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The Family Healthy Lifestyle Team works to support children and young people (aged 5-19) who are above a healthy weight, together with their families to become fitter, healthier and happier.

Fame Logo Boltonf.a.m.e. (Families, Act, Move, Eat)

f.a.m.e. is a healthy lifestyle approach for children who are above a healthy weight and their families.

It covers the essential elements required for safe, effective and sustained lifestyle change:

  • how we Act
  • how we Move
  • and how we Eat.

The Family Healthy Lifestyle Team offers a friendly, safe and non-judgmental environment and is made up of experienced healthy lifestyle and physical activity coaches.

Our f.a.m.e. programmes offer a range of support options to help meet the needs of the family and depending on age.

All options adhere to best practice as proposed in the NICE guidelines and draw from available evidence on what works in intervention programmes.

These include:

  • A weekly timetable of activities
  • One to one coaching
  • Healthy growth checks
  • Gym Club for teens
  • Provision of training around healthy growth for primary school staff

Our programmes are delivered centrally in Bolton and are FREE to attend.

To find out more details about the different f.a.m.e. programmes available visit the Our Programmes page.

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