Bladder & Bowel Service – Halton

Halton Bladder & Bowel Service / Adult Continence Promotion Service

Description of service

This service is provided by a specialist team of nurses who are available to all patients over the age of 19 who are resident in the Halton with a bladder or bowel issue.

This includes all nursing/residential/supported living homes.

The aim of this service is to improve patient’s quality of life by offering a full holistic assessment to promote continence, identify issues that may be the cause of incontinence and refer to other health professionals for further investigation and treatment as required.

Appropriate aids and products, are provided to manage intractable incontinence, based on clinical need.

This service is a source of expert advice and support for other health professionals working within a multi-disciplinary team, family and carers.

We provide training on continence issues to health professionals in the community/ family and carers.

Who can access the service? 

Any person over the age of 19 with a bladder or bowel issue who is resident in Halton and has a Halton doctor.

How can people access the service?

A completed referral form is required. This can be posted, faxed on to this service, or completed over the phone.

Patients can self refer, carers / family member can refer with the patients consent, via phone.

Any medical/ health professional including, specialist services, social services, consultants, General Practitioners can also refer.

Where is the service offered?

We are open from Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm.

We offer assessments at clinics, place of residence, including Nursing/Residential homes/supported living.

Our leaflets

Contact details

Halton Bladder & Bowel Service
Health Care Resource Centre Widnes
Oaks Place off Caldwell Rd
off Caldwell Rd

Telephone: 01744 624930
Fax: 0151 495 5468
24 hours answer phone available

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