Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for May 2016

Stars of the Month May 2016

Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

Kim McSperritt – Ear Care Nurse, Wigan

Kim has gone above and beyond by working extra shifts and fitting emergency patients into her working day. She ensures her patients receive the highest quality of care, in a clam and efficient manner

 Lynn Cobley – Caseload Administrator, Health Visiting, Wigan

Lynn joined our team a year ago and has become a real asset. Lynn has organised the office base, has increased staff morale with her uplifting and positive attitude and is motivational in her way of working.

Jackie Clough – School Nurse, Wigan

Jackie has been faced with a few new roles from recent policy changes with titles of vaccine controller and super user for electronic records. She has demonstrated a very professional attitude taking on the roles; she also has shown a valuable sense of humour lightening the communication meeting attending with a badge with all her new titles. She also has formed new more time efficient ways of Electronic Patient Record and is promoting best practices within our teams.

Joanne Chisnall – Training Assistant Practitioner, St Helens.

During a colleagues’ induction to become a Community HCA Joanne encouraged and motivated and gave them the confidence to do their job efficiently to the best of my ability.

Helen Case – Named Nurse Safeguarding Children Wigan

During the last few months members of the Great Lever School Health Team have found Helen accessible, approachable, supportive and encouraging, with safeguarding children issues, concerns and guidance with report writing, giving feedback to staff acknowledging their current knowledge of safeguarding. Although Helen has a wide remit Helen responds to queries promptly. This has enabled staff to continue provide a quality school heath safeguarding service children, young people and families of Bolton and supported individuals in their personal development. Staff members have said that Helen has been ‘more than helpful’ whenever Helen has been contacted by phone or email.

Leanne Hunter – Health Visitor, Wigan

Leanne has been sent an email from the named nurse for children in care thanking her for an excellent health assessment that contained a lot of detail and analysis. She was thanked for her commitment to children in care.

Kim Thomason – Community Staff Nurse, District Nursing, Wigan

A letter was received from a patient in regards to Kim. In the letter the patient expressed that Kim is a lovely person who displays the core qualities of nursing, empathy, dependability, patience, strength and flexibility on a daily basis. At times the patient had been upset regarding their illness and Kim had been a reassuring presence. Furthermore Kim’s quite possibility saved the patients life by identifying a blocked femoral artery, when visiting the home one day and arranged for an urgent admission to hospital. If not for her swift actions the patient possibly would not be here today. She went above and beyond her duty that day. She is a credit to district nursing and nursing as a whole.

Kimberly Jones – Health Visitor, Wigan

Kimberly has been complemented on providing a detailed health assessment for a child in care. She was thanked for her contribution and commitment to children in care.

Janice Wood – School Nurse, Wigan

Jan was very professional in stepping up and nominating herself in taking on the vacant local high school and leading on drop ins and immunisations along with her other work. This demonstrated Jan’s professional, positive ‘can do’ attitude and made a big difference in supporting other team’s but also the local school children in the local school.

Leigh Health Visiting Team,  Wigan

The Leigh Health Visiting Team continues to provide a patient centred, professional service despite staff shortages and uncertainties regarding where they are to be based. The staff are friendly, approachable and demonstrate good team work in ensuring family’s needs are met.

Laura Parish – Health Visitor, Wigan

A commendation from a local school who highlighted that they would like to commend Laura on her time and professional support given to the school and the parents supporting them all through a very sensitive time.

Halton and Warrington

Johanna Hyland – Children in Care Administrator – Children in Care / Safeguarding Warrington

The team was required to gather a lot of health information on a lot of children in our caseload in a very short space of time. Johanna showed commitment and drive to get the required information and did not stop until she had gathered the information. The result being that it showed how well health professionals have been working to ensure health needs of this group of children are met.

Louise Edmondson – Health Visitor Warrington

Louise has successfully completed her level seven module at Salford University in peri-natal mental health, Louise is the peri-natal mental health champion for her team and works with and supports specialist health visitor Nicola Monaghan in her role

Polly Waring – Clerical Officer – Paediatric Audiology Warrington

Polly has had to undertake extensive work this month on system one due to patients now needing to be seen within six weeks as opposed to 18 weeks RTT within the service. Polly has had to liaise and coordinate with management and data analysts. Polly has had to move clinic appointments and contact parents to make it possible for the clinicians to see as many possible patients within the 6 weeks. Polly has carried out this work in an extremely efficient and professional manner.

Eve Parrington – Community Staff Nurse – District Nurses – Warrington

A patient came to see Eve following surgery for wound care. When Eve saw the patient she was not happy with the wound but was receiving antibiotic treatment so she decided to review again the following day. The following day the wound was significantly worse and Eve suspected they may have necrotizing fasciitis. She contacted the hospital and spoke directly to the surgeon who admitted the patient via the surgical assessment unit straight away. The patient did have necrotizing faciitis and due to Eve’s prompt action was taken straight to theatre. The patient spent time in ICU following this but is recovering. Eve’s prompt treatment saved this patients life.

Collette Bloomfield – Clinic Support Worker – 0-19 years  Warrington

Collette was supporting a health visitor advice session at The Orchards children centre, a baby of seven months put a toy in its mouth and part of the toy came off and the child began to choke, Collette provided first aid to the baby and supported the parent until the paramedic arrived, the baby was okay, taken to hospital for assessment but breathing okay, the children’s centre have reported the toy


Stars of the Month May 2016 Corporate

Jillian Wallis – Business Development Manager  Wigan

Jillian works tirelessly within her team and with service colleagues producing high quality robust and timely tenders for new business or to retain business. She works well beyond her contracted hours when necessary and always maintains a pleasant friendly and helpful manner. Jillian is a real performer for Bridgewater, focused on getting results and achieving them. There is no doubt Bridgewater’s commercial success would not be as great without Jillian.

Mary Corkery – Policy Officer – Governance Wigan

Having had to write numerous policies, guidelines and other documents over the years. This has been very difficult and time consuming and often they can get in the way of the main reason we are here patient care.

Mary came into post and she has made this process so much easier she has been so helpful to me and my team when developing policies. She works quietly in the background making little noise and fuss and doesn’t bother you unless she has to. She then presents us with a completed document to check and sign off.

Although Mary is doing her job this makes a big difference to teams.

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