Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the month for August 2018

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

Halton and Warrington

Bernadette Mason, Community Neuro Team, Warrington

Bernadette has been recognised for her immense support to help a physiotherapy student achieve accreditation to become a Physiotherapist.

She has been extremely flexible and accommodating, spending a considerable amount of time and effort to liaise with HCPC to progress my application.

Karen Mulder, Clinical Systems IT Trainer, Warrington

Recently in June and July the Halton MacMillan and Community Matron Teams transferred over to a new clinical computer system (EMIS Community).

These services were the first to move over to EMIS and Karen was the trainer allocated to the project.

As this is a new system, there has been a huge learning curve for all.

During the project Karen worked tirelessly to ensure engagement with the clinical staff and helped them prepare for the move over to the new system.

Once the staff went live on the new system, Karen was with them every step of the way, working alongside the staff, supporting and reassuring them in their transition.

Karen is a helpful, kind individual who puts others first and nothing is too much trouble, she truly will go the extra mile!

Kate Holleran, Community Staff Nurse, District Nursing, Warrington

Kate stayed late during her evening shift to support with visiting a palliative patient and to ensure patient care was not compromised.

Marilyn Wilson, District Nursing Team, Warrington

Marilyn Supported within The District Nursing Team to work with Night Team and to ensure Patient Care was not compromised.

Sara Black, District Nurse, OOH District Nursing, Warrington

 Sara was working a late shift and stayed on duty for an additional 2.5 hours to cover for a colleague ensuring staff and patient safety was paramount.

Sharon Bannister, Catheter Nurse, Catheter Team, Warrington

Sharon works within the Catheter Team but also works jointly with the District Nursing Team help with a patient who was on end of life to be at home.

Thank you to Sharon for great team work and patient care.

Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

Christopher Tindall, Right Start Team Receptionist, Health Visiting, Oldham

Christopher has been an amazing support for the St James and Spring Meadow’s team.

He has supported with the 2 year core visit and used his own in initiative to manage this in a clinic setting.

He has also provided ideas of how to use the centre more efficiently.

Recent feedback from a parent said how welcoming he is and that he engages well with the children and parents who access the centre.

Janine Cleary, Respiratory Nurse Specialist, Respiratory Service, Wigan

Janine has been an extremely proficient mentor, her professional qualities and attributes have made my time a wholehearted and welcoming experience.

It is obvious that Janine is a valued member of the team and is highly respected by each member within the MDT.

Janine displays a lot of compassion throughout her daily practice, showing great empathy when attending to both patients and family members.

It is apparent that Janine has a vast array of knowledge and an extensive amount of intelligence surrounding her specialism which reflects in her practice.

Janine has been very keen on developing my understanding as a student, and her perspective on challenging a student’s awareness within a professional manner has been a breath of fresh air.

As a new role to the trust the Nurse Associate parameters have been challenging but Janine has fully accepted the role and has encouraged me to fully develop my knowledge and skills surrounding Bronchiectasis and Interstitial lung diseases.

It is obvious Janine shows a huge amount of passion towards her speciality, which will stay with me throughout my training and my professional career.

Janine is a credit to the trust and has made my placement a remarkably treasured one.

Jean Prescott, Assistant Practitioner, District Nursing, Atherton.

While Jean was recently on holiday, she saved a little girl who had drowned.

She performed CPR and because of how well she performed the CPR she managed to restart the heart and got the little girl breathing again.

This little girl was admitted to intensive care for a couple of days, but since has made a full recovery with no lasting damage.

Jeanette Brown, Health Visitor, Health Visiting, Stanley Road Children’s Centre, Oldham

Jeanette has constantly been seen to demonstrate exceptional record keeping standards in patient records.

Lindsey McAllister, Specialist Nurse for Looked After Children, Community Paediatrics/LAC, St Helens

Lindsay has shown professionalism and dedication in making a difference to children and young people in care.

Lindsay has worked tirelessly to update policies and procedures for safeguarding children and young people.

Lindsay has kept St Helens Community Paediatrics and L.A.C. Team afloat during a recent challenging time.

Lindsay has shown true dedication in maintaining high standards and this has been appreciated by colleagues who see her as a shining example.

Lindsay is particularly well thought of by all at St Helens Children in Care Council. Lindsay has made so many differences where it matters.

Sandra Chesworth, Dental Receptionist, St Helens

Sandra has worked exceptionally hard at reducing the length of time that children are waiting for general anaesthetics.

Sheila Simm, Receptionist, Dental Services, St Helens

Sheila has been working really hard to offer all the children waiting for appointments slots for the general anaesthetics in a timely manner.


Health and Justice

Brian Tate, Healthcare Support Worker, Offender Health. HMP Garth

Brian attended with the nurse when immediate Healthcare was required on the Segregation Unit to assist  a patient in a difficult situation.

Brian showed increased resilience in this very distressing situation as he is relatively new to the prison healthcare service and was able to successfully treat the individual.

Charlotte Greer, Healthcare Support Worker, Offender Health, HMP Garth

Charlotte assisted a member of the prison service who had been burnt.  Charlotte was first on scene and due to her quick and timely treatment and actions the officer in question although went to hospital will have no long lasting effects or scars.

Charlotte went above and beyond the call of duty as we are not employed to treat the prison staff only the prisoners but by doing so she saved him from lifelong damage.

Sarah McAteer, Primary Care Nurse, Offender Health, HMP Garth

Sarah attended with the nurse when immediate Healthcare was required on the Segregation Unit to assist with a patient in a difficult situation.   Sarah showed increased resilience in this very distressing situation and was able to successfully treat the individual.


Lauren Kilshaw, Recruitment Administrator, Bevan House

Lauren is one of the many unsung heroes within Bridgewater, her commitment to the trust and the people she supports.

Lauren has always been nothing but polite, professional, efficient and diligent in undertaking her duties and with supporting the team in gaining information in a very short turn around.

When Lauren is asked for information or help she will do this promptly and nothing is ever too much trouble, qualities often a pressured environment.

Lauren is a quiet individual and one who could easily be hidden in the background but I think it’s her to time to shine, because without people like her our services wouldn’t be able to function as they do.

Mary Corkery, Policy Officer, Governance, Bevan House

Mary’s unfailing willingness to help clinical staff, team leaders, and managers within our service with the production of governance documents and she has played an important role in service delivery.

The governance team have been kept extremely busy not just over the last few months but since our last CQC visit in the monitoring of guidelines and supporting clinical staff with SOP’s policies etc. Mary is always willing to help or offer advice and guidance in a timely and friendly manner and as a service we would like to say thanks.