What is Speech and Language Therapy?

What is Speech and Language Therapy?

What can we help with?

  • Difficulty understanding or following what is said
  • Difficulty using words or sentences
  • Difficulty with sounds e.g difficulty saying words clearly
  • Stammering/Stuttering
  • Feeding/swallowing difficulties
  • Social interaction difficulties and Autism
  • Speech and language difficulties associated with complex medical conditions(e.g.Cerebral Palsy, cleft lip and palate, Downs Syndrome, Hearing Impairment
  • Using Augmentative or Alternative Communication AAC)
  • Voice disorders
  • Bilingual children

View information on the typical stages of speech and language development.

How to Refer

Weave an open referral system meaning that (with Parental consent) anybody can make a referral for a child/young person

View the referral details on our homepage.

Your first appointment: What to expect?

Once we have received a referral for a child we will contact the Parents/Carers and ask them to let us know if they would still like an appointment (opt-in).  Once a family has opted-in we will allocate the referral to a member of the team to offer your 1st appointment within 18 weeks of us receiving the referral.

What happens if I dont opt-in?

We will assume that you no longer have concerns about the child you they will be discharged from the Service.

Your first appointment may be at a Health Centre Clinic, Children’s Centre, Child Development Centre, at home, school or at nursery/pre-school and you will be notified of this in writing.

What will happen at the appointment?

  • The appointment usually last 40-60 minutes and may be with an SLT, and SLT and an SLT Assistant (SLTA) or an SLT and an SLT Student
  • We will collect information from the parent/teacher about the Childs/young person’s development and their speech and language development including play and social skills.
  • Don’t worry if your child is shy or doesn’t speak at the 1st appointment – we are used to this
  • The therapist may play with your child or may have brought some assessments(which may just be a series of pictures) to look at with the child/young person.

Unfortunately your child will be discharged from the service if you do not attend your 1st appointment or if you cancel 2 consecutive appointments.

What will happen following the first appointment?

The therapist will discuss with you any findings and together you can decide what will happen next.  Options are usually one of the following:

  • Discharge ( Your child/young person’s skills are within the expected range)
  • Advice/ activities to be carried out in school or at home (Your child/young person may be discharged from the service while these activities are worked through)
  • Waiting list (Your child/young person may be placed on the waiting list for a few more sessions with a member of therapy staff)

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