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FeedbackWe value what you say

We routinely ask for feedback from you to see how we are doing.

This may be a request for verbal feedback, or we will ask you to complete an anonymous feedback form.

Families are also requested to complete Talk to Us Forms at various stages of involvement:

Talk-to-UsThis information will be treated confidentially, and may be used by the team in order to improve our service

I want to give feedbackPatient Feedback – Children and Young People

Our staff try very hard to look after your health and make sure you are treated properly.

We would like to hear from you if you think we have done something well or if you have any suggestions on how we could do something differently.

Please visit our feedback pages for children and young people to let us know how we are doing.

What we did well….

  • Making friends during the sessions
  • Spending time with other children with similar needs, social participation
  • Participation in gross and fine motor activities, in particular cutting/sticking, scooter board, obstacle courses, putty, stepping stones, ball games, monkey game
  • Learning and practicing Activities of Daily Living including making drinks, meals, cooking.

Things we could improve…..

  • Did not enjoy all activities / exercises
  • Sessions could be longer and involve some time for social participation
  • Sessions could include age appropriate music to accompany sessions
  • More information to prepare for and participate in sessions
  • More people in the groups
  • Include some outdoor play
  • Not all groups offer sessions at Leigh.

What we do now!

  • Offer groups at Leigh Health Centre and Platt Bridge
  • Information sheets containing the length, format and content of the sessions
  • Peer support for children and parents/carers
  • Offer after school groups.

Feedback from our service users

“The Occupational Therapist understood my child’s needs and gave me advice on how to help him.”

“Very professional and friendly staff. Given lots of advice to help develop my child’s skills further.”

“Practical advice on how to deliver OT in his own environment.  We could not have asked for a better more consistent service. Consistency has been key in gaining trust and confidence in getting positive therapy results.”

“We had a wonderful experience from the very start. Everyone has gone out of their way to be understanding and caring, a very professional and caring manner from all involved. I could not recommend highly enough.”

“Professional staff who listened to my concerns.”

“We can really see the progress our son is making and can see how it will help him in school.”

“Our daughter has received a service in school and clinic which has helped her development. We have been impressed by the service.”

“Covered all areas of concern, feel very reassured. Useful advise given.”

“Really pleased that the school teacher attended – a more collaborative approach (school/home).”

“Great peer support for the children.”

“Children are taught skills and given exercises to develop their writing. Also set targets to work towards so have goals to work to.”

“I feel that the session have been prepared perfectly with the correct levels of play along with learning. It’s been structured brilliantly for progression each week.”

“I would recommend this to colleagues in education to support teaching fine and gross motor skills hand handwriting.”

“I cannot thank the OTs enough for letting me attend these sessions. I will be recommending this programme to my colleagues at school and also to the impact cluster of school that we work with (anyone who will listen really!) The knowledge and enthusiasm of all the staff, particularly Emma who led the sessions brilliantly, Rachael and Katie too, is infectious. I felt supported and encouraged and empowered throughout the course (and very welcome too!) I could not be happier with the experience. I look forward to working with such amazing, fabulous OTs in the future. I also really appreciated the hand outs to take away and study in my own time.”

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