Bridgewater celebrates its Stars of the month for January 2019

Halton and Warrington

Daniel Bousfield, Administrator, Warrington

Daniel has gone the extra mile to offer support to a Priority 1 service within healthcare at Wolves. Daniel has been flexible in his workload to accommodate priority typing and statistical reports when required by senior clinicians. Daniel has shown outstanding commitment and enthusiasm to go the extra mile along with thinking of innovative processes to reduce work queues occurring.

Elaine Terron, Receptionist, West Sector Dental, Warrington

Elaine is a delight to work with. As a receptionist she is extremely efficient, innovative, finding alternative methods to conquer and complete service delivery in a very busy clinic Elaine provides a friendly environment for patients and colleagues alike. Elaine works hard to ensure that clinic timetabling of appointments enables the patient to receive treatment within the quickest possible time. Under her watchful eye she makes sure that all the slots are filled which in turn is cost effective.

Elaine comes into work with a smile, good humour and makes the working environment a pleasure for all.

Julie Jackson, Administration Assistant, Speech & Language, Health Services at Wolves, Warrington.

Julie has mentored a colleague from the day they started and she is professional and knowledgeable in all she does and they would like to thank her for all her support.

Rhonda Byrne, Community Nursery Nurse, 19 Service, Grappenhall Clinic, Warrington

Rhonda received some fantastic feedback from a family where Rhonda had completed a 2 year development review. The compliment received from a parent was regarding how welcome and at ease Rhonda made the family feel during their appointment and that no question was a silly question to ask. The client commented that they felt the contact was extremely valuable to themselves as parents and their child and would definitely recommend the service to their friends and family. The family requested that their positive feedback was passed on to Rhonda and her Manager.

School Nurse Team, 0-19 Service, Warrington

Fabulous feedback received from our commissioner stating that “It has been great to hear such positive comments about the working relationships with Warrington schools and School Nursing Team, and how valued School Nurses are in the High Schools”.
As their Clinical Manager I would just like to recognise this compliment and the Teams continuing hard work and dedication.

 Susan Whitney,  Admin 0-19 Team, Grappenhall Clinic, Warrington

Due to recent changes within the clerical team at Grappenhall clinic, Susan has had to work frequently independently, without any other support.

Throughout this time she remained calm and always professional. She is always happy to provide the clerical help that we need and is very supportive.

She is a highly valued member of staff and the South Health Visiting team recognise her commitment and values her support. She has remained extremely professional, committed and patient focused. We feel that she needs recognition for all her hard work and excellent level of support.

Wigan, St Helens, Dental, Oldham & Bolton

Anne Longsdale,  Specialist Nurse Looked After Children , Great Lever Bolton

Anne developed and delivered an excellent presentation for the tender process. The presentation really hit the spot for young people as they understood its contents.

Carla Butler, Health Visiting Team Leader, Wigan

Carla was very supportive and caring towards a colleague at a very difficult couple of weeks in their professional career.
Carla was able to remain calm, therefore keeping her colleague calm when needed to. She helped to see the bigger picture and so they could keep focused on what needed to be done and accomplish.

Christopher Tindall, Receptionist / Business Support, 0-19 Rightstart Team, St James Children’s Centre Oldham

Chris is a wonderful front man for the centre. He is very welcoming and goes the extra mile to ensure both service users and colleagues are happy, settled and comfortable. He is full of wonderful new ideas always seeking to be innovative. Chris is very helpful and kind so much so that he came to a colleagues rescue when they got stuck in the snow.

Elicia Baxter, Team Administrator, Right Start School Nursing, Beever Children’s Centre, Oldham

Elicia has been an excellent support to the right Start practitioner Kathryn in supporting and helping to make Oldham Right Start’s first play and stay Christmas party at Beever Children’s Centre a huge success. This support was an illustration of good integrated working between Oldham right Start 0-5 service and school nursing. As well as supporting this Christmas party Elicia has been able to support Kathryn by making snacks of toast or fruit to take in to the standard sessions when she has had the opportunity and time over recent months which has been greatly appreciated.

Emma Buckley , Health Visitor, Saddleworth, Oldham

Emma is a great support, she is approachable, open and honest.
Emma is always there to support with any questions or queries colleagues may have and is always there if they need help.

Hayley Foden, Assistant Practitioner, Right Start 0-5 Year Team, Beever Children Centre, Oldham

Hayley has recently commenced with the team and helped to organise a successful play and stay Christmas party at Beever Children’s Centre ensuring that all children who attended left with a wrapped present. Although Hayley could not be at the event a great deal of time was given in the preparatory work to ensure the event went smoothly – which it did.

Immunisation Team, – 5-19 Years Children and Young Peoples Integrated Health and Wellbeing Service  Bolton

The immunisation team have demonstrated their Leadership skills by improving practice for young people who are attending for their Immunisation.

Jeanette Fagan, School Health Advisor, Right Start School Nursing, Beever Children’s Centre, Oldham

Jeanette offered to take the part of mother Christmas at the Beever play and stay Christmas party on the 21 December. Whilst taking the role of Mother Christmas to the delight of children and parents alike Jeanette also identified a family where children had no Christmas presents and was able to organise for donated presents to be taken to the family on Christmas Eve. This event showed excellent integrated working between the 0-5 Right start team and school nursing at Beever – thank you for your help and support it is greatly appreciated.

Jessica Harrison, RGN, Prison Nurse, HMP Hindley, Wigan

Jessica is a new starter in the prison service.  Jessica is a confident, open honest professional . She has taken on board a great deal of responsibility by not only learning and progressing in her own role but also guiding others.
She does her job effectively which is always patient centred, meeting the individuals needs under stressful circumstances majority of the time. She is always smiling, brightening the day.

Kathryn Smith, Assistant Practitioner, Right Start 0-19 Service, Beever Children’s Centre, Olham

Kathryn organised our first play and stay Christmas party for children who had attended sessions at the children’s centre over the last 9 months. This was a highly successful event with over 25 children coming to the session, a visit from mother Christmas and our own tooth fairy -children and parents left with a present, dental pack and smile on their face.

Katy Warriner, Health Visiting Team Leader, 0 – 19 Universal Services, Wigan

Katy was very supportive and caring towards a colleague at a very difficult couple of weeks in mtheir professional career.
Katy was able to remain calm, therefore keeping her colleague calm when needed to.  She helped to see the bigger picture and so they could keep focused on what I needed to do and accomplish.

Kelly Hewitt, Karen Nuttall, Christine Gibson, Rashida Khanom and Barbara Colquhoun,  Health Visitors Right Start 0-19 Service, Beever Children’s Centre, Oldham

The health visitors at Beever children’s Centre have been working consistently to encourage families to access Beever Children Centre and activities (when we came to this Children’s Centre the centre was very quiet). This has resulted in an increasing number of children coming to the children’s Centre from across the district, and included children and families who would not usually come to this part of the district, and had no idea where the Children’s Centre was. The numbers started to increase after the NHS 70th party in July and culminated with the play and stay Christmas party which was a highly successful multi-cultural event – for which every member of the team has played an important part -in engaging with vulnerable and disadvantaged families’ .

Leigh District Nursing Team, District Nurses, Leigh Sports Village,  Leigh

Having been working closely with the Leigh DN team to help with SystmOne training, making sure that they understood how to manage the unit including e-referrals and completing tasks it was obvious how positive all of the team are.

The office has a very friendly atmosphere and all staff are welcoming and approachable.  All the team know their patients and discuss them in a professional way making sure that they all understand the concerns or positive outcomes of the patient’s care and passing on important information to make continuing care a success.

They work well as a team and even during this period of change to LCO patients care is their main focus. It was a great pleasure working with them. The team has a positive attitude towards patients and each other.

Lesley Danson,  IT Trainer Chandler House, Wigan

Lesley has designed and produced a fantastic training package for SystmOne.
She has been a great support in putting the training on and it is very much appreciated.

Lisa Thornley, Public Health Support Worker,  360 & Family Healthy Lifestyle Team, The Base

360 and Family Healthy Lifestyle Team would like to nominate Lisa because she goes above and beyond every day, she helps resolve issues for the team always with a smile, she steps in to cover group work when needed, she deals with phone calls from the public in a professional and knowledgeable way, she is the backbone of our office and holds everything together, without her we would be lost! She should be Star of the Month and receive the praise she deserves.

Lynn Worthington, Administrator, Right Start 0-19 Service, Beever Children’s Centre, Oldham

Lynn has had a split role working part time with the school nurses and part time with health visitors at Beever Children’s Centre part time – this is a very demanding role, and challenging as both teams are in the same room with a high administrative workload.

Alongside this Lynn has been training the new receptionist and another administrator who is based at Beever 12 hours a week. Lynn is always highly professional , efficient and ready to help all staff when needed and helps to keep the team and building running smoothly. Lynn is solution focussed and the team would be lost without her. Thank you Lynn for your continuous hard work and dedication to the service – it really is appreciated.

 Marie Hart, Nurse Consultant for Older People, Wigan

Nominated following a compliment from a patient’s family. They wished to express their profound gratitude for her unstinting efforts on behalf of the family, which they felt went beyond the call of duty and included working long and unsocial hours to attain a satisfactory outcome for the patient. The family also commented that integrated community services were clearly working well for the benefit of patients.

Nicky Monaghan, Clinical Manager, Bolton 5-19, Great Lever Health Centre, Bolton

 Nicky has led her team so well in the development of the tender for the Bolton Health &Wellbeing tender. She has shown courage, creativity, integrity and worked way over her contracted hours never complaining.  She is full of passion for a service is clearly proud of Nicky and deserves this nomination for really going over and above and is a credit to Trust. She is always professional with an open demeanour that staff warm to and respect greatly.

Penny Mill, Staff Nurse School Nursing, Right Start School Nursing, Beever Children’s Centre,  Oldham

Penny supported the Beever children Centre play and stay Christmas party as the tooth fairy – dressing up effectively to take the part. All children received a present from ‘Mother Christmas’ and then a dental pack and advice from the tooth fairy which was well received and families were asking for additional dental packs
Thank you Penny for your contribution and excellent integrated working between teams.

Sarah Deakin, Clinical Manager, Wigan 0 – 19 & CHIS, Wigan

Sarah went above and beyond supporting a colleague during two very difficult weeks in their professional career. Sarah was able to calmly listen to concerns and enabled them to find ways of working through to positive outcomes. This helped her colleague both achieve well and safely in work but also maintain good emotional and mental health.

Sarah Howarth, Team Assistant, Right Start 0-19, Spring Meadows Children’s Centre, Oldham

Sarah is a new member of the team in a new role and has hit the ground running bringing in fresh eyes and new ideas. She is very motivated and has already begun to make the job her own. She is already a great asset and a valued member of the team.


Jilly Wallis, Business Development Manager, Business Support, Bevan House

Jilly has gone over and above in her participation during the Bolton 0-19 Health & Wellbeing. She has worked well with the team locally engaging staff with her brilliantly relaxed style. She is quick to seize and act on their ideas and vision for the service. The care and attention during the writing and prep for the presentation was extraordinary.  Jilly has supported the team so well through the whole process, always acting in a professional way as well bring an element of fun to the process. The creative and innovative staff engagement session post tender was inspirational and achieved so much in helping us in the next steps.

Jim Eatwell, Named Nurse Safeguarding Adults, Corporate, Spencer House

From day 1 of my 5 month secondment with the Trust Jim has provided assurance, support, and supervision. He has reflected the learning culture of the Trust, one that is ethical, open and honest. He respects your opinion and contributions which is empowering, builds confidence and has helped to shape a safe, effective practice in adult safeguarding.
As line manager and mentor he has supported me in the development of the skills needed to be an effective practitioner, which in turn has maximised potential and performance within the team.
He is approachable, calm under pressure and very confident in his own ability and practice. His strategic thinking has helped me to be ready for today and better prepared for tomorrow. This has supported me to maximise my impact during this secondment.
I have observed his respect and value for others and his working collaboratively with partners; he works always to promote the positive image and constructive dialogue with this Trust.

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