The Complex Needs Service – Wigan Borough Children’s Community Nursing

The Complex Needs Service

Our aim is to work in partnership with parents/ carers to provide holistic family support so that children are able to maintain optimum health, remain at home and access education.

Our Nurses provide clinical training for schools and nurseries so that children who require additional support can attend school. We work particularly closely with Specialist Educational establishments within the Wigan Borough.

We provide medical devices and equipment as well as consumables to the Children of the Wigan Borough.

Who might be referred to us?

  • Children with a chronic/long term health care needs that require nursing care, ongoing support and advice on health conditions.
  • Children and young people who are reliant on medical technology, for example, naso-gastric feeding tube, gastrostomy, tracheostomy and ventilation support
  • Children and Young People with life limiting or life threatening conditions who require Nursing care or support.
  • Children and young people who require a package of care to support their care at home- The CCNT liaise with, and support, the local commissioning board, Children’s Continuing Care Matron and care agencies to ensure that the child’s/young person’s needs are identified and addressed.
  • Facilitate preferred place of care for the end of life for a child/young person and their family.

The Complex Needs Respite Service

Our Respite service is provided by the Clinical Support Workers from the Children’s Community Nursing Team (Complex Needs).
Child at homeNursing in action on a home visit







Our Clinical Support Workers have received specific, extensive training and gained experience in caring for children with complex healthcare needs within their own homes.

Aims of our service

To support you by providing short periods of respite care for your child within your own home. These are usually two hour sessions, one or two times per week dependant upon service availability.

To provide appropriate play and stimulation to encourage your child to participate in activities.

To undertake specific nursing care as necessary during respite sessions ensuring your child’s safety and well-being at all times. This can include feeds, medication and suctioning.

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