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UC Crew are an award-winning youth organisation in St Helens aiming to use their knowledge and experience to help children, young people and adults become more positively engaged with the local community, increase their confidence, become healthier, more employable, have fun and have life aspirations.

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This project educates young people on how to lead a healthy lifestyle through break dancing workshops in St Helens schools. Young people will learn the positives about adopting a healthly lifestyle by reducing sugar/salt in take, drinking water, eating health food and believing in yourself, through engaging, exciting and educational workshops with the talented workshop leaders.

SONY DSCLearning about health through non-formal education is a great way for young people to make an informal choice about adopting a health lifestyle to become fitter physically and mentally, to become an athlete in recreational activities and to feel better about yourself.

Pupils form the schools involved in the project will be able to join UC Crew’s main sessions to carry on Break Dancing as regular hobby outside of schools hours and eventually represent the borough.

Watch the UC Crew – Creativity 2014 video.

UC Crew’s main activities are events, performances, lessons, Break Dancing youth club, organised projects, volunteering, educational visits and understanding different cultures.

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