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We offer a group programme for the families of children who are above a healthy weight, from five years through to teens.

FAME All in OneAges 7 – Teens

f.a.m.e  “All-in-one” 

f.a.m.e “All in one” involves one 2-hour session delivered over 10 weeks and is for parents and children together.

Each week, everyone attends an interactive hour-long workshop on different aspects of nutrition and wellbeing, and then the children spend the second hour doing a fun game-based activity session while the adults discuss specific topics in more detail or take part in a family activity.

Additional weekly physical activity sessions are offered on an optional basis.

After completing f.a.m.e, “all-in-one” a family will be further supported for up to two years through regular healthy growth checks and weekly physical activity sessions.

View an example timetable of the programme.

How to refer

We accept referrals from healthcare professionals for children above a healthy BMI range (<91st centile with no serious co-morbidities or complex needs) and ready to change.

We also accept self-referrals from families who are ready to change by calling us direct on 01204 337601.

How do you check if a child qualifies for a place on one of our f.a.m.e programmes?

You can check a child’s body mass index using the healthy weight calculator on the NHS Choices website.

For more information on any of our programmes call the team on 01204 337601.

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