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Equality, Diversity, Human Rights and Health Inequalities

Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust covers a diverse geographical area of the North West of England and is working to ensure that its services are both inclusive and understanding of the diverse and differing needs of our communities and staff.

As a Trust we will identify how we can advance equality of opportunity in order to ensure that patients, their families and Trust staff are treated with dignity and respect and that health inequality in our communities is reduced.

On this first page you can find information on:

  • Our Equality Statement
  • Our Equality and Health Inequalities Action Plan
  • The NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES)
  • The NHS Accessible Information Standard
  • Our contact details

Please use the tabs above to find information on further topics such as the Public Sector Equality Duty, the Equality Analysis of our services and the Equality Delivery System (EDS2).

Equality Statement

The Bridgewater Equality Statement sets out the commitment to our patients,  communities and staff to ensuring all Trust activities are equitable, free from discrimination, supportive of different needs and encourage diversity.

Action Plan

We have an action plan that highlights all the areas that the team is currently working on. This action plan gets updated as new requirements, legislation and pieces of work are identified:

NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard

From April 2015 NHS organisations are required to demonstrate progress against nine indicators of workforce race equality.

The inclusion of the NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) in the standard NHS contract from 2015 onwards follows on from several recent reports that highlight disparities in employment experience and opportunity for BME staff at all levels within NHS Trusts, and the failure of Trust boards to reflect the diversity of the local populations they represent.

Reports also highlight the positive link between the experiences and well being of an engaged and supported BME staff and patient experience and safety.

NHS England have produced a short video that provides some more information on the WRES.

Accessible Information Standard

On 24 June 2015 the new NHS Accessible Information Standard was approved. This standard seeks to ensure that any patients (or their family members, carers or guardians) that have a disability, impairment or sensory loss receive information in a format that is suitable for their use and are provided with communication support when necessary to ensure that their independence and privacy is upheld and that they can manage their own health, care choices and well being.

All organisations that provide NHS care or adult social care must  be following the Standard in full by 31 July 2016. From September 2015 all these organisations should have a plan in place to implement necessary changes that will ensure they are fully compliant with the Standard by July 2016.

Information on the Trust’s plan can be requested from the Health Inequalities and Inclusion Team, contact details below.

Contact Us

If you require any information then please contact us on the numbers below:

Ruth Besford – Equality & Human Rights Project Officer:

Vikki Morris – Head of Health Inequalities and Inclusion:

If you require any of the information or documents within the equality and diversity pages in another format or language please contact us.

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