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Making a referralReferrals to occupational therapy are received and processed at Platt Bridge Health Centre.

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Who can refer?

Referrals are accepted via medical, health, social care or educational professionals.  Referrals are through a letter or referral form with consent from the family.  Families can request any relevant professional to refer on their behalf.

Referrals are accepted by post to the address below:

Children’s Occupational Therapy Service
Platt Bridge Health Centre
Rivington Avenue
Platt Bridge



Previous patients known to the service

Parents whose children have been previously known to the occupational therapy service can self -refer if the time lapsed from discharge is not greater than 6 months. Please call the service for further information.

What happens when a new referral is received?

When a referral is received it will be triaged by an occupational therapist and prioritised.

Once the referral is accepted a letter will be posted to parents/carers to invite them to opt in to our service within 10 days.

If parents/carers do not respond to the opt-in then the child will be discharged from the service in line with Bridgewater policy.

If the referral has been declined a letter will be sent to the referrer to inform them of this decision.

We aim to make contact with families in a timely manner and all children accepted into our service are entitled to be seen within 18 weeks.

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