Falls Prevention – Halton

Falls PreventionDescription of service

The Falls Prevention Service aims to provide primary prevention and reduce injurious falls in the older population.

The Service is aimed at individuals 50 years and over who have fallen and/or are at risk of further falls.

The objectives of the service are to deliver primary prevention advice, assess further falls risks, and provide interventions and to refer on to other services as appropriate.

The Halton Falls Service provide:

  • Multifactorial falls risk assessment either in the home, clinic or care settings
  • Multifactorial interventions
  • Fall Prevention programmes
  • Profession Education
  • Falls Awareness events
  • Case/Risk Identification
  • Encourage the participation of Older People in Falls education and information programme

Who can access the service?

All adults aged 50 and over who have had one or more unexplained fall who are resident in the Boroughs of Halton or registered with a General Practitioner in Halton.

How can people access the service?

Service is accessed by Health Professionals, Social Services, Voluntary Agencies or Ambulance Referral and self-referrals.

The FRAT Tool is used as referral into Service we will also accept SAP documentation.

Where is the service offered?

Most patients referred in will have an intervention at home from the service either by the team (Specialist Nurse Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, and Podiatrist) or appropriate team member.

Contact details

Falls Prevention Halton
Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust
Runcorn Town Hall, Heath Road, Runcorn WA7 5TD
Tel:  01928 593563
Textphone: 18001 01928 593563
Fax: 01928 593572

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