Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for December 2016 and January 2017

Our super staff stars this month include a Family Engagement Officer who walked for over an hour through snow after having had to abandon her car to make sure the Children’s Centre stayed opened, a health care assistant who identified her patient was severely unwell and whose quick actions provided potentially lifesaving care and the IT help desk, for the timeliness of response,speedy resolution of issues and friendly, helpful, can do attitude of team members…

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

Halton and Warrington

Stars of the Month December and January West Cathy Jones, Team Leader for Children’s Community Complex Needs Team – Woolston Learning Village

Cathy always goes above and beyond for all in her care supporting families and their children!

The team have her full support and empathy at all times having an an open door policy with all and does what she can to help in all situations and she always gives excellent guidance when it is needed.

She really is a wonderful selfless person always thinking of others having only taken the role of team leader 18 months ago and has been exceptional in all her work.

Clare Houghton, Community Staff Nurse, District Nursing – Warrington

Clare has been nominated for her hard work and dedication to patient care.

She has always maintained her professional duties.

Collette Boyle, Community Staff Nurse, District Nurse Team – Warrington

Collette has been nominated for her hard work and dedication to patient care.

She has always maintained her professional duties.

Gill Eaves, Nicola Monaghan, Susan Lennox, 0 – 19 Service, Health Care Resource Centre – Widnes

Star of the Month December and January West 2Gill, Nicola and Susan worked in partnership with Halton Children’s Centre and Halton Creative Communities to display the fantastic work created by mothers who have attended the “Time for Me” group.

“Time for Me” is a creative arts group for antenatal/postnatal mothers with children under two who are experiencing mild to moderate perinatal depression/anxiety, the aim is to improve mood, lesson anxiety, increase confidence and self-esteem.

The outcomes of the group demonstrate a reduction in depression, anxiety and an increase in confidence.

Hazel Jeffrey, Community Staff Nurse – District Nursing – Warrington

Hazel has been nominated for her hard work and dedication to patient care.

She has always maintained her professional duties.

Jackie Halligan,  Auxilliary Nurse, District Nurses – Warrington

Jackie has been nominated for her hard work and dedication, thank you for your professionalism and hard work.

Jemma Joynson – Physiotherapy Assistant, MSK/CATS – Warrington

Jemma has worked hard setting up an injection therapy telephone follow up service with audit, taking on the role of following up injection patients on the telephone at six weeks.

She has then collected all the data and collated it into charts and figures which has resulted in increased face to face follow up appointments for injection clinicians to see other patients.

Julia Baines, Health Care Assistant, District Nurse/ Community Matron – Halton

Julia went on a routine visit for the community matron service when she identified her patient was severely unwell.

Her quick actions provided potentially lifesaving care.

Thanks to Julia, this lady was admitted to hospital where she received non- invasive ventilation and intravenous antibiotics.

Karen Lea, Community Staff Nurse, District Nurses – Warrington

Karen has worked extremely hard and has shown true team working and dedication to support the team and our patients.

Kirsty Hall, Speech and Language Therapist – Widnes

Kirsty has been working with a family to support their child who has significant communication difficulties.

She identified a communication aid that would make a difference to the child and how he interacts with his family and school – giving him a voice.

Kirsty made a funding application for the device which was turned down, she went out of her way to get further advice and support from colleagues in order to improve the application for the child.

Throughout all of this she has supported the family and helped them to stay positive, she did not give up and helped the family to complete another application for the funding from a charity which she identified and got in touch with, this has now been accepted!

Tracy McCann and Community Midwifery Team – Widnes

A plaudit was received from a woman who had achieved a home birth in October, which commends the team leader and the team of midwives for going the extra mile in supporting this women and her partner in the choices that they made and for the excellent care they received.

It states “we will never forget the part you played that night in delivery our baby and when he is old enough, we will make sure he knows all about you. They also go onto say “thank you for leading such a wonderful team of midwives”.

Susan Jarvis, Community Staff Nurse, District Nurses – Warrington

Susan has been nominated for her hard work and dedication to team working and patient care.

Linsay Hockenhull, Configuration Team, IT – Warrington

Linsay has worked with the Health Visiting templates for Electronic Patient Record and has been both professional and patient with the building of the templates.

Sara Black, District Nurse Co-ordinator, Community Nursing – Warrington

Sara has shown fantastic leadership and commitment to the student experience and upholding of professional regulatory standards whilst students are on placement within her team.

It has been a pleasure to work collaboratively with her in dealing with challenging and difficult issues.

Carla Kenny-Jones, Community Staff Nurse, District Nurses Team – Warrington

Carla has been nominated for her hard work and dedication to team working and caring for patients.

Denise Stamp, Auxilliary Nurse, District Nurses – Warrington

Denise has been nominated for her hard work and dedication to team working and caring for patients.

Hayley Davies, Community Staff Nurse, District Nursing –  Warrington

Hayley is nominated for her hard work and dedication to team working and patient care.

Lorraine Perkin, Community Staff Nurse, District Nurses – Warrington

Lorraine is nominated for her hard work and dedication to team working and patient care.

Padgate Nursing Team, Intermediate Care Bed – Padgate House

The team have as always been focused and continued to deliver compassionate care and commitment to the patients in Padgate House.

The team worked together, demonstrated commitment going above and beyond and regularly working additional hours.

Rebecca Pridden, Community Staff Nurse, District Nurses – Warrington

Rebecca is nominated for her hard work and dedication to team working and patient care.

Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton


360 Team – Bolton 5 – 19 Young Peoples Drug & Alcohol Services

Following the need to retrieve archived patient records for Safeguarding purposes, Lorraine Broderick and the team offered to help locate the documents from temporary storage whilst continuing to provide their service.

This demonstrated professional, local, open & honest and efficient team working.

Elaine Muskett, Jan Young, Carol Roberts and Faye O’Brien, Admin & Clerical Staff, Community Paediatrics and LAC Service – St Helens

This nomination is for the entire team who have been at the forefront of managing patient expectations, patient queries and clinical delivery.

This star award is for their leadership throughout the entire period and is for the entire team who worked together and went outside the bounds of their roles to make this service the success it is today

 Lucy Welding,  Equipment Nurse, Tissue Viability Service – Wigan

Lucy has shown dedication in the development of the equipment CQUIN for working with Community Nurses to enhance their knowledge on equipment selection.

Lucy has also successfully submitted two posters on correct equipment selection/pressure ulcer care to Wounds UK which were shown at the international conference at Harrogate in November.

In relation to the Pressure Ulcer Awareness campaign day on the 17 November, Lucy organised two events to engage the public in pressure ulcer prevention. Both of were a great success!

 Susan Cook, Community Nursery Nurse, Health Visiting – Wigan

The following comments regarding Susan’s work with a family she was supporting with sleep problems in their children:

“We both feel so much better as our eldest is now in a brilliant routine at bed time. We feel that we are not on our own and we have support which has been lovely”

Elaine Power, Community Staff Nurse – St Helens

Elaine is an experienced community nurse and has recently been involved with managing a team (with support from locality team leader) of community nurses.

The professionalism/dedication and commitment Elaine has shown over the past weeks has been exceptional.

Amy Alexander, School Nurse – Wigan

Amy has recently been working with a family with safeguarding concerns supporting the mother and has liaised tenaciously with numerous professionals putting the child’s needs first at all times.

Amy has demonstrated herself to be a very caring, professional who is willing to go the extra mile to help and support the families she works with.

Helen Riding, Health Trainer, Health Visiting – Wigan

Helen has produced fantastic displays championing the role of the Health Visitor, making a great contribution to improving public health.

Helen has also used her initiative in planning and delivering local sessions, meeting the health needs of the local community.

Julia Crompton and Adele Moss, Children in Care Admin Team, Safeguarding and CIC Team – Wigan

Julia and Adele have worked tirelessly to ensure there are processes in place to monitor and track Wigan Children in Care and to ensure the children receives their health assessments in a timely manner.

Julia and Adele are always happy to assist and support the specialist nurses when needed and they always remain very positive and professional.

Catherine Hogan, Family Engagement Worker, Oldham 0-19

Catherine is committed to helping the families that she works with and always does her best to ensure that the children receive the best possible service.

When it recently snowed in Oldham, Catherine demonstrated her dedication to her job by walking for over an hour through the snow after having had to abandon her car to make sure the Children’s Centre still opened.

Dawn Ryan, Health Visitor – Wigan

Dawn received the following evaluation from a pre-registration nursing student to whom who she mentored:

“Throughout my placement with the health visitors, I was able to progress and further my knowledge, my confidence grew and I could use my initiative and change my approach.

This led me to deal with situations in different ways to meet the clients’ needs, which is a skill needed within nursing.

My mentor gave me these opportunities to help develop my learning, and pushed me to excel.”

Karen Yates, Community Nursery Nurse, Health Visiting – Wigan

Karen is a fantastic Community Nursery Nurse who provides an excellent service to patients and a good support to Health Visiting staff.

Karen recently supported a mum with her child who was struggling with constipation, despite the mum having accessed the GP on several occasions, offering advice and directing her to and alternative service who gave effective treatment.

Oldham Right Start West District Team, All Staff – Oldham 0-19 Service

With the strong local leadership, the Children’s Centre staff and Health visitors have come together and shown some brilliant partnership working.

The teams have always remained professional and positive and help to motivate each other. Everyone is pulling together in order to deliver the best possible service to our families.

Sarah Darnley, Health Visitor – Oldham

Sarah has ensured that prior to her departure her case load has been prioritised and visited, and completed two very detailed reports in a very short period of time, thus ensuring that this important work has been completed.

It has been a pleasure working with Sarah.

Sarah Jones, Specialist Practitioner School Nurse, 0-19 Children Services – Wigan

Sarah has taken up a role as a specialist school nurse with the Wigan youth offending team, sharing some key preventative pieces of work where she has made a difference.

She has received praise for her work from our council colleagues and they are interested in the expansion of the role.


Bridgewater IT Help Desk – Warrington

Since Warrington moved over to the Bridgewater IT help desk, the service provided to IT users has been massively improved; timeliness of response and speedy resolution of issues friendly, helpful, can do attitude of team members.

Less down time at work as help desk respond in a very timely manner

Kathryn Sharkey, Workforce Information Manager – Wigan

Kathryn has worked tirelessly to ensure all staff who have undertaken full time education courses have received tax and national insurance rebates through widening access.

This has generated a phenomenal amount of work for Kathryn and for many of us, we were not even aware that we were entitled to this refund.

Joanne Austin, Workforce Information Officer – Wigan

Joanne is always on the end of the phone to offer advice and support, nothing is too much trouble and she is always cheerful and helpful.

It’s reassuring to know that if you have a problem the person on the other end of the phone will bend over backwards to help and that’s Joanne.

It would be nice to see our corporate colleagues hard work recognised as their help and support enables us as clinicians spend more time with our patients.

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