How to apply for a Bridge Builder grant

How to apply for a Bridge Builder grant

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Who can apply?

Any community, voluntary and not for profit groups with charitable objectives within the Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust boundaries (see map: right).

Applicant groups must:

  • have a management committee and a constitution or set of rules.
  • have their own bank account or be able to use the account of another organisation.

What kind of projects do we award grants to?

  • Preference is given to those smaller organisations that may find it harder to access funds from elsewhere due to a lack of resources or experience.
  • Applications must demonstrate an immediate impact on the community that will improve people’s mental or physical health.

Examples of projects:

  • sports clubs promoting health & wellbeing activity
  • cookery groups encouraging healthy eating
  • social and hobby groups that reduce isolation
  • holiday clubs and playgroups that encourage children to enjoy healthy activities.

Is a Bridge Builder grant appropriate for your project?

Bridge Builder will support costs that are directly related to delivering the specific project you are applying for e.g. equipment, transport, room hire or training costs.

Bridge Builder does not make contributions towards larger projects where the grant awarded does not cover the majority of costs.

Please email us with your application enquiries at

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