Lynne Carter

Lynne Carter

Name Lynne Carter
Position Chief Nurse and Chief Operating Officer
  • Post Graduate Diploma Medical Law
  • Post Graduate Diploma  Professional Studies in Management
  • BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies
  • Registered Nurse – Learning Disabilities
  • Registered Nurse – Adult
Key Skills and Achievements

Lynne has maintained her clinical skills throughout her career and is proud of the fact that she remains competent in practice.

She has developed significant strategies and then led them through to implementation, including extensive consultation and engagement.

Lynne has been involved in developing a range of services which improve quality for patients and service users.

She has undertaken major reviews of staffing including acuity, dependency and activity and is focused on ensuring that staff solutions include quality and competence and not just numbers.

She has also been involved in major investigations ensuring that governance, safeguarding and patient safety are always priorities.

Lynne has skills in financial management, service contracting and impact assessments which complement her nursing role.


Lynne has been Chief Nurse in acute, community and integrated providers and has also been Head of Governance and Chief Operating Officer.

She has extensive experience in developing new roles in order to meet the changing needs of healthcare including Advanced Clinical Practitioners, Nursing Associates and Consultant Nurse and Therapists.

As an interim Lynne has delivered financial turnaround, safeguarding systems and new clinical pathways and is confident in all areas of leadership and management.

Lynne remains a committed clinician with a strong professional perspective and belief in supporting healthcare services which meet the needs of local populations.

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