Counselling Service – Wigan Borough

Description of service

Our Counselling Service offers one to one assessment and counselling for patients over 16 years of age registered with Wigan Borough GPs. The service is provided by a team of qualified counsellors.

Who can access the service?

The patient has to be over 16 years old and registered with a GP in the Borough.  The referral can be made by a GP or primary health care professional.  The client can also self refer using our Single Point of Access number 01942 483483.

Presenting issues include: mild to moderate depression, anxiety, stress, complex or extended bereavement, coping with chronic illness or significant injury, family/relationship issues, loss (employment, relationship, and health), identity issues i.e. gender and/or sexuality.

Options for those who do not meet the eligibility criteria: They would need to speak either to their own GP or to Psychological services on 01942 255 675.

Exclusion criteria: Clients needing immediate crisis intervention.  Should contact the Crisis Response and home treatment team 01942 482239.

Clients accessing our service who were not eligible would be referred back to the GP or on to an appropriate service.  For example if a couple wanted counselling we could offer them the opportunity to be seen by 2 different counsellors or we could suggest a self-referral to relate.

For severe and immediate mental health problems we would organise a referral to crisis resolution or the access team at Leigh Infirmary.  They would perform an assessment and refer on to CMHT or Psychology Services. 01942 255675

Where is the service offered?

GP surgery rooms in individual practices and LIFT buildings and Community rooms in LIFT buildings and clinics.

How can people access the service?

The GP/primary healthcare professional discusses concerns with the client and advises them to contact the Counselling service referral number.  Alternatively, the patient can self-refer to the service by contacting the Single point of access (SPoA) telephone line 01942 483 483.

The patient is sent service information forms and a form allowing them to ‘opt in’ to the Counselling service. This form is completed and returned to:

The Counselling Service
Atherton Health Centre
Ormerod House
Nelson Street
M46 0LE

Client’s are entered onto a waiting list. Client’s will be asked to attend an assessment appointment within 4 weeks of being referred.

Patients will then be invited to undertake a course of Counselling when sessions become available.

Contact details

Counselling Service
Atherton Health Centre
Ormerod House
Nelson Street
M46 0LE

Telephone: 01942 482745

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm

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