Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for October 2016

Our stars of the month for October include a District Nurse Support Worker who’s keen eye spotted a serious flesh eating condition, a Specialist Children in Care Nurse who led a hugely successful summer camp for children in Wigan and a Children’s Centre manager described as ‘fantastic’ by her peers…

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for October 2016 East

Helen McNamara – Support Worker, District Nursing, Wigan

Helen visited a patient to complete a routine dressing change. She noticed having seen the patient before that this patients wound had rapidly deteriorated from previous visits and felt that having built a rapport with this lady and discussing her past medical history that the lady had a history of necrotising fascitus in her blood, leading Helen to suspect that this could be necrotising fascitus (a flesh eating disease).

Her suspicions were brought forward in handover resulting in her actioning a GP visit and an urgent admission into hospital where they confirmed the flesh eating bug Necrotising Fascitus.

This is a very uncommon disease and is easily mistaken for infection and if untreated early enough can lead to death.

The fast actions of support worker Helen McNamara has potentially saved the patient’s life.

Helena Rostron – Personal Assistant, Dental. Lister Road

Helena has supported a colleague in getting the needed information even and when this was difficult to acquire, she still persisted – showing professionalism and determination

Mary McGarry – Clinic Administrator, Support Services, Wigan

A manager of a Start Well centre spoke to Mary on the phone and she reported that Mary was incredibly helpful when Mary couldn’t get through on my phone.

She is always cheerful and nothing is ever too much trouble for her.

Hindley  Health Visitor Team  – Wigan

The Hindley Health Visiting Team hosted a joint McMillan coffee morning on 30 September with St Peter’s school in Hindley. The event raised £635 for McMillan Cancer relief. This was a fantastic event that has showcased the cooperation between our partners to benefit the most vulnerable in our society. The team includes Jill Whittle, Lesley Roberts, Helen Hart, Holly Hulley, Louise Taylor, Joanne Swift, Tracey Catterall and Helen Riding.

Michelle Clegg/Susan Rose – Senior Oral Health Advisor/Admin – Oldham

Michelle is a key member of the Oldham Right Start Team. She single handedly delivers the oral health specification with added support from Susan Rose her administration worker.

They recently delivered an impressive CPD event to dental practices in Oldham which show cased the already good practice in oral health and there innovative strategies to aid behaviour changes in oral health.

The event was also attended by the Mayor of Oldham and representative from Public Health England as well as GM health & Social Care Partnership.

Emmi Finegan – Nursing Assistant, District Nursing, St Helens

Emmi is such a valued member of our team. She goes above and beyond in whatever she does. She is always the first to help advice and support you and always shows patience and willingness should any problems present themselves. Emmi throws herself fully into any role she is given, be it Phlebotomy or Admin work.

Helen Bebbington – Specialist Nurse for Children in Care, Safeguarding, Wigan

Helen has led a Summer Camp for children in care in Wigan. This has involved Helen working in partnership with the local authority and the children in care council.

This has involved Helen planning menus and cooking a healthy lunch at each session with the young people and completing work on a number of topics including healthy lifestyles, puberty, sexual health, relationships and self-esteem, drugs and alcohol. The camp ended with a day trip out for all the young people that attended. Most of the planning for this innovation has been completed in Helen’s own time.

Katherine Mehlo – Specialist Community Public Health Nurse, Health Visiting, Wigan

Katherine recently acted as a mentor for a pre-registration nursing student who was on her first placement. Katherine worked tirelessly and meticulously to support the student who was experiencing some difficulties.

Katherine created a supportive environment in order for the student to feel safe and her methodical approach coupled with her dedication of huge amounts of her time ensured the student achieved all her learning outcomes and flourished during her placement.

Carol Leverett – Specialist Community Public Health Nurse, Health Visiting, Wigan

Carol received a thank you card and flowers from one of her clients – this is what was written in the card:
“To Carol I just wanted to say thank you for all your support over the last year. I really don’t know what I would have done without your help. I am so grateful for all the times you have let me get things off my chest and listened to me. I know it’s your job but to me it means a lot. I have had a tough year but I feel I am finally coming through it. I actually can’t thank you enough. See you when my daughter is 2 1/2 ”

This is marvellous and makes the job so worthwhile. Such high praise for Carol reflects what a fantastic health visitor she is and I’m very proud to have her in the team.

Pat Hynes – Health Care Assistant, District Nurses, St Helens

Pat is one of the loveliest Health Care Assistants to work with. Pat often helps to support our very busy Phlebotomy Clinics.

Our patients adore her and often comment that she is always kind, generous, patient and extremely gentle. It’s always a pleasure to work alongside her and we appreciate all of her hard work when helping to support our service.

Little Lever School Nursing Team, Bolton

Little Lever School Nursing Team supported the Great Lever Nursing Team during the term time holiday period July 2016 – September 2016.

Their support and input enabled continued actioning of the day to day activities essential to the continued delivery an effective, efficient service to the Children and Young people of Great Lever and other agencies with whom Great Lever School Health Team work together.

Louise Taylor – Specialist Community Public Health Nurse, Health Visiting Wigan

Louise has successfully completed her specialist community public health nurse – health visitor course.

Louise has absolutely blossomed during her year’s training and all her hard work has resulted in her achieving a high standard of professionalism.

The team are thrilled that Louise will be staying in the locality as a qualified health visitor having successfully gained a permanent post with the Hindley health Visiting Team.

Karen Bennett – District Lead, Children and Families – Werneth Children’s Centre

Karen, is a fantastic manager, she fully understands the needs of the communities within Oldham and is a true champion to whole of Oldham’s Right Start programme.

As we have entered a new phase of developments, Karen has always demonstrated and shared her vision on Right start.

Ann-Marie McGilvray – Administrator, Falls Prevention & Fracture Liaison Service, Wigan

Ann-Marie’s has been effective in the day to day management of the waiting lists and her super user roles and her role in full for both services.

Any issues raised, she always works with the clinical staff to provide solutions of working to improve how the service performs and takes ownership of problems and liaises with the appropriate teams or managers to ensure actioned are completed in a timely manner.

Deborah Ball – Health Care Assistant, School Health, Wigan

Debbie has been a star and a valuable member of the school health team. She has improved ways of working with correspondence via electronic patient records, by adapting and trialing processes in her own team.

She also attended recent meetings and shared her experiences of how the skill mix approach operates. This helped to inform a more efficient way of working. All our teams are now using this way

Kelly Forshaw – Administrator,  CAMHS, Wigan

Kelly has worked above and beyond her role and job band to ensure that the waiting lists at CAMHS are reduced.

Kelly has become a System One Super User, has set up and managed complex logistics to enable clinics and staff to work across the Wigan footprint, contributing to the reduction in waiting for patients from nine weeks to what will be seven days, within a four week period.

Lesley Roberts – Specialist Community Public Health Nurse, Health Visiting – Wigan

We have received two separate Talk to Us forms this months from clients specifically commenting on what having Lesley as their health visitor means to them:

“I was visited by Lesley Roberts, she is very helpful and explains everything in the leaflets.”

“Great and friendly, Lesley is brilliant – she really listens.”

Such comments about Lesley are well deserved, it goes to show that she is making a difference to the health and wellbeing of our clients by her continued hard work, genuine care and her professionalism.

Rachel Cheetham – School Nurse, Wigan

Rachel has been a star and a really valuable member of our school health team.

She has helped our Wigan school nurse teams in promoting a new and more efficient way of processing correspondence via electronic patient record.She has devised a useful step by step guide for staff and she demonstrated the valuable quality of patience when she talked through the new process at our recent team meeting.

We are now live with a new process and staff can address correspondence in a more timely manner.

Hazel Ratcliffe – Health Care Assistant, Wigan School Health, Wigan

Hazel has been a star and a valuable member of the school health team. She has improved ways of working with correspondence via electronic patient records, by adapting and trialling processes in her own team.

She also attended recent meetings and shared her experiences of how the skill mix approach operates. This helped to inform a more efficient way of working. All our teams are now using this way.

Halton and Warrington

Roisin McKiernan – Health Care Assistant for Community Matrons, Peel House Plaza Medical Centre

Despite illness and recent surgery, Roisin has been eager and keen as ever and continued to support the community matron service.

Roisin has been office based on her return to work, but has still had a huge impact on patient care by contacting patients and going above and beyond to ensure each individual patient feels supported and cared for.

Her positivity is a breath of fresh air and a real inspiration to those who she works with.


Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for October 2016 Comms

Adam Britton – Web Manager and eCommunications, Wigan

Adam has been very professional in his approach to communicating the flu campaign to staff and helping the infection prevention control team to update their intranet pages and resources.

This is patient-centred by encouraging staff to have their flu vaccinations will protect vulnerable patients and their families.

Adam is very approachable and helpful with any communications queries and has helped to lead the way with communicating messages to staff. The team feel that Adam works extremely hard and very rarely gets any recognition for this.

Jenny Garden – Communications Manager, Wigan

Jenny has been extremely professional in her approach to communicating the key messages under very difficult circumstances.

She came up with the Flubuster concept which was very innovative and arranged all the publicity for the posters. Many staff have commented positively on how much they like the posters.

Promoting the flu campaign is patient-centred as it protects vulnerable patients and their families as well as Bridgewater staff.

Jenny is very approachable and happy to listen to ideas that we have for the campaign and has been very supportive throughout. She is valuable member of the communications team and deserves recognition for this.

Paula Waite – HR Support Officer, Wigan

Paula has been nominated for her efficient and supportive approach to managing the Agenda for Change panels. She has had to manage many job descriptions as a result of children’s restructures and has been very supportive to staff and patient with all the queries, when there have been large numbers of job descriptions to go through panels.

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