Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the month for August and September 2017

Stars of the Month is an internal scheme within Bridgewater which recognises Trust staff nominated by their colleagues for going above and beyond in their roles.

Halton and Warrington

Catherine Holbrook, Service Coordinator, GP Out of Hours Warrington

Catherine went above and beyond to support her colleagues to support patient and service needs for patients.

Collette Woodward, Community Staff Nurse, Warrington

Supported delivery of care to support and ensure safe transfer of care for transfer of patients as part of transfer of St Helen’s services

Debbie Ross, Healthcare Assistant, District Nursing, Warrington

Supported Staff Nurse Holleran to visit and support prompt care for verification of death with patient.

Kate Holleran, Community Staff Nurse, District Nursing, Warrington

 Feedback from patients wife, prompt professional response to verify expected death.

Katie Parry, Community Matron, – Service Delivery/Adult Community, Warrington

 Katie demonstrated high level of professionalism in dealing with a very complex end of life patient

Katie displayed all of the 6C’s values – Commitment, courage, competence, compassion, communication and care.

Katie had to liaise with managers, frontline staff, GP’s and the patient and their family in what was a very difficult case.

Laura Dickenson, Phlebotomy Nursing Assistant, District Nursing, Warrington

 Laura works in the phlebotomy drop in clinic at Orford Jubilee Park.

Laura’s workload has recently increased and she has approached the change positively and can see the long term benefits it will have on the service.

She has worked extremely hard to help make the change a success.

Michelle Bibby, Community Staff Nurse, District Nursing, Warrington

 Award as part of team for delivery of acre to patients to ensure safe transfer of care for transfer of St Helen’s District Nurses patients

Paul O’Brien, Nurse Practitioner, Widnes Urgent Care Centre

 For the support and commitment to NHS England’s visit to Widnes Urgent Care Centre. The feedback from NHS England was superb.

The visit showcased the collaboration and innovation at the heart of our partnerships

Hayley Brown, Nurse Practitioner – Widnes Urgent Care Centre

For the support and commitment to NHS England’s visit to Widnes Urgent Care Centre, the feedback from NHS England was superb.

The visit showcased the collaboration and innovation at the heart of our partnerships.

Veronica Monks, Phlebotomy Nursing Assistant, District Nursing, Warrington

Veronica works in the phlebotomy drop in clinic at Orford Jubilee Park.

Veronica’s workload has recently increased and she has approached the change positively and can see the long term benefits it will have on the service.

She has worked extremely hard to help make the change a success.

 Widnes Urgent Care Centre

 For the support and commitment to NHS England’s visit to Widnes Urgent Care Centre, the feedback from NHS England was superb.

The visit showcased the collaboration and innovation at the heart of our partnerships

 Angela Smith, Medical Device Liaison Officer, Quality Governance, Warrington

 This was a situation where a mother was distressed that the saturation monitor that she required for her child with a tracheostomy was broken.

The nurse caring for the child was unable to source her preferred monitor which was leading to distress for the mother as she was unable to sleep.

The Nurse contacted Angela for help.

After trying to source this vital piece of equipment, Angela went above and beyond to help all parties by finding one in Widnes and as the nurse was on her own in Warrington she collected one from Warrington to swap with Widnes and then took the one from Widnes back to Warrington, so the mum got the Covidien Saturation that she wanted.

The nurse stated that she was very grateful and less stressed and the child’s mother was ‘over the moon’.

Paul Rigby, Service Desk Analyst,IT Services Warrington

Always helpful and provides a quick turn around on the calls logged that he is assigned.

Solved issues and provided solutions where others have not.

Would highly recommend Paul to anyone in the Trust.

Alyson Roberts, Lucy Tiling, Cheryl Moore – OT, Physio, Parkinsons’ Disease/Neuro Nurse – Warrington

Alyson (OT), Lucy (Physio), Cheryl (Nurse) all presented at a Parkinson’s UK Conference on the role of Community multi-disciplinary teams working with patients with Parkinson’s disease.

As a result they have received excellent feedback from those attending, and have been approached to participate in future research with a national charity.

Their professional patient centred approach definitely came across

Brenda Clarke and Natalie Kalaker, Community Midwife, Halton Community Midwifery Service

 Brenda and Natalie were caring for a woman who was having a planned home birth. The woman was birthing in a birthing pool and the labour and delivery were progressing normally until there was a problem with the delivery of the baby’s body.

The two midwives acted quickly and professionally in removing the woman promptly from the pool, delivering the baby successfully, initiating neonatal resuscitation (which was successful) and at the same time, supporting the father of the baby to contact the emergency services to ensure that a paramedic and ambulance arrived within 4 minutes to transfer mum and baby to hospital for the necessary checks.

Eliza Chan-Ma, Speech & Language Therapist, Warrington

 Eliza is a huge asset to our team and regularly goes over and above her day-to-day role.

She is hardworking, dedicated and will always go the extra mile to support her team members and deliver excellent patient care.

Eliza is enthusiastic and has been involved in multiple projects within our team – she has updated the departmental website, been the lead for our Voice of the Child work and new therapy groups over the summer.

Gemma Dowd, Staff Nurse, Adult Community, Runcorn

 Gemma has gone above and beyond expectations ensuring all my learning outcomes are achieved to the highest standard.

Her professionalism and patient centred innovation has encouraged me and inspired me to become confident and become an advocate for the patients under our care.

Gemma is a huge personality and she always makes an effort to boost spirits within a hardworking team.

Her work ethic and commitment to help other staff within the team deserves recognition.

Sibel Carter, Nursing Assistant, District Nursing, Warrington

Sibel has been a huge amount of support to the team especially over recent months when the team has been working under pressure.

Sibel’s work is mainly office based, she has demonstrated herself to be very efficient and well organised, she is amazing and we don’t know how the team would function without her support in the office.

Susan Brown, Continence Advisor , Bladder & Bowel Care Service, Woolston Clinic

 Sue worked in the Continence Service in Halton & St Helens and also assisted with the Warrington service.

Since June 2017 Sue has once again worked across both services whilst also inducting a new member of staff.

Working across two services has its difficulties in working in different ways.  It has not been an easy task but Sue has risen to the challenge on each occasion.

The services could not have managed and carried on providing care for the patients without Sue’s help.

Sue is invaluable a great asset to the service and trust and I appreciate and thank her very much.

Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

Alex Eckersley, Health Care Support Worker, 5- 19 Years Integrated Service. Bolton

 Supporting the Clinical Manger in developing organisational charts

Ann Donnelly, Senior Oral Health Promoter, Seymour Grove Health Centre

 Ann has been involved with a local charity, Homestart, which helps the most vulnerable and deprived residents in the Trafford area.

Ann has been involved with this group both professionally and also she has given a lot of her own time to support the charity and the people it helps.

Ann has most definitely gone above and beyond and well deserves to be recognised for her efforts.

Danielle Cooper, Specialist Occupational Therapist, CFS/ME Service Wigan

On a day to day basis, Danielle aims to help her clients learn how to manage their symptoms of CFS/ME therefore function to the optimum.

She has gone above and beyond for two of her clients in particular ensuring that they both received a further medical assessments and financial support to help them to maintain quality of life.

Gillian Priestley , Senior Health Care Assistant, Child Health, Wigan

Gillian has demonstrated fantastic working with regards to the implementation of Crucial Crew initiative that was presented and delivered to the Wigan Borough.

The sessions were delivered over a 2 week period and Gillian saw 1800 children, 300 school staff and 54 schools attended the sessions.

This was a fantastic and valuable piece of work which was well received by all involved.

Helen Aspinall, Assistant Practitioner, Child Health, Wigan

Helen has been a key member of staff with regards to the implementation of Crucial Crew that was presented and delivered to the Wigan Borough.

The sessions were delivered over a 2 week period and Helen saw 1800 children, 300 school staff and 54 schools attended the sessions.

This was a fantastic piece of work and raising the visibility of the school nursing team.

Laura Higginson, Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Practitioner, MSK CATS, Wigan

Laura is an integral part of the team within MSK CATS, she is enthusiastic and innovative and always strives to look at ways in which we can continue to improve the service as a whole, always ensuring that this benefits the best interests of the patient at all times.

Laura is very supportive with her colleagues helping them develop within their roles and in their personal development.

Laura goes above and beyond and that extra mile to help.

Norma Robinson, Wendy Unsworth, Nichola Perks, Vicky Ali, Sarah Crehan, Ruth Clayton and Diane Swift, Child Health Computer Section Team, Wigan

The Child Health Computer Section team have worked tirelessly in the last 12 months to ensure the electronic patient records for the 0 -19 population of Ashton, Leigh and Wigan have the essential screening and immunisation data inputted in a timely manner.

They are dedicated to the population they serve and go beyond what is expected to ensure records are correct, the immunisation scheduling system is working correctly and that all stakeholders have the correct information they need to enable them to offer high quality service.

Callum Watt, Physiotherapist, MSK Outpatients, Leigh

 This Physio goes above and beyond on a daily basis, he is consistently kind and empathetic to all his patients whilst also maintain a high standard of clinical care.

Chandler District Nursing Team Wigan

 The whole team has been nominated for all the hard work, commitment, compassion, team working and above all, the fantastic care given to the local population in Wigan.

Without this team, the job would not have been as rewarding as it is and they cannot be thanked enough. Good luck in the future to all the team

Jenny Theodore, Community Matron, Long Term Conditions , Castlefields Health Centre

Jenny has made a difference to one of her patients by building his confidence and making a great difference to his life.

Jenny invests much time and effort into the care of her patients and feedback suggests that she has a positive effect on many of her patients.

Joanne Hill, Family Nurse, Family Nurse Partnership, Wigan

Joanne has recently received some lovely feedback from a client.

I don’t know how I would have managed through some things in the past 2 years without the help, support and advice from my amazing family nurse Joanne!

Since having a family nurse my confidence in being a mum and being a young woman with dreams has rocketed. My family nurse reassured me that I could still follow my dreams and explained many aspects of going to university when you’re a mother.

The help and advice I received from Joanne convinced me to apply for university. Five interviews, seven tests and competing  against 2000 other applicants for midwifery, I was offered one of 29 places to study midwifery at university and finally become a midwife!

I can honestly say I don’t think I would be where I am today if it wasn’t for the help, support and confidence my family nurse Joanne has given me, not with just being an amazing mother to my son but for helping me in every aspect in getting into university!

Personally I believe that the family nurse partnership is an amazing service and helped me in so many ways I never imagined and every young mother should at least give it a chance.

Big thank you to my incredible family nurse Joanne for everything you have done and continue to do for me and my son!

Michelle Campbell, Community Nurse, Health Outreach Inclusion, Wigan

 Michelle came across a lady who had had a fall in the street, she stopped and gave first aid and called an ambulance making sure the lady was cared for until paramedics arrived.

Sarah Hume, Health Visitor, Oldham Right Start 0-19

Sarah recently received feedback which was sent to head office from one of the families whom she works with. This feedback was extremely positive and was highlighted as outstanding feedback from the feedback team.

The feedback is highly reflective of the amazing work Sarah undertakes in her daily duties, always going above and beyond for her clients. She is a highly valued member of the team and organisation and is very much appreciated by the families with who she works.

Tracey Hearfield and all the Health Visiting Team, Longshoot, Wigan

Tracey is constantly smiling and positive. Tracey always has time for all the staff, despite being very busy herself.

She is clearly caring, cheerful, professional and happy within her role and this really shows, the team here work very well together and this may be part of the reason.

When I have been out to see families and she is their named health visitor they always have given positive feedback.

This is such a lovely team and I think this should be celebrated!


Smriti Mahato (SIMI) – EPD Support, Education & Professional Development Team,Wigan

Simi has been nominated by the Wigan Staff Engagement Champions for the innovation and care that she has shown for colleagues and members of staff attending for training at Chandler House.

The ‘inspirational’ quotes that Simi writes daily on the information board at the Learning Centre are a great way of motivating and engaging staff, bringing a smile to people’s faces and making people feel good.

This is something that Simi has implemented and many others have now started to do in their workplace.

This has had a huge impact on a number of staff within the organisation.

Chris Starkey, Estates Manager, Estates and Facilities Division, Wigan

The original base that we worked out of was in a very challenging area and when the vast majority of services moved out it left us feeling very vulnerable.

Chris worked above and beyond to ensure that the moved happened on time.

Jo Savage, Business Support Innovation & Improvement Team, Wigan

Jo supported with helping to type and print the team charter which was required urgently the next morning the team charter was typed and sent back.

This was a great support

Judy Gleave, Recruitment Administrator, HR, Wigan

Judy has recently helped everyone at Bolton 5-19 with recruitment of staff.

We have recently recruited to a large number of vacant posts and without Judy’s knowledge, professionalism and a great deal of patience this would not have been possible.

Jonathan Stafford, Financial Services Manager, Wigan

Jonathan has dealt with some very tricky situations for the department including issues in Oldham and Bolton around petty cash, whereby the service where unhappy with finance and Jonathan went out to meet the team, provide training and help build up relations.

He has also put plans in place to help bring down the number of queries and issues on the supplier ledger to help expedite payments and he is consistently challenging the team to do better.

Jonathan has executive potential, very strategic and is always striving to improve and encourage, and for a non-clinical employee he always puts the patient interest first and supports the services interest.

He is a real asset to this organisation, always going the extra mile.

Liam Sankey, Business Accountant, Finance , Wigan

 Liam supported the production of the reference costs for 2016/17 which is always a painstaking, time consuming task.

Liam embraced the project and produced some sterling work to bring it all together despite the difficulties in obtaining some of the information.

He sought guidance/advice when required and showed tremendous dedication and commitment to achieve this and has generated a template that we can use for the exercise going forward and will fulfil other reporting requirements the department has.