Children in Care – Wigan Borough

Description of service

Children in Care are those who are in the care of a local authority.

The Children in Care Health Team is a community based team of experienced specialist nurses. The team consists of one Named Nurse, five specialist nurses and an admin team.

The Named Nurses have overall responsibility for ensuring high quality, timely health assessments are completed for all Wigan Children in Care wherever they are placed.

They are also health advisors for Children leaving care up to the age of 21.

The Specialist Nurses hold a caseload of Children in Care between the ages of 4-18 years old that are registered within the Wigan CCG.

The team has a statutory responsibility to complete annual review health assessments.

Following the assessment we would then provide ongoing support and interventions to address any health issues that are identified e.g. smoking cessation, sexual health screening, weight management, emotional and behavioural wellbeing etc.

We also complete referrals to specialist services.

The team is responsible for liaising with Health Visitors, School Nurses, Paediatricians, Allied Health Professionals, Social Care and Children in Care Health Teams across the country.

We also provide training for health professionals, social workers and foster carers.

Who can access the service?

Children and young people who are looked after; carers, social workers and health colleagues.

How can people access the service?

Children and young people who are looked after are automatically referred to the service by their local authority.

Contact details

Children in Care Health Team
Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust
Ashton, Leigh Wigan Division
Claire House
WN 3 4NW

Telephone: 01942 481147
Fax: 01942 481157

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