is the second year Emily has taken on this task and has completed the application and organisation of this in her own time.

She has demonstrated a true dedication to supporting the children and families of Oldham.

Jill Gambles, Physiotherapist, Learning Disability Service, Wigan

Jill works extremely hard to meet the needs of the Complex Care team, the wider Learning Disability Service and her patients. She is always professional, and works to a very high standard.

She is also very supportive and sensitivity towards the needs, worries and concerns of her colleagues has been both helpful and reassuring.

Jill always encourages us to work proactively to support the needs of our patients and will support and help us to think of new, innovative ways to meet the health needs of the Learning Disabled population.

She will always offer support and advice, which gives us a reassurance to know we are valued by her. The Complex Care team would like to say a big thank you to Jill.

Kaisha Farrington, Confident Futures Apprentice, Community Therapy & Falls Team, Leigh Infirmary

 Kaisha as part of her Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care progressed onto a six week programme of work preparation and college attendance.

As a result of this success, Kaisha was then given an introductory apprenticeship on the Confident Futures Programme, supported by Wigan Council, working in partnership with Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

Kaisha spent nearly eleven months working within the Community Neuro Rehab Team at Leigh Infirmary gaining experience and developed many skills both clinical and non-clinical.   She also completed her mandatory training and also completed her Care Certificate.

As a result of Kaisha’s hard work and dedication she recently secured a permanent post within the Community Therapy & Falls Team and wrote a case study to encourage other Care Leaver’s to join the programme and commented: ‘The support from the Confident Futures Team and the Bridgewater NHS Team has got me to where I am today.

I am a successful young person living independently as a care leaver with ambition and strive and I am greatly appreciative.

Sarah Power, Talent for Care Programme Facilitator, Education & Professional Development Wigan

Sarah was working with the Community Neuro & Rehab team at Leigh Infirmary until August of this year, when she joined the EPD team.

Whilst with the Community Neuro team, Sarah was a mentor for Kaisha Farrington, a care leaver undertaking the Confident Future’s programme.

This programme is for a period of 12 months, funded by Wigan Council. As Kaisha had expressed interest in healthcare, she was given a placement within Bridgewater.

Sarah and her team enabled Kaisha to experience what it is like to work within the NHS and to develop the relevant skills and behaviours to enable her to secure a permanent position within the Trust.

Sarah has shown commitment and dedication in giving Kaisha the best possible experience to ensure she is ‘work ready’ and an asset to her new team.

Sarah also received a ‘thank you letter’ from Wigan Council thanking her for being ‘an excellent mentor.’ It was also stated ‘ Without your dedication Kaisha would not be in this position now.

Undoubtedly your new role in the Education and Professional Development Team is well suited, I am sure your managers are going to be delighted with the enthusiasm and dedication you show in enabling others to progress.’

Tina Prescott, Trainee Nursing Associate, School Nursing, Wigan

Tina recently represented Bridgewater at the Health Education England North West Trainee Nursing Associate Communities of Practice event.

Tina delivered a presentation regarding the role of Trainee Nursing Associates in delivering patient care and the ‘journey she had been on’ whilst on the programme.

Health and Justice

Stuart Burnop, Health Care Assistant, Offender Health, HMP Garth

Stuart took the initiative when asked to assist with some IPC awareness displays to put together a collage of the WHO 5 moments.

Stuart works hard in a stressful prison environment and is always positive and willing to help others.

When asked to provide some assistance Stuart went above and beyond the call of duty by using his own editing software at home to put together a fantastic collage of the WHO 5 moments.

All the staff have been commenting. It has raised awareness throughout the healthcare department and led to discussion between staff about the 5 moments.

Stuart even came in on his day off to laminate and display the collage in time for an IPC inspection. The IPC nurses were also very impressed and it provided a positive aspect in an otherwise fairly negative audit.


Dave Smith, Assistant Director of IT, Bevan House

The Health Outreach and Inclusion Service held a Christmas dinner for vulnerable families on 18 December at Belong in Wigan.

Dave was ‘Santa Claus’ at the event. He was absolutely fantastic with all the children there, many of whom are from very difficult backgrounds.

He helped to make the event a real success and brought a smile to the faces of all the children who attended.

Louise Fairhurst, Commercial Team Admin Officer, Bevan House

The Health Outreach and Inclusion Service held a Christmas dinner for vulnerable families on 18 December at Belong in Wigan.

Louise volunteered her time to be ‘buddy the elf’ at the event. The children who came to the event have had very difficult backgrounds and Louise was absolutely brilliant with them all and helped to make the event a success.

She deserves to be recognised as a Star of the Month for volunteering her time to bring some happiness to some of the most vulnerable families in our communities.

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