Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the month for May and June 2017

Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the month for May and June 2017

Our super staff this month include a team leader who saved the life of a child during a home visit, an Admin Team who go the extra mile to ensure the smooth running of the service for patients and a Physiotherapist who presented his research at Caesars Palace.

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

Halton and Warrington

Tracy Miller, Community Midwife  – Widnes

 Tracy has been nominated by a student midwife at Edge Hill University for an ‘Outstanding Mentor Award’, for the positive impact she has had on the student’s learning experience.

This shows how she has been seen to uphold the standards and values set out in ‘The Code’, and acting as a role model of professional behaviour for students.

Vicky Culshaw, Community Nurse, Offender Health – Warrington

Vicky has resuscitated two individuals successfully since January of this year.  On one of the occasions she was the only nurse on duty at the time.  Vicky shows excellent nursing skills and knowledge but on both of these occasions in particular she has shown exemplary nursing skills and abilities which should be commended.

Chloe Percival, Single Point of Access  – Warrington

Debbie has been nominated as a patient came into the centre today with a sudden onset of chest pain.

Debbie went out to the patient, checked him over and reassured him and his family, she then rang an ambulance and stayed with the patient until the ambulance arrived and even stayed with him and continued to reassure the gentlemen and his family.

Lisa Rhodes, Single Point of Access Nurse – Warrington

 Lisa is always very professional supports here colleagues wherever possible.

David Sivill, Clinical Systems Configurator, Clinical Systems, Warrington

David is both professional and responsive and a credit to the Trust and as such deserves recognition.

Last week we needed to some information urgently  from SystmOne.

David dropped everything to perform the search with very little information.

David dealt with this matter, cheerfully and efficiently.

Often our ‘back room’ functions don’t get the credit they deserve, but they work hard to ensure clinicians get on with our business of delivering healthcare.

Catherine O’Sullivan, Children’s Services, Claire Smith, Speech Therapy Team Leader,Joan Ward, CDC/CDT Co-ordinator, Katrina Marsden, Team Leader, Additional Needs Nurses, Fawzia Ledi, Community Paediatrician, Community Paediatrics, Lynne Bennett, Speech and Language Therapist, Speech Therapy, Rachel Burbury, Physiotherapist, Physio/OT, Valerie Hancock,Team Leader, Physio/OT, Khan Sultana, Clinical Director, Community Paediatrics –  Woodview Child Development Centre, Widnes

This group of staff have developed a single point of access and assessment / support process for children with disabilities in Halton. This means that professionals can easily make referrals for children with disabilities on one referral form.

Now the referrers have assurance that a multi-disciplinary group will assess the children’s needs, identifying the most appropriate professional to be involved in the assessment, the most appropriate professionals to feedback to the family and most importantly that the focus is on support offered rather than labels and diagnosis.

Gaynor Carr, Lydia Ellison and Catherine Holbrook , Receptionists  – Bath Street Health and Well Being Centre

Having worked in the office behind reception for 8 months now and hearing these three members of staff dealing with patients with a very professional and respectable manner, unfortunately they are not always treated the same.

Having heard people shout and get angry at them the three members of staff have remained calm, listened but above all maintained the persons and their own dignity.

The three members of staff need to be recognized for the fantastic work they do as the first point of contact to all the members of the public that come into Bath Street Health and Wellbeing Centre.

Susan Burton and the Warrington 0 – 19 Service, Warrington

Following a three day inspection and a lot of questions, the Warrington 0 -19 team retained level 3 breastfeeding friendly status.

Some of the aspects inspected obtained 100% for responses and evidence; this is an amazing achievement and a great reflection of the services.

Gill Eaves and the Halton 0-19 Service

 Gill and the Halton 0-19 service are the epitome of a well led team.

In the recent SEN inspection they shone as a team who are fully focused on their clients, really knowledgeable in relation to their service area and confident in showcasing the service to the CQC SEN inspectors.

In addition they show how well led they are by their preparation for tender meetings and becoming as prepared as possible for the tender

Faye Rowlands, Community Matron, Integrated Community Nursing Services  – Widnes

Faye demonstrates day in and day out, the Trust ‘people’ values. In her work with patients, their families and with colleagues, at all times, the patient is central to her vision, planning and implementation of care.

At all times, Faye is open to new ideas from patients and their families and has often questioned the suitability of a course of care if it is not beneficial to the patient.

She displays the honesty, integrity and professionalism expected of a senior nurse within the organisation.

Katie Brown, Community Staff Nurse, District Nursing– Warrington

 Katie is hardworking and enthusiastic and always willing to work extra if the service needs her and always willing to swap shifts to accommodate colleagues.

Her keenness to attend courses to learn new skills is admirable. She is always smiling.

Her documentation is always of a high standard. She is an asset to the team.

Hollie Eyres,  Trainee Assistant Practitioner, District Nursing – Warrington

Hollie visited a patient last week and was concerned there was no reply. Hollie sought advise and followed the correct steps.

The emergency services were contacted and the patient was found upstairs having fallen behind the door.

The patient is now at home safe. Hollie reacted in a calm and caring and professional manner.

Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

Vicky Evans, Therapy Assistant, Children’s Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Service, Wigan

Vicky has been working in a school with a child and their one to one following a Physiotherapy programme.

On a therapy review the one to one commented on the excellent work that Vicky has done in coaching with her to help her to be able to follow the therapy advice and interpret this into something that is meaningful for the child and for influencing and improving their access to the school curriculum.

Vicky has a detailed and fantastic knowledge of all the children. Her relationships with the school staff and families has been invaluable in the last year, assisting qualified staff in achieving the maintenance of the therapy service to this client group.

Vicky is greatly respected and appreciated by all her colleagues both within therapy and education and by the families.

Hindley Health Visiting Team, Wigan

The Platt Bridge Health Visiting would like to thank their colleagues from Hindley.

The Hindley team could not have been more supportive, assisting with multiple visits and spending time at our clinic helping with duty and workload.

They have been in constant contact offering their time and support, we cannot thank them enough.

Jimmy Molyneux, Physiotherapist, Wigan

Jimmy has been studying for his Physiotherapy PhD for the past 5 years and went to Las Vegas in April 2017 to present his research at the Annual Worldwide Osteoarthrits Conference at Caesars Palace.

He maintained an interactive presence on Twitter throughout and left a really good impression of both himself and the trust.

Sonja Jones,  AEN Advisor, Right Start 0-19 Service, Oldham

Sonja has been recognised by a parent for her compassion and professionalism whilst working with their child and the child’s early years setting.  A letter was sent to the chief executive outlining their thoughts and praise.

Helen Aspinall, Support Worker, Ian Spurr, Primary Care Access Co-ordinator, Joanne Moore, Senior Community Learning Disability Nurse, Transition Team, Lesley Timperley, Community Learning Disability, Margaret Smith, Support Worker, Michelle Hayes, Community Learning Disability Nurse, Sarah Baybutt, Community Learning Disability Nurse, Joanne Williams, Assistant Practitioner – Community Learning Disability Team – Wigan

The community learning disability team had a CQUIN for 2016 / 17 around the transition team’s role in raising the profile and responding to the concerns and the needs of the young people with learning disabilities during transition between Children’s and Adult health services.

The team have successfully worked with clients and partners to promote the young person’s voice, hospital experience and tours and promoting the value of annual health checks and health action planning through partnership working with staff within GP practices and education.

Claire Grundy, Senior Occupational Therapist, Wigan

 A patient specifically sought my contact details in order to give very positive feedback about a member of the respiratory team.

The patient felt we should know that they feel Claire Grundy is ‘absolutely wonderful, done more for me in last 2 weeks than anyone else in the last 18 months. She’s friendly, quite funny and very understanding.’

Charlotte Stott, Team Leader – HV/SHA’S, Right Start & School Nursing, Chadderton South Health Centre, Oldham

Charlotte has recently saved the life of a child during a routine home visit. Whilst she was on the visit she identified that the child was unwell.

During the visit the child’s condition gravely deteriorated and breathing was compromised. She sprang into action and was able to clear the airway and ensure the child’s safety until paramedics arrived.

Dexter Slater, Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Leigh Walk in Centre

 Dexter has recently received two compliments from patients

“I have just returned from Leigh Walk In Centre.   I would like to pass my heartfelt thanks to Dexter who treated me. He was professional, friendly and caring.

He explained what was wrong and how he would treat it.

On the 10 April 2017, my partner and I took my son into Leigh Walk in Centre as he had a bad chest and his breathing sounded affected.

My son has been to hospital previously and it has usually distressed him quite badly especially when the doctors/nurses try to run their tests i.e. oxygen levels, heart rate, temperature.

Dexter however immediately built up a rapport with my son which kept him really calm. He played with his toy bus and then showed him all of the equipment and spoke to him in a really friendly way as he ran the tests.

I am glad to say it was just a mild chest infection but felt compelled to let you know of his outstanding level of customer service and professionalism.

 Heidi Sutton, Health Visitor & Community Practice Teacher, Oldham

Heidi is a valued member of the Health Visiting team in Oldham and this was recently demonstrated in her revalidation process with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.

Heidi’s reflections of practice highlighted her client centred approach to practice as well as being professional and efficient.

Heidi has received some excellent client feedback that demonstrates how effective her practice is with the children and families on her caseload.

MSK Physiotherapy Admin Team – Leigh, Platt Bridge, Boston House

Over the last few months our admin team have worked so hard to ensure a smooth patient journey re-allocating patients that require treatment.

Many of our staff work alone on a reception and managing the phone’s with patient’s enquires, face to face with patients, re-arranging clinics and assisting with admin duties from staff is very demanding.

Great people doing a fantastic job!!! Even though the physiotherapy staff don’t say this, we would be totally lost without you guys and we really appreciate what you do for us.

Sharon Iredale, Dental Receptionist,  Kingsgate, Manchester

Although not clinically trained, Sharon co-ordinated a difficult emergency situation in an extremely calm and efficient manner.

A patient presented with a dental emergency, accompanied by a very distraught parent. She liaised with senior clinicians and other services to co-ordinate a situation that she hadn’t done before.

Sharon is relatively new in post but when it really mattered she went above and beyond her remit.

Tracey Spurr, Head of Healthcare and the team at Hindley HMP&YOI

Tracey arranged an informative and positive presentation for NEDS plus a meeting for them with the Deputy Governor.

This reinforced the excellent relationships Tracey and the team have developed and maintained within Bridgewater Health and Justice Services.

Emma Vickers, Health Visitor  Leigh Team, Atherton Clinic.

Emma is a valued member of the Leigh Team of Health Visitors.

Emma supports all staff members and works hard to maintain the efficient running of the team. Emma constantly completes tasks above and beyond her role that enable other team members to work more efficiently.


Dean Eyres, IT Team 

Dean supported with the transferring of worksheets when there was in issue with IT and memory and corrupted files.

We can’t thank Dean enough for this support