FAQs – Wigan Borough Children’s Physiotherapy Service

FAQsQ) What happens if I miss an appointment?

If you know in advance that you can’t make a pre-arranged appointment then please contact Platt Bridge Health Centre on 01942 482457 where we will re-arrange your appointment.

If the appointment time and date has passed and you have not contacted the service to notify of non-attendance then the patient will be discharged from the service in line with Bridgewater policy.

If your child still has ongoing physiotherapy needs please call to discuss this further.

View our appointments page for more info.

Q) How long will the initial assessment take?

An Initial appointments will usually take approximately 60-90 minutes, however further assessment maybe required.

Q) Where will initial assessments take place?

Routinely initial assessments are held at Leigh Health Centre or Platt Bridge Health Centre. However alternative venues can be negotiated dependent on the child’s needs. For further information please call the therapy service on 01942 482457.

Q) What will the assessment involve?

The physiotherapist will gather information around your child’s current needs. The assessment may also involve your child participating in a range of activities.

View our appointments page for more info.

Q) Is the Physiotherapy service fully accessible?

All buildings used by the team are fully accessible and contain appropriate facilities for families and children with additional needs.

Q) Is Car parking available at Leigh Health Centre and Platt Bridge Health Centre?

Yes see link below for further information.

View our appointments page for more info.

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