Community Learning Disability Team – Wigan Borough

Adult Learning Disability Service

Summary of the Community Learning Disability Team

“Working together to provide specialist support for people with learning disabilities”

We are a multidisciplinary team based at locations across the Wigan borough aiming to provide a seamless, person centered service to adults and young people with a learning disability.

We are made up of the following disciplines and will work closing with patients, families and carers:

  • Assistant Practitioners
  • Community Nurses and Support Workers
  • Consultant Psychiatrist (Nurse Led Clinic for individuals with challenging behaviour)
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Physiotherapist (as part of the Complex Care Team)
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Administrative Support.

We work closely with our North West Boroughs Foundations NHS Trust colleagues within the department of Psychology.

The Adult Learning Disability Service is currently based at:

  • Orrell Clinic, Wigan
  • Grasmere Street, Leigh
  • Marsh Green Clinic, Wigan.

We are predominantly an adult service who supports adults with learning disabilities from the age of 18 years.

Working with young people

For those young people identified by the Local Authority as having specific educational and health needs, transition planning can begin at 14 years, or alternatively when the young person is in their penultimate year of school.

For those young people who present with challenging behaviours, autism or forensic needs, nursing support can begin at 16 years to support transition.

Expertise available to client and families/carers

Expert knowledge in the following aspects can be accessed:

  • Improving independence/mobility
  • Improving communication
  • Promoting personal wellbeing and self-care
  • Providing specialist nursing assessments
  • Aiding and coordinating access into adult services from education
  • Specialist assessment for eating and drinking difficulties
  • Addressing sensory needs
  • Providing equipment / recommending appropriate equipment
  • Facilitating pathways in Acute hospitals /Primary Care/Mental Health services
  • Specialist psychological / functional / risk assessments for individuals with challenging behaviours
  • Proactive management of health needs: including individuals with complex physical health needs
  • Specialist input around Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Forensic needs
  • Providing routine monitoring for signs of early ageing conditions

Case studies

Adrians story about his stammeringSpeech and Language Therapy — help with stammering and conversations

Adrian wanted to improve his speaking on the phone as this was when his stammer was at its worse, and also wanted to reduce his embarrassment if he did stammer to people.

Read Adrian’s story on how he was helped by Ashleigh, one of our Speech and Language Therapists, to communicate much more freely.

Grahams Story Occupational TherapyOccupational Therapy – Graham’s story

Graham was referred to Occupational therapy to increase his level of social support and increase his independence.

Occupational Therapist Margaret Brabiner helped Graham with introducing him to new social activities including People First—a local community interest day centre for people with Learning Disabilities and mental health problems.

Read Graham’s story.

Prostate Awareness Training - Graham’s storyProstate Awareness Training – Graham’s story

Graham was referred to the Adult Learning Disability Service for some prostate awareness training in July 2016.

Graham has Autism and has some 1 to 1 care support during the day and lives in his own 1 bed flat.

Graham identified a number of symptoms of potential Prostate problems and Urinary retention during the awareness sessions and he agreed to go to see his Doctor for a check up and to have a urine check and blood tests completed.

Read Graham’s story.

Case Study Betty for Bowel ScreeningBowel Health Awareness and Screening Project

Completion of bowel screening amongst patients with learning disabilities is low and awareness of bowel health is poor.

Read Betty’s story on how support from our Assistant Practitioner Andrew Hogg enabled her to make an informed choice about screening. 

Capillary Blood Test Collection Project

Capillary Blood Test Collection ProjectThe aim of this project is to try to increase the completion of blood tests for patients with Learning Disabilities where this has failed in the past and to try to identify any unmet health needs.

Many patients with Learning Disabilities have profound fears and anxieties around needles, injections and having blood tests completed.

Read Daniel’s story on how the team increased this success rate.

Simon's storyThe Additional Support Team

The Additional Support Team (AST) works with people that have a learning disability, families, carers, health and social care professionals to identify barriers to patients accessing healthcare.

AST develop supportive strategies to remove or overcome barriers that the individuals face.

Read Simon’s story on how the team enabled him to overcome this anxiety to meet his health needs using a person centred approach.

Prostate Awareness Training developed with Prostate Cancer UK 

Andrew HoggThe aim of this Men’s health education and awareness project is to try to increase the understanding of Prostate problems amongst men over the age of 40 years of age with Learning Disabilities and provide awareness training to carers.

Read trainer Andrew’s story on how he been completing Prostate Awareness training sessions with patients.

Steven's story

Adult Learning Disability Service improves access to Primary Healthcare.

Read Stevens story: ““I don’t know what would have happened to me without you lot.””

Our partners

We aim to form a partnership with patients, families and professionals to support patients to maximize their self-care potential.

We work closely with:

  • Adult Social Services
  • Local Authority and Education departments
  • Local providers
  • Local Acute Trusts
  • Other Bridgewater Health Services
  • Probation, Youth Offending Team, Criminal Justice Agencies
  • Patients, families and carers
  • The 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Trust
  • Wigan Borough Clinical Commissioning Group

Our values

As a Service we adhere to the organisational values of Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Trust.   We provide a patient centred service by focusing on the client and their particular assessed needs, adapting our approach accordingly, looking to make a positive difference to their lives.

We constantly strive to evaluate our service and look for new, more effective and innovative ways of working. This includes the used of evidence based data and the use of audit.

We value all forms of communication and aim to communicate in an open and honest way that enables an atmosphere of trust and respect throughout.

We offer a professional quality service, following local and national professional guidelines, protocols and policies, with a comprehensive management structure, support and training packages that ensure best evidence-based practice at all times.

We are locally-led and flexible about the settings of our intervention to best meet the needs of the client and family/carers.

We are efficient and use our resources wisely to ensure quality care and value for money. This is regularly evaluated.

Positive impact of our service

Our aim is to work with patients to effect a reduction in health inequalities and behaviour, and to promote independence in all aspects of daily living.

This is done by assessment and facilitation of needs.  The assessment will inform the intervention required in order to have a positive impact on the patient’s area of need.

Assessment is carried out by interviewing patients / parents (families) / carers / teachers. In addition direct observations are carried out usually in the home / school setting / place of day time occupation.

What client’s families/carers can expect

We will arrange to see you at a place convenient to yourself such as:

  • Your home
  • Your work place where you spend your day
  • A local clinic

Office hours are Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, but we can be flexible and see you between 8am and 6pm if required.

Our aim is to provide a high quality, holistic, needs led service, focusing on health, behaviour, communication and development of independence skills of adults (from 18 years), however, the service will also support young people as part of transition planning

For young people who present with challenging behaviours, autism or forensic needs, nursing support can begin at 16 years to support transition.

For those young people identified by the Local Authority as having specific educational and health needs, transition planning can begin at 14 years, or alternatively when the young person is in their penultimate year of school.

The Service works in close collaboration with families and carers to manage health and behavioural issues in the home environment, community and other relevant settings. 

Support offered will assist in reducing risks, including health and behavioural risks to the patient and to the family / carers, by provision of patient specific recommendations and management plans including support around communication and development of independent living skills.  

Moving on – transitions and discharge

Once a referral is received, an assessment will be carried out and intervention will be agreed with the patient / family / carer.

If a need is identified for multidisciplinary working, then an onward referral (with agreement from the patient / family / carer) will be made within the service ensuring seamless support for the patient.

The patient, family/carer are fully involved with the care that is provided by the professionals ensuring that each element of the patients’ needs are addressed.  

The patient and the family / carers are fully involved in discharge planning.  Referrals or signposting to other services, or the provision of patient specific training will be in place before any agreed discharge. 

Referral System

How to refer:

Service Referral Form can be sent via post / email to:

Adult Learning Disability Service
Orrell Clinic
299-301 Orrell Road

Telephone: 01942 483560

Who to contact if you have any questions or are unhappy?

Nicola Yates
Clinical Manager
01942 483560

Video: Moving on from children’s to adult’s healthcare services for young people with learning disabilities

This film has been created by young people and parents to express their views; concerns and recommendations regarding their experience of health transition.

It was made in partnership with People’s Voice Media (;  AQuA (Advancing Quality Alliance) and Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust (Adult Learning Disability Service and Children’s Specialist Services).

Please take the time to watch this film and think about the recommendations and how this may relates to your own family or your role as a health care practitioner.

View the video now at:


Our Service Promise

Adult Learning Disabilities Service Promise

Local services booklet

This booklet contains a list of activities that include:

  • Social groups and nights out
  • Sports and leisure activities
  • Supported holidays
  • Care providers
  • Day centres/day activities
  • Employment training, volunteering and education

View and download the booklet.

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