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The service’s aims are:

  • To become an accomplished health service provider for homeless people/families, gypsies and travellers, vulnerable migrants and sex workers
  • To discharge service users once accessing mainstream services
  • To provide and maintain a confidential service as far as is possible giving information with regard to the limitations of confidentiality
  • To undertake a health needs assessment if required of all cohorts referred within the Ashton, Wigan and Leigh Borough
  • To promote equal opportunities regardless of age, race, religion, sexual identity or disability
  • To be committed to the principle of participation and to provide opportunities for the users of the service to influence services provided
  • To monitor and evaluate the service provided in order to continually improve and maintain quality.

Who can access the service?

The service works with the following groups who are residents of Wigan and Leigh:

  • People who are Homeless or in temporary accommodation
  • Vulnerable Migrants
  • Gypsies and travellers
  • Sex workers

How can people access the service?

By completing the referral form below and returning it to the service:

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