Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the month for July 2017

Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the month for July 2017

Our super staff this month include a District Nurse who saved the life of a diabetic patient, our Sexual Health Team for being part of a study trial with the research team at the London School of Tropical Medicine and the IT team who worked tirelessly during the recent NHS cyber attack.

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

Halton and Warrington

Enhanced Care Home Support Team, Woolston Warrington

The service is always patient centred and continues to provide an excellent service for patients in care homes in Warrington providing Triage Reactive and Proactive Care, supporting MDT meetings, Named Care Home nurses and GPs.

They also work closely with the patients registered GPs and named pharmacist supporting care closer to home.

Sexual Health Team, Warrington

The Sexual Health Team based at Bath Street Warrington are nominated for their important role in setting up the Safetxt research study, a trial considering a safer sex intervention delivered through mobile phone messaging.

Dr Deb Mandal saw an opportunity for Bridgewater to be involved in the study and put the research team at the London School of Tropical Medicine in touch with the Trust’s research lead.

Gail Hampal and Dr Pippa Brough have worked extremely hard to set the study up in the department and have recently recruited their first participant.

The entire team is an excellent example of how Bridgewater colleagues can engage in and promote research activity through their clinical roles.

Carol Humphreys, Specialist ADHD Nurse, Widnes

 Feedback received from a student nurse:

‘I felt like my time spent at the CDC was such a personal experience and I wasn’t just ‘the student’ I felt like I was part of the family.

I really appreciate and can’t thank you all enough for such an amazing opportunity. I have gained and learnt so much all due to the fantastic hard work that you do, I can truly say this is the best placement that I’ve experienced and one I will never forget.”

 Amanda Charles , Community Midwife, Widnes

 Amanda has been nominated by a student midwife at Edge Hill University for an ‘Outstanding Mentor Award’, for the positive impact she has had on the student’s learning experience.

This shows how she has been seen to uphold the standards and values set out in ‘The Code’, and acting as a role model of professional behaviour for students.

 Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

Emma Mills , District Nurse Team Leader, Wigan

The district nurses based at Chandler House care for a young man who requires daily prompting by telephone to administer his own insulin.

After several failed attempts to contact the patient, Emma contacted the relevant departments to see if he had been admitted anywhere.

Emma then became concerned and phoned the police for a welfare check as the patient lived in high rise accommodation and did not answer his intercom after several attempts.

The police had to smash the door down and found the patient unconscious and phoned 999 for emergency assistance.

The patient survived and is currently stable on ICU. Emma showed that she is a forward thinking district nurse that saved the life of a vulnerable young man.

June Shaw, Associate Practitioner, Leigh Walk in Centre

 A phone call was received from a mum who wanted to advise how patient, kind, caring and thoughtful June was when obtaining a blood test from her daughter.

The mum said that June ‘went out of her way to allay her daughter’s fears, she will never be afraid of having a blood test again and has since asked if she can be a blood donor when she is old enough’.

Oldham School Nurse Team  0-19 SERVICE – Oldham

The Oldham School Nurse Team (skill mix; qualified nurses, support workers, admin assistant) are an innovative and forward thinking team.

They have been delivering an incredible service to the children, young people (and families) of our diversely, multi-cultural town of Oldham.

There may have been times when the capacity to accommodate has been indeterminate, however the focus of our provision has constantly remained the health and wellbeing of the children & young people of Oldham.

Andrea Holt, School Nurse, Wigan

Andrea is an extremely efficient, professional and valued member of the school nursing team in Wigan.

Andrea has been instrumental in a new way of working with School Nurses and Health Visitors and this led to her presenting the initiative to the STAG board in which feedback stated how professional and knowledgeable Andrea was.

Andrea has also dealt with a complex situation which has demonstrated all of the 6 C’s. Her caring nature has been exemplary and we are very proud of her!

Jennifer Pye, Specialist LAC Nurse, St Helens

Since joining the service Jennifer has shown care and compassion for her clients and her role has been outstanding.

Jennifer recently ensured a young person who came into care at a late age had the assessments they needed to aid their transition into adulthood.

Katie Cheetham, District Nurse Team Leader, Wigan

Katie is always has a professional and caring approach within the district nursing service

A compliment was received outlining Katie’s attitude and the response time of the service. Urgent referrals were completed quickly for a patient to avoid hospital readmission.

Mike Catton, Community Link Worker, Health Outreach and Inclusion Service, Wigan

Mike has been nominated for helping vulnerable families to integrate into the local area.

Sam Morrison, Clinical Lead Dental Nurse Manager, Stockport

 A distressed parent of one of our patients attended Kingsgate House on 6 July to discuss her daughter’s appointment.

Sam looked after the parent, calmed her down and spent over an hour talking to the mum and reassuring her.

This resulted in Sam staying at the clinic with the parent until 6pm when her working day finished at 5pm.

This is just one example of Sam ‘going the extra mile’.  Sam always puts patients and colleagues before herself and deserves to be recognised for her commitment to our patients and to the Trust.


Adam Britton, Web Manager  & ECommunications , Wigan

Adam helped collate the collage following the Nurses day celebration. The collage celebrates what nursing means to nurses and working in Bridgewater as part of a team

 IT Department, Warrington

During the recent ransom ware attack on the organisation the whole IT department worked tirelessly to get our infected systems cleaned up so there was minimal impact on clinical services.

The attack occurred on a Friday which resulted in many of the team working throughout the weekend to clean up and restore systems.