Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the Month for December and January

Ours stars for December and January include a Community Nurse who ensured a poorly patient was able to spend the final moments of his wife’s life with her, our Infection Control lead who provided staff flu vaccination sessions across all of the Trust and the Halton School Nursing Team for delivering the National Childhood Flu Programme to school years 1 and 2 in the borough…

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

The full list of staff nominated by their colleagues as Stars of the Month for November 2015 include:


Adults star of the month

Chloe Sutton, Nursing Assistant, St Helens

Chloe has organised the bloods and ensured that the blood forms have not been lost and ensured safe service provision. She has worked solidly to ensure no backlog and co-ordinated with other areas to ensure that the bloods were not missed.

During a period of two nursing teams merging she has worked efficiently and in her own time to make things easier for the day-to-day running of the team.

District Nursing Team 2, St Helens

The whole team are dedicated to their work and do their upmost for every single one of the patients on their case load.

The whole team have been patient and supportive of a student taking the time to answer questions and teach. The student Nurse said that “it is an experience I will never forget and the things I have learnt have set strong foundations for me to build upon. Patients have reported to me what a great team they are and their so grateful for everything the nurses do. If I become half the nurse that the members of this team are I will be happy.”

Emma Hill, Staff Nurse, Wigan

Emma went to a routine house visit and found an unknown member of the public face down on the pavement in the street unresponsive.

Emma acted immediately and without any hesitation or doubt, assessed the gentleman and commenced CPR instructing another member of public to ring the ambulance service. Emma, who is pregnant, continued CPR until the ambulance service arrived and handed his care over.

Emma continued her daily visits without any hesitation. She was later informed the man died in hospital. Her team are very proud her and want to acknowledge her professionalism and how she went above and beyond her normal daily duties yet still continued to maintain her professional image for the rest of her working day.

Lesley Harrison and Team 3,  District Nursing,  Garswood Clinic

They work efficiently, encourage innovation, professional at all times , even when they have a difficult and heavy caseload with terminal patients with whom they treat with open and honest care . They do this at all times even when demand ways out capacity.

Jackie Harrison, Intermediate Care Lead Nurse, Warrington

Jackie is patient centred, open and honest and Professional. A new tem member said that  “Jackie has been wonderful, she has really helped me to settle in and I feel really welcomed into the team. It is a privileged to work with Jackie and she is always there if I have a question.”

Deborah Bostoc, Intermediate Care Sister, Warrington

I am new to the team and Debbie has been so supportive and really welcomed me into the team. She is always there for me if I need support.

Susan Taylor, Evening Service Community Nurse, Warrington

Susan ensured a poorly patient continued to receive his antibiotic treatment whilst allowing him to spend the final moments of his wife’s life with her. The patient has commented that this alleviated some anxiety with regards to his health and both the patient and family are very grateful for her going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure his needs were met.

Peter Morgan, Infection, Prevention and Control Nurse Lead, Warrington

Peter has gone above and beyond his duties to provide staff flu vaccination sessions across all localities within Bridgewater.

This has helped to protect both staff and patients from flu during the up and coming winter months. They are innovative by working with the nurses within Bridgewater to carry out the flu campaign.

They are professional and have been caring in their approach when staff have said that they have had reactions from the jab. He is leading other staff and has organised resources for nurses to pick up in order for them to carry out the vaccination sessions.

Carol Mellor, Community Staff Nurse, St Helens

Carol has been a rock to myself showing support and guidance when needed, which is exactly what I have needed when being new to the Trust.

Carol is compassionate, with the patients always being at the heart of her nursing care. Excellent role model to nursing.

Nicola Roberts and Wigan Out Of Hours Team, Wigan

The Wigan OOH Service have worked to enable both the mobilisation of TPP patient management System to enable improved patient care and joint working with NWAS 111

The team need to be congratulated on all the work training and process mapping required to transfer the service over the month of October and November, well done!

Childrens star of the month December and JanuaryChildren’s

Services Carol Rowlands, Healthcare Resource Centre, Widnes

Carol has shown exceptional leadership in the setup of the Bolton 5-19 service. She has shown ingenuity and compassion in working with the clinical staff in Bolton as well as coordinating corporate services to support the setup of the new service.

She is a credit to the directorate. We are very lucky to have such a talented hard working and committed staff member on the team.

Carole Birchall, Clinic Supervisor, Warrington

Carole always has a smile. She very efficient, open and honest to both patients and her work colleagues.

Nothing is too much trouble; she makes sure study time is given for staff doing NVQ’s, even when we are short staffed. She always makes sure her staff have had lunch etc. before herself, often working through her own.

Halton School Nursing Team, Widnes

Halton School Nursing Team has recently delivered the National Childhood Flu Programme. This programme was delivered, for the first time, in schools to young children in Years 1 and 2.

Every single member of the team, which included Clerical Staff, School Nursing Assistants, Community Nursery Nurses, Community Staff Nurses and School Nurses really pulled together to deliver the immunisations in 51 Primary Schools and two community clinic settings in Halton over a five week period.

This was a huge undertaking in terms of the time and organisation involved but all team members worked to ensure the programme was delivered in a very child friendly, patient centred way.

Liaison with school head teachers and staff ensured the immunisation sessions were delivered to best requirements and overall the programme was successfully delivered, meeting Public Health England targets, in an efficient professional manner by our excellent staff who all deserve our recognition for the excellent work they’ve achieved.

Karen Thompson, Personal Assistant, Widnes

Karen has helped me so much in my new role as health visitor team leader. She always answers any questions quickly and more importantly correctly (she seems to know everything!). She has endless patience and is always professional, friendly and helpful.

Rhian Moore, Margaret Jaber, Emma Richmond, Yvonne Jameson, Lisa Lelland, Jackie Jacks, Joanne Johnson, Tracey Breary, Pam Faulkner, Colette Holland, Clare Coleman, Stephanie Reason, Gaynor Gartland, Anne Plant, Anne Johnson, Emma Frayne, Debbie Taylor, Caroline FIsher, School Health Team, Warrington

The team has worked very hard in delivering the flu campaign to children in years 1 & 2 in the primary schools.

The team has shown excellent team working to ensure that the flu campaign was successful and school health provision continued.

Annette McEvoy, Staff Nurse, Wigan

Annette provided training in December 2015 on the Ages and Stages assessment to a group of external nursery nurses as requested by Wigan’s early year’s team.

Annette received the following feedback from Emily Wood, 0-4 Outcomes Improvement Co-ordinator “Annette talked from the heart and inspired practitioners with real life examples of how she worked with parents and helped to support their understanding of their children’s learning and development using the ASQ. She had a clear focus on making a positive difference for children and their families with emphasis on doing rather than focusing too heavily on paperwork.”

Jayne Heyes, Health Visitor, Wigan

Jayne’s team leader forwarded feedback from three members of staff thanking her for her support in getting to grips with EPR, an example is “Jane Heyes has been calm, patient and methodical in helping me with EPR training.

It has been especially useful as Jayne has taught me from a Health Visiting perspective. Her input has been very much appreciated and knowing that she is available for support has made the transition to EPR much easier.”

Lisa Forshaw, Family Nurse, Wigan

Lisa is currently providing support to Family Nurse Partnership team during long term absence of team Supervisor.

She has taken on extra responsibilities at the same time as continuing her role as Family Nurse to her current client caseload. She acts in a professional, patient centred manner always considering clients and other team members.

She acts as a link for Therese Woods acting Supervisor, Therese would also like to add her appreciation acknowledging Lisa’s hard work and commitment to her role and the team.

Ashton Health Visiting Team, Jane Roberts, Brenda Fisher, Samantha Talbot, Louise Taylor, Carol Leverett, Katherine Mehlo, Gill Reilly, Karen Yates and Lynn Cobley – Health Visitor, CNN, Student HV, Administrator – Wigan

They have a family of seven children whose mother unfortunately died earlier this year. Louise was able to gain support from local supermarkets in providing a Christmas to remember for the family!

This includes Christmas food, gifts and even a turkey! In addition to this the Ashton team will be spending Friday 18th December delivering donated Christmas presents to families in need on their caseload.

A big thank you to: Jane Roberts, Brenda Fisher, Samantha Talbot, Louise Taylor, Carol Leverett, Katherine Mehlo, Gill Reilly, Karen Yates and Lynn Cobley for all your hard work in going the extra mile to support those in need this Christmas.

Haydock Health Visiting Team Claire Goth, Jayne Mason, Louise McAdam, Denice McGuirk, Ann Radice, Alison Shaw and Lyndsey Walsh, St Helens.

The team members have worked hard and remained child focused ensuring the healthy child programme continues to be provided in an efficient but professional way, so as to meet the needs of local families.

Colette Bloomfield and the Clinic Support Workers, Warrington

For supporting the school health team to deliver the flu campaign to years 1 & 2 in the primary schools and their excellent team working.

Denise Ginty, Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, Wigan

Denise has been highly commended by a parent as part of a Patient Experience Project. Denise was praised for her clinical input as a Physiotherapist with a particular child who she worked with but also the child’s mum stated that she appreciated the way Denise got to know the child and the family, and understood them.

Mum talked about the clinical and functional outcomes – but also the emotional connection. Wwe need to celebrate this as much as the clinical outcomes as the research shows that when parents feel emotionally supported, self- management and perception of outcomes improves.

This was a great example of parent satisfaction within Paediatric Physiotherapy.

Helen Rix, Community Nursery Nurse, Wigan

Helen has participated in an innovative 2 Year Old Children’s’ Integrated Review pilot in Wigan.

Helen has gone “above and beyond” her role to ensure that the pilot is a success and she has acted with considerable professionalism within multi-agency working. Well done!

Katy Harrod, Paediatric Physiotherapist, Wigan

Katy has shown a professional attitude and person centred approach by ensuring that the children in the service come first.

Katy has been proactive in planning the waiting list and caseload to ensure that the needs of the children are best met and that the performance of the service remains effective. She has been adaptable and very flexible in her attitude and took the pressure off other clinicians by working in this way.

She is an asset to our team.

Tracey Fairhurst,School Nurse, Newton Clinic

Tracey has always worked in a child focused manor, completing health assessments when required and despite her having a large caseload and demands to provide public health, she aimlessly strives to provide as much safeguarding information in short time scales as possible.

She is a complete asset to the school nursing service and a fantastic role model for colleagues

Vicky Sixsmith, Health Visiting Support Worker, Wigan

Vicky has supported the HV team over a number of years especially by using her excellent IT skills and knowledge to help the team work efficiently.

Vicky is a positive and enthusiastic member of the team who works conscientiously and with initiative. Vicky is moving to another locality and she will be most definitely missed!

Carla Butler, Health Visitor, Wigan

Carla has been very helpful and supportive to a new staff member has felt very welcomed in to the team and has settled in really well – she is really happy in her new team and Carla has helped her greatly – nothing is too much trouble for her and she has gone above and beyond to make sure the member of staff is fully supported.

Carole Brazier, Breast Feeding Coordinator, Halton

Carole has, through hard work and determination, successfully led the Halton and St Helens health visiting teams and Halton midwifery service through a very challenging UNICEF baby friendly stage 3 accreditation process.

This has also raised the profile of Bridgewater locally and nationally. Well done and thank you Carole

Rachel Akehurst, Health Visiting, Wigan

I would like to nominate Rachel for her professional achievements and to give her the recognition she deserves.

Rachel created our current domestic abuse tool during her training in becoming a health visitor. She has worked with the safeguarding team to audit the tool and domestic abuse. To Rachel’s absolute credit and determination she has had a five page article published in the CPHVA national magazine November edition 2015.

Rachel is a fabulous most professional health visitor and I congratulate her, we are very proud at Leigh.

Sharon Brown, Infant Feeding Coordinator,  Wigan

Sharon Brown has gained a top prestigious award for her dedicated hard work in Breastfeeding.

Sharon, for the past year has been studying for and has now been awarded the specialist Diploma in Breastfeeding and the prestigious award and title of ‘International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)’ who specialises in the clinical management of breastfeeding. Big Congratulations to Sharon.

Our staff and mothers will benefit from all her hard work and commitment as well as the profound knowledge in her specialism

Tracy Whitford, Public Health Nursing, Warrington

Tracy has supported the development of a new role in Warrington.The role has been developed following a funding bid from the prime ministers challenge fund to support the health needs of vulnerable families within five GP practices in the central north cluster area of Warrington.

Tracy has arranged and put together a 43 page document to support this role which includes a description of the service, timescales, caseload activity diary, policies and procedures supporting the project, and redesigned referral forms to be used. She has also supported a new starter to the area, and attended meetings to organise this project.

This is on top of Tracy’s full time role within Bridgewater as Health Visitor team leader. Thanks to Tracy this project is now off the ground.

Vicky Sixsmith,  Support Worker Health Visiting, Wigan

The Pemberton health visiting team would like to nominate Vicky who has worked with us for 5 1/2 years. During this time she has become a valued member of the team.

She is always willing to help, nothing is ever too much trouble for her and she does everything with a smile on her face!

Sadly Vicky is moving to another locality we will all miss her greatly but our loss is the other areas gain! We wish her well with her new adventure.

Tracey Catterall, Team Administrator Health Visitors, Wigan

Tracey has selflessly given up her time to support colleagues in another locality as they have gone live with Electronic Patient Record.

Tracey is always willing to help others and share her knowledge and skills to ensure colleagues feel confident with new ways of working. Tracey always approaches her work with a positive attitude and is a great asset to the service.

Cheryl Owens, Paediatric Nurse Advisor, St Helens

Cheryl is a delightful member of the team, she only joined six months ago, however she has embraced the world of continence and already made a difference in many children’s lives.

She has received many feedback forms from patients thanking her for the help she gives, above and beyond.


Steve Lorriman, Offender Health, HMP Risley

Since Steve gained his promotion, he has become an excellent team leader and very supportive of his staff offering an open door policy.


Darren Heaney and Team, IT Services, Wigan

Implemented TPP System One to Wigan Oot-of-Hours system assured mapping mobilisation and training the team were approachable and supportive with all the OOH team.

Vickie Halfpenny, Senior Administrator, St Helens

A man came to the clinic window said that 999 had told him to come to the Bowery for the clinic defib as a lady had collapsed on the bus outside.

There were no Nurses or HV’s in at that point so Vickie grabbed the defib and went outside as the GP reception had sent the man over to the clinic side and Vickie didn’t think she could just hand the defib over to a stranger.

When Vickie got to the bus another passenger (a Nurse from St Helens Hospital) was dealing with the casualty and she was still liaising with 999 until the ambulance arrived. She asked Vickie to remain there in case the defib was needed.

Vickie behaved admirably and on her own behalf and on behalf of Bridgewater.

Adie Richards, Cath Taylor, Sharon Thompson, Practice Education Facilitators (PEF’S), Warrington

The PEF Team has undergone significant change over the last 12 months with two new members joining Adie who only commenced in post last year.

They have clearly demonstrated all the Trust values in their approach to supporting mentors across the organisation to ensure that high quality is paramount and have received excellent feedback from staff and students.

Lorraine Forshaw, Receptionist/Clerical Assistant, Widnes

Lorraine regularly goes beyond her role and duties as an admin assistant to organise fundraising events for staff based at the Bridges.

In the past she has raised money for Macmillan Nurses and a variety of charities by making and selling cards, arranging tombola’s and sweepstakes for a nominal donation from staff.

She is a highly dedicated member of the team and spends a lot of her spare time planning and making arrangements for these events. She deserves the honour of being awarded Star of the month so that staff at the Bridges can show her how much we appreciate all of her efforts and hard work.

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