Paediatric Speech & Language Therapy – what people say about us…

What people say about us…

Staff and Parents attending PODD Training at Chesnut Lodge School (Nov 14)

Session was very useful

Hopeful this will work

I am looking forward to trying to use the book

I think PODD is great

Thank you for the ongoing support from SLT

Staff from Ashley School (2014)

(Jude was) very helpful and approachable, able to ask for advice and help for pupils

I have been able to ask for advice and have also made referrals for pupils in my form

The pupils are looking forward to the S&L sessions

Initially the pupils were reluctant to join in but soon settled and looked forward to the group each week.  One pupil in particular enjoyed being ‘in control’ of her communication problems and was able to use a variety of strategies to help herself

Staff from college

Thanks again for the training we all really enjoyed the session.

Feedback from a nursery teacher who attended our last Communication Forum

It was really great, to get together with other communication champions from other settings and share ideas. Jude, Kelly and Amanda were really helpful and were really taking on board suggestions. I think it’s a great thing that should be continued!

Feedback from a Teaching Assistant who attended one of our training sessions:

The training was fantastic! I learnt so much and the two girls who delivered it were great!

Feedback from Parents whose children have accessed our service:

“Kept us included all the time, we had home visits, nursery and school visits. He is confident at talking everyone can understand him now. All his words were “uh” – now you can’t shut him up”.

Everything got explained very well. I’ve learnt a lot and use it everyday. People give mixed advice so this course helped me doing things the right way. He knows a lot more words and uses them”

“Think it will make more of a difference at school, helping her teachers to understand her” “Much better service than we have experienced in other areas. Information will also be

helpful for rest of my children. Already on child’s wavelength but understanding more about how to respond to my child’s efforts afterwards”

I’m really pleased with how [Name] is progressing. Not getting frustrated with each other any more

“We have found the service excellent. It will provide focus for me to develop any interventions”

“Thank you for all support – lots of people have commented on his progress”

“Thank you so much for all your help and support, very happy with SLT service for my son”

A recent OFSTEAD report for Halton Lodge Children’s Centre said this about Speech & Language Therapy

“Good partnerships between the day care provision, the children’s centre, the local authority Early Years Team and the Speech Therapy Service results in good progress for children”

What a school said about one of our Speech & Language Therapy Assistants, Kelly Stebbings:

“The input of an assistant was really helpful and worked well”

A parent talking about working with one of our Speech & Language Therapy Assistants says:

“We really enjoyed the session the other day and **** loves Mr Tongue!  Thanks for the resources and all your help”

An Educational Psychologist talking about one of our Speech & LanguageTherapists says:

“I just wanted to thank you for your assessment and report for ****. I found the report really clear and felt that you have been able to add to our understanding of ****’s current communicative functioning and their needs in relation to future development.  I feel this will be very useful to both ****’s current school and ****’s future educational providers”

A TA speaking about working with a Speech Therapy Assistant to support a child in her class says:

“I have found Speech & Language Therapy with **** very beneficial and rewarding.  I feel more confident now to carry on with **** when his/her sessions have finished with Tracey”

A local Children’s Centre Manager says:

““Speech and Language services are the jewel in our crown” they are the service who “had it all together”

Parents attending a ‘Lead the Way’ course say:

“By OWLing he’s taking me on his little journey and letting me into his world.” “I wish I’d had this course before all of my kids were born”

Parent attending a “Communication Using Pictures” course says:

“The training session has opened my eyes to help me realise the potential my child has.”

SENCo from a local school talking about one of the Therapists Nicola Ashbrook says:

“You are fabulous!!! It is so good to have this line of communication.  I really appreciate all you do for the children!!.

A parent of a child who attended a group:

“The group was a turning point in my child’s communication, it gave him the confidence he needed to become comfortable with his talking”

A Teaching assistant

“We just wanted to thank you very much for the resources that you sent through to us.  We have just finished putting it all together & look forward to using them soon.  Thanks again”

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