Paediatric Speech & Language Therapy – Parents and Teachers Roles

If your child is aged 0 – 4 years and requires some therapy:

Your child may benefit from visits at home or in school/nursery to help with their talking. A Speech & Language Therapy Assistant (SLTA) may visit you.

The aim of these visits is to give you ideas and tips, and show you fun/motivating things to do. These will help your child with:

  • Listening
  • Understanding
  • Talking
  • Speech Sounds
  • Social Skills
  • Stammer

What we expect from you

Try to find a quiet corner in the house or setting for us to do the visits — please turn off the TV or radio.

Practise what we show you in between our visits.

Contact us if you are not going to be at home or if your child is not well/absent.

Ask us any questions if you want us to tell you more about why we are doing what we are doing.

If your child/young person (YP) is in school/College and requires some therapy/support :

We aim to work in partnership with you and your child/YP’s school to promote successful communication.

We will offer intervention as detailed below (as appropriate for the child/YP’s clinical need):

  • Specialist Input:  Advice and strategies for a specific child/YP and/or training of a specific member of school staff to deliver 1 – 1 intervention in the form of a programme targeted at the specific child/YP’s needs.

If your child/YP is being seen in school you will be invited into school to meet with us and attend their child’s appointment

If you work in a school and a child is referred to us then school will be expected to support the therapy staff by providing a designated member of staff to work with us and the child/YP as appropriate.

In addition we can meet with school to discuss how to support specific children/YP in class and help plan Individual Education Plan Targets.

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