Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for November 2015

This month’s stars including an Occupational Therapist who showed patience and understanding to help a patient accept their condition, a Health Visitor whose fantastic work ensured a child was treated quickly, reducing the risk of further symptoms and a Clerical Officer who assisted an elderly gentleman who had become unconscious in a clinic reception…

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

The full list of staff nominated by their colleagues as Stars of the Month for November 2015 include:

Adult Services

Stars of the Month for November 2015Wilma Hudson – Occupational Therapist – Wigan

Wilma came to a home visit as her last appointment on a Friday afternoon and I’m sure stayed much longer than was allocated (long after 5pm). Wilma’s patience and understanding helped a patient accept that the condition they had could not be treated with tablets and through gentle coaxing and practical advice helped the patient understand their condition, and start to deal with it practically. I truly believe that Wilma went above and beyond what was accepted.

Susan Doyle – Nurse Manager – Halton

Susan has worked tirelessly to the best of her ability to keep her team motivated, informed and comfortable throughout the transitional process from being a Walk in Centre to an Urgent Care Centre. She was always available to answer their many questions, listen to their concerns and sometimes even stayed very long hours at work to help them adjust to new ways and places of work. She has lived up to her promise of providing an ‘open door’ for all her staff.

Sally Adams – Community Matron – Halton

A nomination for Sally stated that they were ‘honoured to work alongside Sally Adams’ and they feel she is a true credit both our team and to the Trust. Sally works with the patients with Learning Disabilities, Downs’s Syndrome and Dementia and her every possible effort to give the patients best quality of life is commendable. Sally is patient, compassionate and knowledgeable. She treats all our clients with compassion, dignity and respect and shown  the real meaning of care.

Children’s Services

Moss Bank Health Visiting Team – St Helens

Team is: Sue Brooke, Katherine Hill, Ruth Singe, Carol McGlen and Susan Dootson Health Visitor and Louise Aspinall, Julie Rigby Community Nursery Nurses

The above team demonstrated the above by leading a health focussed event for the families in their local area.  It was themed ‘Teddy Bears Picnic’ . Staff went to enormous effort to plan, organise and promote the event inviting local authority and other health partners to participate with advice and support for the local families.

Kerry Ryan – Health Visitor –  Wigan

An email from the named nurse for looked after children praised an excellent health review assessment that Kerry had recently completed. It commented on the very high quality of health assessment made by Kerry which in turn could easily be translated to non-health professionals, in particular this little boys perspective adoptive parents. This would enable them to have a clear view of his extensive health needs which is particularly useful.

Kerry has also worked hard to successfully complete the NBAS qualification which is not an easy process. This will benefit parents and families enormously in Bridgewater. Well Done Kerry.

Laura Warren – Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist  – Wigan

In recent meeting with a colleague from the Special Educational Needs and Disability Team within the Local Authority to share information and promote integrated forward planning, Laura’s contributions were singled out as being exemplary. In terms of efficient preparation and provision of high quality information sharing and advice which has contributed to some very effective on-going multi agency work that will lead to better outcomes for children and families.

Janine Prior – Health Visitor/CPT – St Helens

Janine promptly referred a young baby to paediatricians with query a milk protein allergy.

The Paediatrician stated that the fantastic work from the Health Visitor ensured the child was treated quickly and reduced the risk of further symptoms. Janine also advised the GP of what milk to start the baby on. The parents stated “A huge thank you once again. It’s great to know we have a health visitor with such thorough knowledge; it gives first time mums like me great peace of mind to know we have somebody to turn to.”

Nicky Ashton – Nursery Nurse – Halton

Nicky has been working with vulnerable young teenagers within the school health team and has encouraged engagement with the service by establishing a trusting professional one to one relationship which has enabled the young people to access services, have confidence to ask questions about their health and wellbeing and be open to early interventions to promote better long term health outcomes for these young people. Nicky is fabulous when engaging young people either in a one to one setting or in group work

Holly Hulley – Health Visitor –– Wigan

Holly received some really positive feedback from the Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP) co-ordinator. They were really pleased with the quality of the report from Holly and the prompt way it was completed. Thank you Holly and keep up the good work.


Jonathan Stafford – Finance – Wigan

A nomination for Jonathan stated that he has always gone out of his way to help,  has always been honest and extremely efficient.

Darren Lowe – Clerical Officer – St Helens

Darren assisted an elderly gentleman that had taken extremely unwell in reception and unfortunately became unconscious at Lowe house. Darren acted appropriately and assisted him and remained with him till help arrived. He was alone on reception and was able to assist in a calm manner ensuring the patients dignity. Whilst maintaining professionalism and minimal disruption to other service users.

Elaine Clayton – Clinic Administrator- Wigan and Kathy Mawdsley- Clinic Clerk -Wigan

Support services have recently assisted their School Nursing colleagues with the new Childhood Flu Campaign, for school children in years one and two. This has involved taking on new duties particularly around inputting immunisations on the Electronic Patient Record. Elaine and Kathy have provided invaluable support to managers. They have helped draw up procedure notes for the rest of the team to follow and in the testing of the procedures before implementation. They embraced the new ways of working and are always thinking about ways to make improvements. They always looks at the positives!

Darren Heaney and Team – IT Services (TPP Project) – Wigan

Darren and his team achieved the mobilisation of TPP for Wigan OOH in a short time, with six weeks planning to go live with minimal disruption and stress smiles and dignity assuring a safe and efficient transfer of electronic patient records and happy staff. A big thanks to Darren. 

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